From Gaza territory Hundreds of Islamists were sent to Damas and Téhéran for "training" regularly for several years
Le Figaro International / Georges Malbrunot
03-Jan-2009 (5 comments)

De Gaza, des centaines d'islamistes ont été envoyés en «formation» à Damas et à Téhéran, ces dernières années. Les missiles pénètrent à Gaza, via les 200 à 300 tunnels de contrebande que le Hamas contrôle à la frontière avec l'Égypte, et dont une centaine seulement ont été détruits par Tsahal. Grâce à ces cavités, le Hamas a pu importer, selon Israël, 300 tonnes d'explosifs, qui lui manquaient pour la détonation des missiles, mais également des munitions antichars et des fusils d'assaut. « Les Grad parviennent en pièces détachées à Gaza, puis sont assemblées par les experts du Hamas qui ont été formés en Syrie ou en Iran », souligne un diplomate.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Le Figaro Correspondent Georges Malbrunot was one of the two French Journalists taken Hostage in Irak in 2004 by Islamic Militants. In this report he says that Iran and Syria have been delivering missles and arms in spare parts through the Egyptian South Gaza frontier through tunnels/channels ( 200-300 such tunnels/channels exist apparently in the region through which in addition 400 tons of explosives were dispatched to the militia) which are then assembled in Bunkers in various parts of Gaza by the Top officials of the Hezbollah who truly have the technical know how thanks to their training courses in Tehran and Damas. What the article says though is that the Israelians military operation however has been counterproductive for instead of eliminating these High HAMAS officials they have killed less important figures in the organization through their bombardments ( including civilians) since the real culprits are safely protected by the Bunkers and Anti Aircraft shelters deep under the ground. But accoriding to this report Tehran's direct interference and responsability in Arming the HAMAS Militia in the region makes no doubt.



Subject of the Debate

by mrlayl on

I was thinking, if we (all of us) could change the topic of the debate from who is in the right, to what to do, we may get somwhere.

Since there is no benefit in questioning the accuracy of the report for the sake of argument let's assume it’s accurate so that we can discuss how to un-bungle this mess, in the 21st century.

To me, it appears, Federalism, for the most part has been the most successful. Where sub-groups (religious, ethnic, regional) choose to relegate certain rights and duties to a "Confederation Council" or central

authority and retain most to themselves. For instance, unitary trade rule, unified defense, etc.

Best more recent examples of Federal systems are most of the western nations. Oldest, I believe could be Akhmaneed, where, the way I understand it, they ruled over lands by their people consent and

respected their beliefs and customs. Latest example is possibly formation of UAE.

It appears to me, both Iraq (Kords-Sunny-Sheae) and Israel (Jewish/ Palestinian) will eventually go that route. And other peoples of the region or any region for that matter) will have to decide for themselves

If they would stay as one country under force, as the USSR was, and China and many other ethnically diverse countries are today. Or, choose to democratically govern their own affairs and join together on

some "National" matters, only.

Would like to hear comments for and against.


new tehcnology

by MRX1 (not verified) on

Apparently the new rockets Hamas uses to kill isreali's are so advanced that they only kill infidels! designed and supplied by your local reveloutionery gurad, A humanistic for profit organization.

Darius Kadivar

Monsieur Le Faux Roi, You Just gave the answer

by Darius Kadivar on

So for you sheltering for humanitarian reasons Afghan refugees in a neighbouring country running away from a conflict zone is the same as Arming up to the teath a Terrorist group in a distant land with no common frontier with us ? ...

Interesting view of what our Foreign policy should be ... If you put Humanitarian concerns ( which is the duty of any responsible government to say the least ) and Terrorist activities on the same level ,,,

Indeed we don't see Eye to Eye nor Crown to Crown Monsieur Le Faux Roi ! ...


Quel est le problème?

by Ostaad on

Iran is adhering to an age-old Iranian custom of helping the underdog, the occupied and the repressed as it has always done many times before. The most recent examples of such humanity and generosity were accepting, housing, feeding and educating millions of refugees from Afghanestan and Aragh. Iran's military, economic and moral help to the occupied and besieged Palestinians is no secret and should be commended. Those who give money, arms and encouragement to the Zionist Nazis are the ones who should be ashamed not Iran. The Palestinians and Lebanese have a right to defend themselves and since the puppet governments of Egypt and Saudi Arabia have turned their back to them, it is left to Iran to perform its humanitarian duty to arm and train the occupied people to defend themselves against the most savage forces in recent history, the IDF. Let's see what SarGOOZI will do to help save the civilians. My bet is he won't do anything except shamefully engaging in some photo-ops with the real terrorists.