Iran's Khatami: It is hard for me to make a decision (to run for president)
Mehr News Via Payvand
13-Nov-2008 (4 comments)

TEHRAN, Nov. 12 (Mehr News Agency) – Former President Mohammad Khatami stated on Wednesday that he is still undecided on running for president. "It has become a hard job for me to make a decision," Khatami said in a meeting with reformists who are trying to convince him to contest the upcoming presidential elections.

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ابر مرد عزیز



اگه اشتباه نکنم تو فارسی‌ به این میگفتیم " عشوه خرکی"!

 با دست پس میزنه و با پا پیش میکشه 

این مرتیکه چلغوز فکر میکنه همه مثل خودش تازه از کامیون شلغم افتادن پایین



valo kako

by Abarmard on

in khatami oo haa, hey naaz mikoneh. posho ya biyo ya boro. ma keh valo saremun per per mikhoreh ee vasat


Perpetuating their misery

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

Iranians inside are only perpetuating their misery, sticking their heads farther in the sand, unless they come together and decide once and for all that the system they helped bring to power in 1979 is unresponsive and unreformable.


Undecided my behind!

by Majid on

It's that much harder for people to vote for him AGAIN!!!!

Why do people want an "AKHTEH" president who betrayed 90% + vote of trust and hope in the first place?

He was the epidemy of the Persian word "POFIOOZ" for the whole 8 years of his presidency!

"dar jahanam maar ha ee hast ke aadam az tars oon haa be ejdehaa panaah mi bareh" !

Is that how it goes? Another ALDANG's miserable performance gave you the courage to think about running AGAIN ??