Police Raid, Close Offices Of Iran's Nobel Peace Laureate
RFE/RL, Inc via Payvand
21-Dec-2008 (7 comments)

TEHRAN -- Iranian security forces have raided and closed the Tehran office of the human rights center run by 2003 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi.Ebadi used a UN forum in Geneva on Human Rights Day to condemn hard-liners in power in some Muslim countries and rulers of the world's last communist states as abusers of human rights. She said Muslim dictatorships use religion to underpin their own power.

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Outraged; at the same time loving it..

by Parthian on

Iran of the last 30 years seems to always rise contradictory emotions in me. I see Ahmadinejad, and it absolutely reads like tragedy comedy. With Shirin Ebadi's case, I am absolutely outraged, yet love the fact that a 50 something petite woman is standing up to these so called powerful, and almighty thugs. For those of you who dream, or think that IR is a rising regional power, cases like this should be a sober reminder as to what real power means.

How degenerate do you have to be to treat a Noble prize winner like this? How insecure, and weak minded must you be to take this kind of drastic action against someone whose work is an open book? Cases like this shows the true weakness of Islam, and its degenerate practioners who can not stand the mildest of criticism. If this is not a true weakness, and lack of power, I don't know what is. IR can shoot all kinds of fancy shit with some arab islamic name in the air, impresses a few other degenerate who think IR is technologically moving forward, but if the whole system is endangered by mild criticism, and that 50 something year, 5' ft woman must be silenced, that system is truly hollow, and yes DEGENERATE. This is the real Ali gedah/cholagh, and his little brass monkey Antari.


Religious dictatorship

by Teerdaad (not verified) on

Islamic Republic is a religious dictatorship which does not tolerate even mild dissent. Despite all the efforts by its lobbyists and good mullah-bad mullah games played by likes of Khatami to put a make up on regime's face and sell it as a "vibrant democracy", the nature of IR will not change.



by Parthian on

Have you no shame? I guess I can not expect it from and IR fanatic supporter. Please shut up for once.


Let's pick on IR

by XerXes (not verified) on

What happened to the dude who threw the shoe at Bush? He is being tortured? really? but why? this is a democracy, human rights. Why do those guys have to get tortured? because they went against the US officials? really? but IR is bad because they get people for no reason, US gets people for good reason!!??!!

David ET

To begin with:

by David ET on



by IRANdokht on

Now what?

what can we do?