Forbidden fruits? now, 5 million (and growing) forbidden sites!
Radio Liberty from Europe / Farangis Najibullah
16-Dec-2008 (one comment)

The Iranian authorities, who admit to blocking access to over 5 million websites, have decided to take additional measures to restrict Internet access and crack down on bloggers.


5+Million blocked sites in Iran

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Alongside Iranian music, news, and political websites, they have also blocked access to popular foreign sites such as YouTube and Facebook. In October, an adviser to Iran's chief prosecutor said more than 5 million antisocial and immoral websites have been blocked and are no longer accessible in the country.

Most recently, an Iranian dating website, "Hamsarchat," was fined and banned after being accused of promoting prostitution.

The popular website, which claims to be "Iran's most complete spouse-finding website," has been taken to court following a complaint from Tehran's public prosecutor.