Shiite Lawmakers: US Seeking 58 Bases in Iraq, Wants Authority to Determine if Iraq Has Been Attacked
10-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Leila Fadel of McClatchy reports that the US wants 58 permanent bases in Iraq and the power to determine if Iraq has been attacked.  Iraqi lawmakers view this as a possible legal impetus for US forces to start a war with Iran and  are apprehensive about being dragged in to the middle of it.


Colonialism must come to an end!

by Mehdi-Palang on

Hopefully the US congress and the Iraqi people won't allow this piece of sovereignty-stripping agreement to be signed.  We as Middle-Eastern peoples are tired of having our region being sought after for imperialistic aims by people who don't even see us as humans.  Just as Iran had lost territory during "The Great Game" between the UK and Imperial Russia, the current imperial power in the world (USA) is trying to take more from us.  [We already have lost our opportunity to have a secular democracy because of them]