Iran Resistance Is Not Terrorist Group, Court Finds
New York Times
07-May-2008 (18 comments)

LONDON — After a seven-year legal battle, Britain’s
Court of Appeal ruled Wednesday that the British government was wrong
to include an Iranian resistance group, the People’s Mujahedeen of
Iran, on its list of banned terrorist groups.

PMOI supporter


by PMOI supporter on

Major victory for the Iranian resistance, and the people of Iran!



Iranians Resistance is...

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mr. Abramard, when you state that the MEK has opted for bombing of Iran [by foreigners] so as to get rid of the mullahs, do you have any evidence for this criminal-terroristic allegation of yours? If there is such an evidence, which there is not, put it up or ...


Be careful when you judge

by Abarmard on

If you are one of those individuals who justifies bombing Iran to get rid of the regime, then you should be careful judging MEK. They have done the same thing. It's no difference now. Standards are standards.

K Nassery

One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter...

by K Nassery on

Isn't  that what some  have said about Hezbolla, Hamas, and the Sadarists?  These Iranians have provided evidence and the court ruled.

I bet John McCian can't keep this group straight either.



Who is MEK supporter?

by Mehdi on

I have never met or heard of anyone supporting the MEK. How can they afford such a powerful and expensive lobby around the world? I know France has a long history of supporting terrorist groups for later use but what about other countries? How much money is given to the MEK and by who? Anybody knows? Saddam used to finance them but who is doing it now?


Iran Resistance is not Terrorist Group, Court Finds

by Anonymous5001 (not verified) on

:-)) Oh! Teflaki, "daneshavr," you really crushed my good moods as I just read your post and was really ashamed from your majestic logic: that by getting themselves de-proscribed as a terrorist organization, now the Mojahedin have "added" to the life of this damned regime !! (ah, pooh, akh, wakh @@,***xyz)

:--))) I think this damned Mojahedin Organization is made of a bunch of "Not-Normaliyun" idiots who instead of pleading with the POAC and British Law, should have had come to your lectures titled: How By Remaining in the Terrorist List, The PMOI Could Overthrow the IRI-kind a crapola (taught by one Dr. Professor Logician-Mantegh-Shensas-Daneshvar bar wazne "Kadoo-var," the Normalyun (bar wazn-e mozgholiyun).


Re: you have no idea!!!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

This guy ("PMOI" supporter) has no idea, but I know of a number of similar cases. The leaders of this cult are responsible for many crimes including the ones they have committed against some of the most honest and descent Iranians, their former supporters.


you have no idea!!!

by doesitmatter (not verified) on

I hate these bastards.

It was these bastards who brainwashed my parents to leave me in America at the age of 9 months, so they can go back to iraq and fight for what.....

for people who are sympathetic to the mujahedeen (just bc they hate the IRI so much), let me tell you... You have NO idea.
they have destroyed families, killed their own people,... Its not even worth it. You either know or you DONT know.

PMOI supporter

to Anonym7

by PMOI supporter on

i know about khodabandeh very well


he was in the court in paris 2 weeks ago trying to make a case against iran focus website and mojahedin


he was confirmed to be an agent of the iranian intelligence ministry and has made many high profile trips to iran.

he also failed to provide the court any real evidence and the case was dropped after he was told and provided with evidence showing how he is an agent of the regime


Western support of a "khaaen" group

by Anonymous - Independent Iranian (not verified) on

Why wouldn't the West support a group of Khaen's - misguided fools who think they have a place in the heart of Iranian people? How could you people side with Saddam Hossein and expect to be accepted - as what liberators? What are you smoking? So what if the British court calls you non-terrorist? You are worse than the IRI - and your ascendance is the classic definition of "az chaaleh beh chaah oftaadan". Hanif-nejad is rolling in his grave based on what you have done in the past 25 years.


Massoud Khodabandeh

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Mr. "PMOI" supporter, for your own sake go read Massoud Khodabandeh's articles. //

Darius Kadivar

Alas They have Good Lobbyists ;0(

by Darius Kadivar on

The MKO are a fanatical bunch but they are unfortunately very efficient in propaganda and bullshitting the Western Media. Here in France they keep flirting with some marginal French deputies or Artists comparing themselves to the French Resistance in their fight against Nazism.

Unfortunately all this activity is for a wrong cause.

As for the Monarchists they are so bad when it comes to propaganda with all the bad quality LA TV stations which put everyone to shame. They should learn some efficiency from these MKO fanatics at least in terms of promoting themselves.

What is incredible is that the MKO followers have so much stamina after all these years even despite the fact that everyone knows that they betrayed their country. I truly can't understand how they manage to be brainwashed to such a degree that they can't even see their own contradictions. For instance some of them don't even wear the veil or roosary like Maryam Rajavi but are for an Islamic State. They even managed to brainwash Marzieh to join them.

Everything they do and the way they do it is so similar to a religious sect. They must have control on every members private life including one's sexuality. I think they must recruit amongst the most miserable people who have been subject to torture, rape or even incest and they "adopt" them in a way which gives these poor people hope that they will be revenged. It a psychological warefare that they are not afraid to use and it works.

Otherwise I do not see how truly any normal and stable human being would accept to be on their side.

Maryam and Massoud Rajavi are just like Father Jones. They are ready to send their followers to death if they could serve their cause.

Who pays them and where do they get their money is still a mystery no one has been able to solve ...

Truly sad to see that the European Community does not dissolute their activities. They do that because it serves their interests in troubling Iran's current regime but also because most importantly they couldn't care less if Iran could become a secular democracy.




MKO are not terrorists

by Realist (not verified) on

MKO are of course not terrorists if you also believe the following bullshit uttered by western officials:

Waterboarding is not torture.

Iraq had WMD and was months away from producing nuclear weapons.

Sharon is a man of peace.

GITMO prisoners are "enemy combatants" -- (as opposed to what? Friendly combatants in regular wars?

Such Orwellian times we are living in.


This is such bull

by Anonymous008 (not verified) on

I am sure we have all seen the articles on this site about how the Mojahedeen operate.

This whole article was written for morons. Mojahedeen are not a resistance group they are a sect.

The only people who are hated more than the mullahs in Iran are the Mojahedeen. They are traitors who sided with Sadam against Iranians.

This whole thing is to reward the Mojahedeen for spilling the beans on Iran’s nuke work and at the same time sending a signal to the mullahs.



by Pissed Off (not verified) on


Now you can destroy molahs' rule and go after their agents all over the world!


MKO and IRI are one of the same: TERRORISTS

by mahmoudg on

There is no difference between these two groups.  Either one is a mistake for Iran's future and should have no place in ruling Iran.  They should however be able toexist as in any democratic society so long as they do not endanger the hegemony of Iran once it is liberated.


A sad day

by Iranian11 (not verified) on

This is further proof of the West's double standards. This group has murdered Iranian, US and Kurd officials and civilians under the same leadership structure as they have today. Another backward step, in the many backward steps of the West's supposed war on terror.
The MKO rats must be dancing in the streets.

BTW, no I'm NOT an monarchist and I'm NOT an IRI agent.


Best thing for the Mullahs

by daneshvar (not verified) on

This is the best news for the Mullahs. These ruthless terrorists were being used by US and Israel already anyway. This ruling by the UK court won't change any thing real on the ground.

But the Iranian people will now resent the west even more and take the IRI's side on the issues. Hating the Mojaheds is one of the few things that the Mullahs don't have to use propaganda for. The Iranians already believe it, and no british court is going to change their minds.

Now, all the Mullahs have to do is publicize this to the people of Iran, and they will have bought themselves another 25 years in power, easily.

The only thing that would make this even better for the Mullahs is if the US follows suit.

Thank You "PMOI supporter" you have succeeded in extending the life of this regime. I hope all the killings you have done was worth it.