Israel 'could kidnap Ahmadinejad'
09-Sep-2008 (5 comments)

An Israeli cabinet minister has suggested Israel could kidnap Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over threats he has made against the state.

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Do you think it will make

by Fatollah (not verified) on

Do you think it will make the middle east a safer place? Ajab! How stupid can you get? It reminds me of the Iraqi "moron" minster, I think it was the propodanda minister who suggested Bush's ministers lead by Bush and Saddam's ministers lead by Saddam should hook up for a showdown Western style!!! Naturally, Mr. Bush rejected the idea! I could think of the representatives of these two regimes do just that and leave the people of these nations alone! That would be something, wouldn't it?


please do it now

by shirazie (not verified) on

He will fit in with the other Iranians who are running the Jewish state (Mofaz - big mouth - trash and the yazdi rappist president). They can play backgammon together.


Sucking up to mullahs

by lol (not verified) on

Nothing will change! the establishment will still remain intact and "Abarmard" will still come here and write another one of his masterpieces to flaunt mullahs' never-ending achievements.... a real lol


i wish

by Farnoush (not verified) on

خدا عمر و عزت بهش بده اگه یک آدم خیری این کارو بکنه و ما را از دست این ضحاک نجات می‌ داد



by Abarmard on