Iran 'blames monarchists for mosque blast'
08-May-2008 (8 comments)

Iran on Thursday blamed a mosque explosion that killed 13 people in the southern city of Shiraz last month on Western-backed monarchists who oppose the Islamic republic, the Fars news agency reported. "The Shiraz blast was an act of sabotage and a plot by the enemies of the Iranian people in the name of monarchism," Interior Minister Mostafa Pour Mohammadi was quoted as saying.

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Javid! read my article I sent you

by samsam1111 on

about Regimes plan for next few weeks."Mullahs cornered, beirut under siege"...They are blaming it on US and monarchists to make it easier for PR for their imminent middle east all out preemptive attack on western forces and allies. This regime existance is based on misinformation& taghieh.They know if they do nothing..moghtada, nasrollah,syria wil be lost and their terrorist strenght is it,s all logical for them to get busy now.

K Nassery

Civil ugly

by K Nassery on

Look at what the Hezbollah and Government Forces are doing in Beirut.  Iranians need to apply their famous diplomacy in dealing with minority groups.  That should solve the problems logically.

Jahanshah Javid

Taking credit

by Jahanshah Javid on

Any Booghali can take credit. But I seriously doubt he has the balls, organization or resources to carry out a bombing. No, I suspect it's much more serious than that. Perhaps retaliation for supposed Iranian involvement in Iraq? To show what could happen if tensions between Iran and U.S. get worse? This bombing looks like a professional job, far more complicated than what Fouladvand and other TV revolutionaries can handle.


JJ, that idiot FOULADVAND already took credit for it

by Q on

this was posted the day after the bombing:

One thing is for sure. If they did it, or if they are lying to give themselves some fake manhood, Monarchists have just proven themselves to be worthless human beings.

ebi amirhosseini

They remind me of the book "1984" !

by ebi amirhosseini on

George Orwell in his masterpiece " 1984",gives a brilliant picture of a government that always has a foreign/imaginary enemy ready to put the blame on for its shortcomings!!

In 24 hours suddenly everything changes,from the minister of interior to the lowest rankig official of the government who since the deadly explosion;were telling us that " This is not an act of sabotage",suddenly want us to believe that all this time they knew what really happened & just kept it secret,so they can arrest the " fugitive suspects".isn't it so clever?.I bet they have read all the reports & articles in The Washington Post,on how the police for a long time knew the identity of the " Sniper serial killer",and just kept it secret to successfully arrest him.( Poeple who live in Washington,D.C ,MD,& VA,know very well about him).

Well,I am going to read " 1984", one more time !!!.


mosque or weapon storage?

by IRANdokht on

ajab rooyi daaran!

I think Abarmard got it right, they were training people on those weapons they had stocked there and it was most likely accidental and caused by one of their own rocket scientists of Basij.



This bombing is very

by ABelin (not verified) on

This bombing is very justifiable with amount of hatred you can see from Saltanat-talabs in the articles and commnets they post. These are the same people who don't mind if Iran is bombed to ground zero as long as they cann go back one day and start all over again.
It's interesting how powerfull and skillfull the information ministry has becom to conceal the case and carry out the arrests professionally.

Zeki...Goftar nik, pendar nik, kerdar nik!!!!!!!!!


That's funny

by Abarmard on

That makes no sense. What makes sense is that they were training some groups, perhaps Basijis on the weapon usage and it accidentally blew up. Monarchist won't even drive one mile extra for their own father!