Clinton Defends 'Obliterate Iran' Comment, Obama Calls It Bush-Style 'Cowboy Diplomacy'
The Huffington Post
04-May-2008 (2 comments)

Sen. Hillary Clinton today defended her statement that the United States would "obliterate" Iran if it ever launched a nuclear strike on Israel. "Why would I have any regrets?" she told George Stephanopoulos and group of Indiana voters on ABC's This Week. "I am asked a question about what I would do if Iran attacked our ally, a country that many of us have a great deal of, you know, connection with and feeling for."

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AIPAC & JDL the supporters of hillary

by gol-dust on

she is theirs so are the rest of the government and the president, and everthing else! She has no choice if she want to be the president! politics 101!


Bravo Obama; down with Hillary a true hypocrite and warmonger!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

This was a very good interview by Obama with Tim Russet. Obviously, the fact that Iran complained to the UN had an impact and demonstrated they took her comment seriously.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon denouncing Clinton's comments, and saying they were, "provocative, unwarranted and irresponsible."

And the official spokesperson for Ban Ki-Moon indicated that if Hillary becomes President and makes such statements the UN will react.

Of course Hillary the WARMONGER totally disregarded these statements and refused to apologize. Barack Obama stated rightfully this is the kind of cowboy diplomacy that President Bush has, which we don't need.

What is interesting is that there are 1,065 comments on this article all negative with respect to Clinton.

She deserves to lose the elections and I hope she does!!

Interesting wouldn't you guess Martin Indyk the former Ambassador of the US to Israel who is also an adivsor to Hillary indicated that if we are to give an "umbrella" to the Arab countries - they will have to recognize ISRAEL.

It is always about ISRAEL!!! No one can dare say anything about this country, critize it for its actions, the genocide it is committing, or the many threats and calls for an invasion of Iran that it has made as early as 1993.