Hizbullah Refuses to Meet Carter
Nahar Net
12-Dec-2008 (2 comments)

Hizbullah has refused to meet visiting former U.S. president Jimmy Carter to discuss legislative elections set for the spring, Carter's spokesman said on Wednesday. "We have sought meetings with all the main parliamentary blocs and parties in the upcoming election and Hizbullah was one of those meetings we had requested," Rick Jasculca, a spokesman for the Carter Center, told AFP. "Hizbullah declined the request," he added without providing further details. A main focus of Carter's four-day visit is to discuss with the country's rival political factions the possibility of providing election observers from his center for the elections next spring.

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Carter the fool

by barban37 (not verified) on

Jimmy Carter was a fool when he was President, and he has made a bigger fool of himself since then. He is probably the most naive, foolish and arrogant man ever to hold the U.S. Presidency.


Poor Carter has been snubbed

by soosool (not verified) on

Poor Carter has been snubbed by Israelis too. (For Mr. Kashani's information.)