Prophet Muhammad novel by Sherry Jones set for UK release
05-Sep-2008 (4 comments)

A controversial novel about the Prophet Muhammad and his child bride, scrapped in the US, will be released in the UK. Last month, publisher Random House cancelled the US publication of The Jewel of Medina, by Sherry Jones, fearing it could offend Muslims. Random House said it had been advised the book "could incite acts of violence by a small, radical segment". But independent UK firm Gibson Square will publish the book next month saying its release is "imperative".

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Ok Muslim World

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

Get the effigies and the gasoline ready....

BTW, since the author is a woman this time, does her effigy need to have a hejab? Just curious.


Join the modern world

by John on

Please, Amir Nasiri, feel free to criticize Jews and Christians as much as you like.  We do not care, because we are sufficiently secure in our personal beliefs not to worry about what other people think.  Perhaps Muslims should do the same.

Even better, forsake your backward, superstition-based, archaic religious doctrines and taste the freedom of a religion-free life.  I can tell you with great assurance that all religions are fraudulent.  Kick those mullahs, rabbis, priests and ministers out of your life!

I was born and raised as a Christian, but I've lived the last four decades unfettered by the chains of any religion.  I would thank God for that freedom, if there was a God (but there isn't... thank God).


Agha Amit Nasiri - What are you talking about

by Dovomin Irani (not verified) on

This book is about actual event during Mohamad time. As Mohamad follow in-love with Ayasheh ( 9 years old).

You want to reverse the history. Muslims need to chill out.
Last time, I checked, IRI is the goverment whom killed and sentenced women, men and childern of Iran just because they are asking for equiality and questions not Europe or west

Read the history and some books, Ms Sherry Jones doesn't question or says any bad thing about Mohamad or Ayasheh. She is telling story of how Mohammad follow in love with Ayasheh.
Through the book, she is very respectful to Mohammad. She is not even questioning his intention. She is using fact to build very nice story about them.
However, you just jumped to conclusion like rest og Mullah without looking at book.
Please open your eyes and read the book before judging the book based on its cover.
You can download the book on line.

Whether you are like me who questions on how can I trust an indivdual who married 43years old Khadijeh at 23 and then married 9 years old kid at age 60 or like others whom blindly put a "Kolah Shari" On everything. You have rights to present your point.
Try to agree to disagree, rather than close your eyes and shot all whom disagree with you.


Nazi Era all over again -- Victims Muslim --

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

Then the British government and the European Leaders wonders why the Muslim community is so isolated and angered.

My answer is: Because of you racist, fanatics who continue too insult the people.

It is interesting that the government of these countries allow these hatred to continue against the Muslim population and they referred it and labels as freedom of speech. But if one dares to question the Jews or the Christian then we are referred to as anti-semitic or terrorists.

So it is okay to call Muslims, all kind of hateful names but not OK to critcize th Jews and Christians.

That is 21st century Democracy

Presented by the European colonialist and imperialist