The Latter-Day Sultan: Power and Politics in Iran / Akbar Ganji
05-Dec-2008 (2 comments)

The real decision-maker in Iran is Supreme Leader Khamenei not President Ahmadinejad. Blaming Iran's problems on President Ahmadinejad inaccurately suggests that Iran's problems will go away when Ahmadinejad does. - Akbar Ganji

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David ET

Well written report about Islamic Republic

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Having said that, this Feb 2008 report by Ganji also outlines his solution which is to end the rule of Khamenei by "inching the country away to democracy":

" Real change will come later, and only when Iranians figure out how to move beyond the current sultanistic regime. In systems such as Iran's, the transition to democracy depends on whether reformists can find enough room to maneuver among the ruler's relationships with state bodies (especially the military), social elites, and foreign powers so as to create various social movements and then use those to inch the country toward democracy."

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Excellent article, easy read without rhetorical nonsense - Mr Ganji would make a wonderful president for a secular democratic iran