World Focus: Shah's exiled son bids to unite fractured Iran
The Independant / Anne Penketh, Diplomatic Editor
21-Nov-2008 (2 comments)

The scene is a London townhouse near Victoria. The heir to the throne of Iran, the eldest son of the late Shah, is holding court before a small audience of Iranian exiles and Middle East analysts crowded into the living room. It is a far cry from the sumptuous palaces of his father in Tehran, now transformed into museums by the Islamic Republic. But Reza Pahlavi (who answers to both "Your Majesty" and Mr Pahlavi), is plotting his return to the land he was forced to leave as a teenager when the 1979 revolution brought militant Shiism to power.

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Back to London with a silk handkerchief, a family tradition.

by Ostaad on

The prince-slacker has realized the welcome mat is no longer laid down for him at the WH, therefore he's decided to kiss the Brits' ass as his late father did. Just because there's the Internet it doesn't mean the new Iranian generation is going to follow this loser.



by Baba on

He is better off managing his restaurant in California (I think it is in Hollywood). If Iranians wanted that family, they would not have kicked his daddy out. The era of monarchy has come to an end, especially for a family that destrtoyed Iran's hopes and livelihood (remember CIA coup and overthrow of Dr.Mosadegh?).  Monarchy may have  made sense at the stone age eras, not any longer.