Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic, arrested in Serbia
21-Jul-2008 (6 comments)

He has been brought before Belgrade's war crimes court, in accordance with a law on cooperation the Hague Tribunal, the Serbian presidency said.

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by Parham on

Actually, to me he looked more like Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead)!


When is Ariel Sharon (the butcher) , Kir Omlet, and ....

by Malekeh_ on

When is Ariel Sharon (the butcher of beirut) , Kir Omlet (otherwise kniwn as Olmert) , and ...and . the like (inclsuing doodool chini and his moron boss) going to be arrested and tried for genocide? These have killed even more than the serbiab idiot. Doodool and hi sretarded boss according to some account have killed upwards of ONE MILLION Iraqis. The Butcher of Beirut (Areil Sharon) and his freind Kir Olmer have killed hundreds of thousand sof Palestinas and more lebanese. When is going to be their turns?

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Actually he looked like Saddam Hussein with a White Beard or should I say Santa Clause ;0)


He was a psychiatrist!

by Mehdi on

His brainwashing was based on the principles of psychiatry that man is an animal and should not be considered as a spiritual being. Their belief in materialistic essence of humanity leads to such racist disasters.



by Parham on

I don't know if you've seen the new pictures of him, but he is unrecognizable. I wonder how they found him, even if after 12 years!


Glad justice was served!

by ali reza (not verified) on

I hope justice would be served everywhere,where innocents were jailed,tortured,or lost their lives.Peace on Earth