Will next Israeli leader attack Iran?
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08-Aug-2008 (one comment)

The decision by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to step down amid corruption allegations has left many questions in Israel and in the region. There are two main contenders to replace Olmert as leader of the Kadima party. The frontrunner Tzipi Livni, is a former Mossad operative and current Foreign Minister. She was a protégé of Ariel Sharon in the Likud and jumped with him to Kadima when it was formed. Her main Kadima rival is Shaul Mofaz, a hawkish former general and current Transportation Minister. The Iranian born Mofaz is famous for his ruthless crushing of the Palestinian uprising in Jenin and other West Bank towns in 2000, first as military chief of staff and later Defence Minister. Livni is favoured in opinion polls by 8 to 18 percent to win the Kadima leadership. Calls have come from Israeli opposition leader Benyamin Netanyahu of Likud for a general election. The elections would probably come in February or March, which would see Olmert remain Prime Minister till then. Netanyahu was Prime Minister from 1996 to 1999, a hardliner who does not believe in land for peace, He is in favour of more west bank settlements and calls Israel’s recent meetings with Syria “groveling”. Ehud Barak, leader of the Israeli Labour Party, part of the ruling coalition with Kadima, will also be in the running. Barak is a former General and was Prime Minister from 1999-2001. As the current defence minister Barak said that Israel will return to its pattern of air stikes to crus... >>>

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Attack on Iran very remote!

by ali reza (not verified) on

It is very unlikely for whoever gets elected as next Israeli prime minister to attack Iran,giving the fact that any attacks against Iran would start a war that would engulf the Persian gulf region and possibly effect the whole world.Any attack on Iran would make the price of oil skyrocket and this is what the west and the world wants.The world is already suffering from the high gas price as is and another surge is not going to help prices.If George W went to Saudi Arabia to ask for more oil he or next president would not give a green light to Israel to attack Iran.Peace on Earth