Iran's underground rap artists take to wearing symbol of Islamic revolution
Guardian / Robert Tait
01-Dec-2008 (5 comments)

For nearly 30 years its distinctive chequered pattern has been a sacrosanct symbol of Iran's Islamic revolution and an essential garment for its most committed adherents. But now the chafiyeh, the black-and-white scarf proudly worn by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his loyal followers, has become an unlikely fashion item for young Iranians drawn to the same western pop culture that country's leaders disdain. The scarf has become a craze among Iran's emerging crop of underground rap artists, who have taken to wearing it in concerts and video clips, according to Jahan News, a website considered close to Iran's intelligence ministry.

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JJ, My husband wore the red

by desi on


My husband wore the red and white scarf around his neck last night in France.  He said he was almost beaten up by a bunch of French Africans.  They yelled at him and called him a neo nazi.  They told him that in France the red and white scarf is a sign of anti black, the purple and white is a sign of homosexuality and the black and white means that your down with the Palestinian cause.  I guess it's a blood and crips thing depending on where you are.  Poor guy was almost in tears.  He's just a white dude from Cali trying to keep his neck warm.   


People were just extras of the epic 1979 revolution movie

by Conspiracy (not verified) on


RE: Culturally backward

by Abarmard on

And based on what historical fact are you making your thesis based on?


Nothing but an AngloAmerican plot

by Culturally backward (not verified) on

The more I go to Iran and encounter people of both the old and new generation there the more I come to this conclusion that the 1979 revolution was nothing but the result of a very skillfully crafted AngloAmerican plot.

Iranian people, on their own, could not possibly bring about a revolution of that scale.

I believe Iranians of all walks of life, and of both past and present generation, are usually conformists, subservient and good at adapting themselves to the evironment they live in.

They are not revolutionaries by nature, and have never learned to stand up for their rights.


Why not?

by Iva (not verified) on

Palestanians blood is more colorful than Iranians and their plight (arab's that is) more noble than Iranians. Had I lived under islamic dictatorship where simple "thought process" and logic is taken away and it replaced with hoccus poccus and sheep brain then I most likely would have worn that black and white "loang".