McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes
09-Jul-2008 (22 comments)

U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, who once sang in jest about bombing Iran, on Tuesday reacted to a report of rising U.S. cigarette exports to the country by saying it may be "a way of killing 'em."


Not funny anymore

by Q on

OK, it's the third time that he has "joked" about killing Iranians and then apologized later. How can it be possibly be a coincidence? The man obviously hates Iranians and is ignorant about them.



mensa, it's clear who is full of "hate" and "anger"

by Q on

in this conversation.

Our driver friend made some excellent points. He is absolutely right on the money with America's attitude toward bad people is very self-serving. Some who are its puppets (obviously don't want to bite the hands that keep them in power) and other "bad" people who are not. Still, in Pakistan there are plenty of anti-American demonstrations.

What really tells me a lot about you is that He (assad) even admitted that IRI is a bad government. The statement he made is almost common to many antiwar people and democrats, more than half of the US who do not like to exploit the rest of the world.

But you saw fit to respond with absolute angry filth. Your own anger and hate is what is exposed here, and I'm glad it will stay for all to see:

your obsession and hate for the west and in particular the USA
obsession? hate? when did the poor guy give any indication fo these?

You do not reflect the typical view of most Iranians inside and outside of Iran
what planet are you on? Most Iranians know which superpower is surroudning their country with guns and military bases. You are the blind one.

displeasing or you just hold on to your outdated Hezbeh Toodeh leftist beliefs and hate the west
THIS is the real hate and anger oozing out of you. No matter how much you like to pretend you are calm and rational.

These nasty attacks were not warranted of our friend and if you're too "kalleh shagh" to realize it, I will apologize on your behalf to him. I respect him because he wrote a beautiful argument that you completely lost.

No matter how much you tell yourself you are an "ordinary" Iranian. The fact is 99.9% of Iranians did not have the money and means to come out of Iran and come live in America in 1984 so their son can attend an American medical school Like it or not, you belong to an elite upper class and have little in common with "ordinary" Iranians. This is not my opinion, these are statistics, so take it up the with laws of math.

Thanks for exposing yourself.


Dear Assad

by Mensa (not verified) on

Dear Assad jaan

Thank you for your response. First thing I want to address is that an individuals insight or intelligence or for that matter moral and ethics has no correlation to their occupation. My parents like many immigrants left Iran in 1984 when I was 10 years old. They had to do hard work to support the family and I truly believe they are both more intelligent, nicer more descent people than I can ever imagine being. So I respect that you are a driver and it should not even be a point in our conversation.

I agree with you in your assessment that there are many other countries which harbor terrorist, who support violence, who treat their people harshly and yet are not viewed by the west in the same way as Iran you put it they are not as demonized as we are.

But what differs in the instances such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and even North Korea is that its leaders, its government does not outwardly express hostilities toward the west and in particular Israel. They may be sponsors of terrorism indirectly but they tend to upkeep a diplomatic front and an open realtionship with the west.
You do not see government sponsored rallys with chants of death to America or death to Israel on an every day basis. You do not see their leaders deny holocust and homosexuality on a world stage. Most Americans views are formed based on their media exposure.... and what the media has exposed Americans to is the Iranian regime and its supporters and I am even scared of these people let alone some farmer from Kansas.

But what I truly find alarming and frightening is the following statement by you:

" It doesn't matter that Iran's government is bad, it only matters that it does not submit to the USA. "

It seems that your obsession and hate for the west and in particular the USA has blinded you to reality. You are willing to accept a monster ("It doesn't matter that Iran's government is bad"), because you feel that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
You do not reflect the typical view of most Iranians inside and outside of Iran....Iranians are not complimentary of the west or USA...but their major problem, their hate is single handedly for this regime...they are the cause of their misery not america. Unlike you, most Iranians including myself, are more concerned that we have a regime that is good for our country rather than one that is bad for us but aggressive to the USA.

You my friend are either a supporter of this regime...and so you do not find them very displeasing or you just hold on to your outdated Hezbeh Toodeh leftist beliefs and hate the west so much that you are willing to see your own countrymen sacrificed and tortured and imprisoned as long as in your own words the regime "does not submit to the USA".

I hope people with views such as your are far and in between, because otherwise this regime will survive because of your support and indirect or direct sabotages.

Thank you



by Assad (not verified) on

you are making excuses because what you say is not factually true.

It's not true that Iran has a "bad name" because of the regime. The regime is bad, that's not in question. But that's not why people hate Iran. As proof, just take a look at Burma, Egypt, Russia, China, even many countries in Africa. The factual truth is that there are many many countries as bad or worst than Iranian government. Pakistan is currently harboring Osama Bin Laden. Saudi Arabia supplied all the 9/11 hijackers. Those countries have hurt American much more than Iran. But they are not demonized like Iran.

Your patients do not have the same attitude toward even North Korea. For the most part, they don't really care about North Korea, even though that regime is 100 times worst than Iran. People there have absolutely no rights.

So, you are just factually wrong when you say that It's all the regime's fault. It's not. It's the kind of demonizing that McCain and people like McCain do about Iran that is the reason. It doesn't matter that Iran's government is bad, it only matters that it does not submit to the USA. You're a doctor, so I know you are smart, but maybe you can learn something from a driver like me. Please think hard about this before you respond.


dear assad

by Mensa (not verified) on

How am I an apologist for McCain??????

As I have already repeated many times...he is an idiot, he is a fool...I can even call him worse words...but I know JJ will not allow it...

You are missing the can take the name McCain out and leave it a blank....and many more people will line up to fill in the blank in regards to that statement

The European custom people who give me a hard time every time I travel to Europe...just because of the Place of Birth on my passport...will line up to take McCain's postition

I am a physician...currently in residency....I can tell you many colleagues and patients have the same view...they will line up and take McCain's position...the thirty million americans who will vote for him...will in some form or another share the same view of our country

I think the only way we can change this view once and for all (condemning it is only a temporary remedy) is to get rid of its underlying cause...the IRI

I condemn what McCain said...I would have condemned no matter what nationality he was attacking...because it is inhumane....but I blame all this suffering purely on the shoulders of this regime


mensa: I see more hatred in defending mccain

by assad (not verified) on

you really should think about what you are saying. You are an apologist, just like an IRI apologist who says Ahmadinejad says dumb things, but continues to make excuses for them.

if you're not willing to be fair minded, you can't expect any respect from any thinking human being.


Dear Abarmard

by Mensa (not verified) on

Dear Abarmard

with all due respect....and I mean due respect...because although I disagree with your prior posts, you always seems classy....
my friend you are approaching this subject either intentionally or unintentionally with political immaturity.
You say:
"it's time someone to political smack these animals."

I believe your hatred for the west or the republican party or capitalism or whatever you want to call it has blinded you to the reality at hand.

The current regime in Iran has nobody interest in mind but its own. This so called "smack-down" could cause thousands of innocent lives to be lost. This is not the old wild west nor a clint Eastwood movie... the reality is that the Iranian military is no match for any of these superpowers...but that is besides the point.

your second point:
"Let's say that you are correct and it is the IR that brought all these upon us. That means the regimes such as Saudi Arabia are doing something right while IR is the only one doing something wrong! It makes no sense."

I am assuming by your very first line that you feel the IRI is free of guilt...your logic is flawed my friend. No one is concerned about the wrongs of Saudi Arabia....Saudi Arabia's wrongs does not make IRI right...just because many countries within that region are undemocratic and theocratic...does not mean that we have to accept that as the norm.

your third point is that
"the west wants a YES MAN in the region"

I love this flawed leftist (hezbeh-toudeh) enemy of my enemy is my frient!!!no matter how evil and despicable!!!
So you believe that we should disregard all the inhumanities of this regime....because (drum roll) because it opposes the west...
Dear can have an independent regime, a secular regime that treats its people fairly, that provides freedom and the pursuit of happiness...while at the same time not be a yes man to the west. Please do not let your hatred for the west blind you to the harsh reality of the current regime.

the last thing I will address... you say:
"but it's our problem and they have to learn to stay away from Iran.

I am not going to go into the issue of outside intervention (that can be another 10 paragraphs)...but obviously as it has been noted in the past 28 years...reform is not a possibility in this regime...reform can only happen when there is flexibility not absolutism. How can you ask for reform...when you can not have freedom of expression (newspapers closed down)....when you can not have candidates of your choice (a council has to find them fit)...when you are imprisoned for writing against the regime (Remember Akbar Gangi)...when you kill, torture and imprison any freedom movement (remember 18 tir)...

Yes you are right my friend this problem belongs to us...but this problem (the IRI)is not something that is proud and is low and I do not take pride in saying it is my problem...I am not willing to die protecting this problem...when it affect millions within the country and millions outside...

This problem (IRI) is like a sexually abusive incestual father....yeah I think people should stand up for their fathers and tell people not to disrespect their father and mind their own business....but not a father like this which abuses its own children....

I think I have said enough for now...


Dear Mensa

by Abarmard on

Let's say that you are correct and it is the IR that brought all these upon us. That means the regimes such as Saudi Arabia are doing something right while IR is the only one doing something wrong! It makes no sense.

"Demonizing the country is the first step to dehumanize them so bombing them becomes a natural accepted principle" - Marjan Satrapi

These are not all mistakes, they are driven with certain policy in mind. You and other Iranians should be aware that the west wants a YES MAN in the region. That does not translate that we like the IR, but it's our problem and they have to learn to stay away from Iran.

IR is good for one thing, maybe, to teach these arrogant bastards to go to their room and shut up. Historically for Iran, it's time someone to political smack these animals.


Dear Q

by Mensa (not verified) on

Dear Q

I am so glad that JJ leaves our posts up for a while, so people can go back view them in their entirety...just another case of someone taking a statement out of context...yes, I did say he is pandering, however, the preceding statement I made was that his comment was very dumb.
No one in their right mind would find the suffering and death of innocent people funny...specially from smoking (as a physician I see it everyday)...but why are we blind to the bigger picture at hand.

Dear sir....why is it that McCain makes repeated vile comments such as this about one specific group...why not about Blacks or Hispanics or the French or the Germans....because he knows that the current societal perception towards Iran and Iranians accepts such vile another word the climate is right.

You and NIAC and CASMII can demand all the apologies you want...but just like respect you can not demand it...we have to earn it.

My point repeated here is that we are innocent victims of our current regime's sins and worldwide reputation. So instead of attacking a foolish "so called joke" and its idiot messenger...lets get to the root of the problem...which is our current regime and its policies.

Americans can either get mad at the Europeans negative view of Americans and surely crude jokes...or they can understand that it is as a result of Bush's unpopular foreign policy and therefore not vote for a continuation of those policies...unfortunately as Iranians...we do not have the means of changing those policies within despotic undemocratic just have to uproot it and start over.

So lets have foolish statements such as this motivate us towards uprooting this fascism...I know you like the continuation of the status quo and you do not want any attacks on it whether legitimate or illegitimate (McCain's statement) want to keep it at the surface and tug at peoples emotions and nationalism in order to prolong the current regime's existence...job well done, as I can see by all the comments posted here it is working.

As in regards to your true intentions....I am not going to go into it...I am going to keep it know who you are...I can only imagine who you are based on your prior postings....I will leave it at that.


Mensa, if you want to live up to your name don't be an apologist

by Q on

you're only half right:

Is he just pandering to the rednecks and ultra conservatives in his party by trying to be funny...YES!!!!

No doubt he's pandering. but not by being funny, but by saying he will kill Iranians. That's the pander that worked for Bush, and that's the pander that he's dishing out.

Maybe you should stop wasting time trying to decipher my "true" intentions and understand the words on their merrit.


An official letter

by rumizgirl (not verified) on

An official letter requesting an apology to the Iranian American community has been sent to the McCain campaign. For more details, go to: //


What else do you expect from a former POW!

by Ali reza (not verified) on

This is not the first time that he is making jokes about Iran.The last time he sang a song that is called Barbara Ann that sounds like Bomb Iran.Peace on Earth


do not blow this out of proportion

by Mensa (not verified) on

Q...I know what your true intentions are based on your previous postings...

McCain immediately said that he is saying it in jest...if you read the whole article. Is he very smart for saying such a dumb statement...NO!!!!! Is he just pandering to the rednecks and ultra conservatives in his party by trying to be funny...YES!!!!

The bigger issue at hand sad it is that our regime had relegated us to such poor international stature as things to be killed. Just listen to Jay Leno and some other comedians and you will see that the low view of our country and countrymen is a generalized world view. Americans are very politically correct so you tend to not hear how they really feel about us...but having had the disfortune of hearing some of their views at social settings...I can tell you that most do not deem us very highly...not even the very highly educated.

This is another example of Iranians paying for the sin of their sad!!!!!!!


The Islamic Republic should

by Anonymous1234 (not verified) on

The Islamic Republic should ban all US cigarrette imports to the country, period. This will teach McCain not to open his mouth and it will piss off the tobacco companies...The tobacco comapnies then will not donate to his campaign.


His adviser is THE

by Abarmard on

Joker himself. We are about to get rid of the penguin (Dick Cheney) and get stuck with Joker and his gang (Lieberman)?

Hopefully this time people are smarter than that.

Where is Batman? I suggest we install huge batman lights in every cities in the US if this guy is elected.


Bush III

by Adel (not verified) on

Why would it be acceptable to dehumanize an entire race of people based on the practice of their government? McCain is encouraging the American people to show the Iranian people no mercy, as if each and every Iranian stands behind their tyrannical government. Actually, almost every Iranian I know opposes Jomhur-e-Eslami, and prays for a regime change. Moreover, McCain's ignorance is appalling to me. You would think that a candidate running for the position as President of the United States would have at least a little sense. Apparently, my expectations have been too high.


Bush has a lot more class

by abc (not verified) on

Bush has a lot more class than this mean sob. This man is unstable and immature.


He is probably good for the Comics

by farokh2000 on

As you have noticed, GW has been great for the Stand up Comedians in the last eight years, as every one of them likes to use this man's idiotic actions and words and make a great living.

I am sure most of the same comedians are hoping this Clown would be elected, or selected like the current one in the WH so that they can continue to make fun of his stupidity for another 4 years.

The man has nothing, no personality, no education, no common sense, and no brains.

The only thing he is proud of is having been a prisoner of War(Invasion by U.S, of course) in Vietnam. If that makes him qualified to be a President, then this Country has more problems than we think.



Iranians can take advantage of this stupid man's comments

by ./. (not verified) on

What if iranian smokers are told by the Iranian government that US government has added chemicals to the cigarettes to kill those smokers? Theyc an use McCain's statements as proof. I bet cigarette smoking with come to a halt in Iran (if there is any)!


Ah, what do you expect from a "dalghak"

by ThePope on

The guy's a joke. He should play the lead clown of a low class circus, but not in the white house. There's still some respect left for the guy cuz of his past, as a POW and everything..., But now he's just turning to an amusing figure. But like you say; not funny anymore...

az roo anesh nemitooneh posheh and he wants to kill Iranians with cigarettes!!! ....ANYWAY


PS Q thanx for the info and the links about the "angel", Sereen, or should I say the gay porn star! It was amazing. How the heck did you come up with that???


Did McCain take a stupid pill?

by Nadias on

 It seems the man doesn't think before he opens his mouth

solh va doosti/paz a vosotros/paix et amitié





Sib-zemini foroosh

by AnonymBemoon (not verified) on

In the country I leave, there is an advertisement on 'Mccain french fries'. John McCain has more the stature of a Sib-zemini foroosh than a political man