Israel will hit Iran nuke sites
05-Oct-2008 (9 comments)

JERUSALEM (AFP) - Visiting French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner warned that Israel would strike archfoe Iran before it was able to develop nuclear weapons, in comments published on Sunday.

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Darius Kadivar

Abarmard Don't forget its the elections ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The Elections in Israel and the US are pretext to many speculations.But I don't think that this is anything but a disguised warning to Iran and a reassurance to Israel by France as a staunch of the Hebrew State. Its a way for France to remind that it will be loyal to Israel in regard to Iran and in the waiting of the US election results if ever it is attacked or provoked by the IRI. I don't think that at this stage Israel even wishes to attack Iran but I would highly recommend to the Iranian President to avoid any further provocation. If bad comes to worse, Israel won't hesitate and its not a newly elected President in the White House who will be able to dictate its terms on Jerusalem.

Ahmadinejad's rhetoric has been relatively peaceful in recent months particularly since his visit to the UN . The Americans were particularly patient with him and he was given a second chance to explain himself on his views on the current crisis with relatively good interviews with Charlie Rose and Larry King to name a few. But to be overconfident that he can overlook and predict the Israelian reaction to further provocations like the Holocaust, would be naive on his part and on that of more pragmatic people in the current leadership.

Today the balance will depend truly on the ideological rhetoric of the IRI leadership in regard to the existance of Israel. I am certain that Bush won't attack Iran nor the next American President but that may still not be the case of Israel.

Iran will have to give strong proof that it won't make a bomb ( which we all know it will with the Russians at worst) so the ball is truly in the court of the Iranian leadership.

EVEN IF IN MY BOOK Khatami as president won't change a thing for Iranians, Maybe a Khatami re-election can calm the tension followed lets say by a State visit to Israel which would be regarded as a major progress.

THAT However would be a miracle given that Khamenei has endorsed Ahmadinejad's second term.


Talking about war

by Abarmard on

Gives excuses for justifying violence. That is a two way street!

Israeli government has gotten worse since Ahmadinejad has been in power, as if he is the one who is a true representative of the Iranian system and diplomacy. I am not shocked about individuals misconception of Iran and the system in Iran, but the government of a country?

I am really surprised at the immature level of the Israeli foreign policy makers. In this regard, I believe that Iranian foreign policy is a few steps above all the other countries in the region, including Israel.

Regardless, Israel will not attack Iran, Israel can't attack Iran.

The proof? They would have if they could. Simple as that.

If they do in the near future? Then we shall see. The end is hard to predict. Here is my take:

Iran certainly will take advantage of such a move. They are not worried about a few bombs dropping in the country, they have already made scenarios that include that and they will do series of steps to benefit from such a move. That I am certain of.



by מֹשֶׁה (not verified) on

Got you jooni. Truth hurts azizam na ? I have real Jews friends who are open-minded guys and, without kissing each other’s mouth as Mahmood did with his love, they taught me some words in Hebrew. I do believe you don’t really know how Moses name writes correctly as you don’t believe on what he tried to teach your ancestors who betrayed him at the end.

What I am trying to tell you, is the real problem in the middle-east is the injustice that your country spreads around and which gives akh-maghi-nejad and mullahs their reason to exist. They have just one thing on mouth and which is Palestinians blabla. In one sense, you gave them the legitimacy that they would never have. So, to get ride of Mullahs, akh-maghi-nejad and fanatics in the region 1) GIVE BACK PALESTINIANS THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE 2) BECOME A MEMBER OF NPT AND SHOW YOU DON'T REPRESENT A TREAT TO ANY COUNTRY WITH YOUR 200 NUCLEAR WEAPONS. That’s something normal and has the advantage to clean up the place from cockroaches like Mullahs in Iran.

Please write my suggestion on your report to Mossad for tomorrow; if someone intelligent exists still there he/she would understand what I’m trying to say.


Mehdi Mazloom

XerXes & Moshe

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Don't you love the Internet. You take the name "Moshe", and have your screen translate it into Hebrew letters, and walla - you are proficient in Hebrew. Kose' sheri agha. the spelling is wrong

First I wish to clarify it to  XerXes and others which I made made many times before.


If Israel attacks, it will be the last last resort. The will attack the nuclear facilities, and no civilians places - unless they use them as shields.

The core issue that, Iran's nuclear activities concern not only Israel or US, rather most other countries around the world. Particularly the Arab Sunnis in the region.

It is the question of whether Iran should or should not possses nuclear technology, they do. Rather, whether the world can trust a group of religious fanatics, who believe in Aragadon and the return of some Medhi or Ghorme Sabzi to rule the world - even if it involves with "wiping anohter country off the map" if necesasry. 

In regards to Iran retaliating. agaisnt Israel.? Not very likely. Not when your enemiy potentially can send an agent to kiss your cheek.- Literaly.

How can anyone be sure that, the Ortodox Jew kissing the Akhmag, is what he looks to be?.



by משה (not verified) on

What are you afraid of and why do you hide yourself behind the pseudonym Mehdi Mazloom? You have to hate evilness more than bad guys because it compel people to kill, make suffer other people just to reach a pseudo-good existence. Mullahs operate by this power but you, Zionist people you are worse. Get first the beam out of your eye before getting the straw out of the eye of your neighbor.



by Immortal Guard! (not verified) on

France's economy badly needed some cash injection particularly after the 2005 riots!


Sorry Mehdi Mazloom

by XerXes (not verified) on

Then based on the same logic, it's unfortunate that Iran will respond in kind and finish the Jewish state.
Now you see who is actually the dangerous country? The one that attacks right? and who is that?
Based on the same logic, wouldn't you say that Iran needs to actually plan and attack Israel by all means before the Zionazis do so?
I hope so.
It's bull to say that we think there are dangerous people and therefore we will finish them, Hitler did that and where did it get him?
I don't mind Israel attacking Iran, they will eventually make a stupid move to end their artificial statehood. I am waiting for that day.


Kouchner is Jewish and his boss is half jewish

by no_name (not verified) on

What do you expect from a Jewish foreign minister. From Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, UK, France, US. Jews one by one are putting their people on critical spots to dominate the world.

The more you read about them the more disgusted you become. And when anyone calls them on it, the call you anti-Semite. Meanwhile the insult and make of fun any group they want with impunity.

Mehdi Mazloom

It is a necessary to do it

by Mehdi Mazloom on

It is very unfortunate that Israel will have to step in to stop the Mullahs destructive nuclear weapon program. Yet prevent another regional war to which, if mullahs are allowed to posses, this time around will certainly be involved with Nuclear weapons.

Lets hope that, Akhooda will be wiser then that, and put their excessive ego and self interest behind, and put the well being of Iran itself  ahead of their delusional mantra.

Akh-mag-e-nejad and the rest of the Mullahs have gone far enough with their don quixote adventure. IRI is not that strong to withstand the combined military might of the western powers amassed against them.

Lets hope Iranians themselves will raise up and get out in the streets in Tehran, Mash-had, Kashan, Tabris, and shout to the Mullah Basse' Dig-geh. Throw the bum out of office and Iran back to its former glory through civilized and peaceful manner.

There is no reason why Israel & Iran should not combine their massive brain thrust to cooperate together to solve problem with pervasive illiteracy, unemployment and hunger ravaging the Arab and Iranian societies.

Israeli leaders say  what they mean, and mean what they say. They will act and act decisively. They have no other choice.