Obama considers Clinton for secretary of state
14-Nov-2008 (one comment)

Two unnamed Obama advisers told NBC News network that Clinton, now a senator for New York, "is under consideration" for the post.

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David ET

I hope not !

by David ET on

Obama's policies will soon be more clear once he announces his cabinet. If he chooses Hillary Clinton as secretary of state , that would be a disaster and a sell out by Obama versus what he promised. 

Hillary is the one who ridiculed Obama's idea of direct talk with Iran and threatened Iran with Obliteration.Obama is already elected, he owes nothing to Hillary who threw every piece of dirt at him with her Kitchen sink strategy.

Obama should believe and rely on the PEOPLE , who brought him to power
and not the same old status quo Washinton politicians who blocked him
every step of the way,

Bill Richardson would be a good , humble choice for the secretary of
state vesus Hillary's controversial, two faced, egotistic , self serving, shallow, abrasive and moody attitude!!