Iran, a Rising Star That’s Now Too Powerful to Ignore
NY Times / Elaine Sciolino
28-Oct-2008 (2 comments)

The United States should leave Iraq and “drop the mess” into Iran’s lap. The partition of Iraq should happen as quickly as possible. Iran should not be prevented from being allowed to administer the holiest sites of Islam with Saudi Arabia.

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spiritual and intellectual depth?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by smhb on

Fair question. To be able to answer it fairly as you indicated one has to put away their biases.

Lets take an analogy and see if it helps. Also let this analogy be applicable to US.

For the sake of argument lets say that we were still a colonized country. I would assume that independence would be first and foremost on the thoughts of the inhabitants of the land. If there is sever repression then that becomes a major demand and objective. Historically colonized societies have experienced the following:

National humiliation, lost identity, sever social / political / cultural / economic dislocation, intense repression, plundering of their national and natural resources, and a few other ....

Usually and unfortunately the process of achieving independence is also a traumatic and painfull and bloody process which requires a lot of sacrifice both in terms of human blood and long term resistance.

Having said that now lets say the US is fighting an imperial power for over 100 years to achieve independence. Bloody and repressive times.

Lets say the US finally has a successful revolutionary movement that throws out the colonial power. Can you imagine the mindset and psychology of the times?

Also lets say that the defeated colonial power wont accept this new reality and I am sure you know that a colonial master rulng over a land for those long periods of times has a lot connection and resources that it can utilize to creat mischief.

Lets say those include: assassination, sabotage, bombings, massive disinformation campaign, instigation political discord and instability, and etc...... Not to mention that the old colonial master controlled the economy and is able to impose harsh economic sanctions against the newly independent state and its people for going up against the established order.

Also lets say that with foreign help you have a nasty and bloody civil war for a year or two followed by a nasty foreign invasion.

Would you kindly and honestly explain to me what would the leaders of the US do in those circumstances? What would be their priorities?

What would be the impact on society as a whole.

I will submit to you that most societies would crumble under a massive revolution let alone add a bloody civil war, a bloody foreign invasion with incredible amounts of death and destruction, and an ever expanding economic sanctions.

The fact that Iran has managed to come out of that storm in one piece, not being dismembered and broken into smaller pieces, maintain its hard fought independence, build infrastructure in the last 20 years immediately after the end of the war, tackle illiteracy successfully and substantially increase the numbers and qualities of the higher academic institutions, build an indiginuos home grown military industrail complex to address the defensive needs of the county, establish advanced scientific research centers and institutions, build roads, hospitals, ports, bridges, schools, clinics, sanitary water supplies to some of the farthest villages and etc.. is an accomplishment in itself.

One thing I can say for sure is lacking and thats the sense of tolerance and forgiveness amongst Iranians of various political stripes which translates into mistrust, disrespct, and political intimidation and pressure tactics and repression.

Iran's youth have access to advanced education but job opportunities are hard to find. I dont live there but from what I hear and read its a vibrant society with its shortcomings and issues.

But I am sure they will find their way through these challenging times.

H owever what Iran needs bove all else is a 30 year period of peace and tranquility to reover from its contemporary past.





spiritual and intellectual depth?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by I wonder (not verified) on

Well the more controversial these now-turned-authors sound, the more their books sell.

I wonder why Iranians of 1979 with all their so called "spiritual and intellectual depth" deprived their next generations of a bright hopeful future! Can anybody with no strings attached honestly say that the youth have any future in Iran with the way things are and have been in the last 30 years?