Why Iran Won't Budge on Nukes
TIME / Nahid Siamdoust
06-Aug-2008 (4 comments)

When U.S. officials appeal to the Iranian people over the heads of its regime, they like to assume that Tehran's defiance on the nuclear issue reflects only the extremist position of an unrepresentative revolutionary leadership. Plainly, they haven't met Dr. Akbar Etemad, who ran the nuclear program of the Shah's regime, which was overthrown in the Islamic Revolution of 1979. The scientist who first launched Iran's nuclear technology program under a U.S.-backed regime in 1974 today urges the regime that stripped him of his job to reject any international demand that it halt uranium enrichment.

Dr. Etemad told an academic conference in Toronto last weekend, "Iran already stopped nuclear enrichment at the behest of Europe for more than a year [a reference to Tehran's suspension of enrichment between late 2003 and mid-2005, to allow negotiations with the European Union]. And what happened? Nothing."

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by afshin on

The Shah's son-in-law, Ardeshir Zahedi is of the same opinion.  Surely you don't think he's traveling back and forth to Iran with immunity.  Afterall it was his father that was responsible for ousting Mosaddegh.  Dismissing Dr. Etemad's loyalty to Iran and his patriotism and calling him a traitor does not make the underlying issue any less true.  There is credence to his assertions and that is precisely why the Iranian Government is not budging.  They have the backing of the people.  The west through its rhetoric and mindless sanctions has unwittingly pushed the Iranian people in to the arms of the government.  They have no one else to thank but themselves.  In 2003 the IRI attempted to make a grand bargain with the west over all issues of concern, including the recognition of Israel, transparency in the nuclear efforts and support for illicit organizations.  The White House dismissed the efforts and essentially reprimanded the bearer of the message who was a Swiss emissary.  Now where have we come?  What has George Bush et al accomplished through all these efforts?  Absolutely nothing!  Khod kardeh ra hich tadbir nist.


Dr. Etamad got it right

by Abarmard on

Regardless of your political stance, most Iranians would want this technology to be mastered by Iran and produce domestically. Why trust and be dependent of the west? When was the last time that the west cared for Iran or the lives of Iranians?

We need more article and interviews as such to make our case more clear to the western politicians. 


Dr. Etemad travels back and forth to Iran with immunity

by No wonder (not verified) on

No wonder he freely travels back and forth to Iran with complete immunity and without fear of harassment and/or imprisonment by mullah officials.

Reminds one of Ehsan Naraghi and Dr. Nasr who enjoy the same immunity.

One wonders why other Shah's high officials cannot freely travel back and forth to Iran.

Maybe the solution is to start singing in tune with mullahs.


Thanks for posting this article

by mostaghel on

It is interesting that Mike Fallon who was replaced by admiral Mullen called Iranians "ants" who "can be crushed"! I wonder if Fallon is a zio-nazi or has some Tel Avivian blood in him. His attitude is identical to the "chosen people" who think the are above everyone else.!!

Like Dr Etemad, I believe Iran needs to get nukes as weapons. As long as they don't have it, they are preceived as weak and every once in while  mad dogs of USA will be unleashed against Iran (e.g., saddam) with undreds of thousands dead or made homeless.