Facing Obama, Iran Suddenly Hedges on Talks
Washington Post
13-Nov-2008 (one comment)

"People who put on a mask of friendship, but with the objective of betrayal, and who enter from the angle of negotiations without preconditions, are more dangerous,"

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Trade ONLY!

by Reality sucks (not verified) on

Those mullahs with real power in Iran, DO NOT WANT under any circumstance, any kind of politcail diplomatic relationship with the U.S. because then their revolution will hit the fan and Khomeini will turn three times in his grave.

They are mostly interested in trade where sanctions are lifted , Iran's frozen assets returned to mullahs (specially to Rafsanjani and Vaez Tabasi 'cuz they know what to do with them), American companies investing in oil and gas sectors in Iran, etc. etc.

They cannot afford to have full diplomatic relationships with the US, the entity that they have blamed for absolutely anything wrong in the country for the last 30 years.