The Z story


The Z story
by مآمور

I have no idea who Z or any other user ids he might have used is, however, during my short residency at IC, I have seen him a good few times!!

He emailed me and I posted for every body to see it! 

last night, some of us descended  on two blogs and fought ' the mother of battle' for the Sunday. I was pulled away and rescued by the wife who was promised a holly dinner out!! But at the table, I remembered there is some body sitting some where in this world and reading these absolute words of wisdom!! and it surely got out of control!!

One of the worst was Z. Again, I dont know who he/she is but one thing I learned, he is so fascinated about IC he wants to be here so badly!!he should have listened to me

here is what email says

This is Zed (if some of you know me by a different IC name that's okay).  I know this is a weird email name, but I just made up some nonsense email so I can get back to everyone quickly.  They just reported my other e-mail name so I will have to get that fixed.  (Yes, they don't respect privacy on IC - they will give your email address to the Israelis.  Consider that a settled point because they reported my other email 20 minutes after they banned my IC account.  Yes, you read that correctly the reported my email, not just my IC account.)

The people that run IC are traitors. You don't even need to talk about the Shah, or IRI, or Mossadegh to reach this conclusion.  Even if Iran was governed by Elvis, the IC people would still be traitors. A site that lets people be subject to violent threats, censors those that protest the constant "bomb Iran" drivel, and casts Iranians in a false and defamatory light on a daily basis is a traitor, especially when faced with the risks of war.  These vatan fooroosh IC people are the lowest of the low.  You don't even need to talk about which type of government is good or bad to reach that conclusion.  Treason has a standard definition.  I strongly suggest you unite to fight the menace IC has become.  Forget about the fake profiles doing it: It's Jahanshah Javid and Said Amin -- ultimately they are the puppet masters; they choose who stays / who goes; and what messages are broadcast.  

But also I will share my point of view: I would never disrespect the young men that defended our borders against Saddam.  God bless them all, and I will say it proudly to anyone.  If it wasn't for those young Iranian men that protected our borders, your mothers and sisters would have become Saddam's new wives.  I love Iran with everyone bone in my body, and will stand up to anyone that tries to harm it.  Javid and Amin are nothing.

For those of you who asked:

1- I did not use any profanity on IC ... Zero!
2- I did not threaten anyone on IC.  
3- I only blogged within the limits (2x per day).

I swear on my life.  Attached is the graphic I am sending to CIM so you can see with your own eyes what happened.

The Israelis wrote in Hebrew "Fuck Iranians" and "We will slit your throat if you don't shut up" and IC banned me!!!!  I wrote a blog complaining about the immorality of putting little Iranian kids' pictures up and falsely claiming they have HIV (the disease that causes AIDS).  

Iraj Khan was on the page with me at the same time I got banned and noted what happened accurately on the site: I can also read in Hebrew as well as several other languages.  When I caught them mocking Iranians as "pieces of shit" I even told the IC admin and sent him the translation.  

It seems like Z's account has been blocked too!
by iraj khan on Mon May 28, 2012 09:46 AM PDT

Why? Does anybody has an explanation for it? What was his 'Sin'?

The pattern of their activites on IC

by iraj khan on Mon May 28, 2012 08:57 AM PDT

They usually choose the names of the Persian heros, characters or creatures from Shahnameh, look and you shall find those names on IC. They state their only reason to be here 'is to help Iranians on their way to democracy'. They pretend to be muslims in the beginning before they're outed as Jewish and a supporter of the Racist Rapist Criminal regime of Israel. A few of them were outed during this last few days after they started communicating in Hebrew and were caught by Zed (Z).

I started a new blog for Iranians with the help of one other person.  Anyone that wants to can post content there.  It started today.  Send me pictures, articles, whatever you want.  As you can see banned content will have a home.  Start sharing stories off that blog with people.  


The easiest way to change IC is to get people to boycott Said Amin's dating websites.  Can you imagine that people sign up for his dating websites not knowing that their money goes to fund this "bomb Iran" nonsense on IC?  If they knew, he'd be out of business.  

Get More People To Me That Object to IC.  That's the key.  Talk with them off of IC and get them to help.  As you can see, I've put everyone on BCC, I would never reveal your personal details.

My email is still

Watch this beautiful video and get inspired: //
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Soosan Khanoom

Ahhh Peeshee

by Soosan Khanoom on

I can't even imagine what you've gone through in 3rd grade...   you poor baby, you must have been traumatized ! 



Can't Do the Time, Don't Do the Crime!

by Faramarz on


So what's the problem?

He got kicked out of the party and now has to watch everybody having a good time from the outside! It happened to me too, back in the 3rd grade.


To Admin….

by Bavafa on

This is no way in defense of Z or any particular person as I am not familiar with them enough to make comment/judgemnt but I have seen enough “profanity and personal attack “ by some other members who are roaming here freely and carrying out with their often times personal attack that makes your way of administrating this rule extreme bias to say the least.

  If I may suggest, it is less offending to carry on with your [bias] approach and not advertise/brag about the reason of it as you it would mean you are taking us for a fool.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Sassani jon, does it work the other way around?

by مآمور on

meaning, if some one is not anti-Islam, would that make him/her a muslim? 

war with Iran is inevitable, I agree with u. It isnot just doable, meaning there is no force powerful enough and willing to take on Iran!

if there was, they would have done it in Syria by now!!

 امید به صهونیستها نبند!! کور میکنن که شفا نمی دهن

I wear an Omega watch


Dear Mr. Z(orro)

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

In contrast to Zorro, who not only pretended to fight for justice and the oppressed people, but also had a nice sense of humor and wisdom, your lamentations are just boring and too obviously void of any real base. My suggestion to you:  Just ignore IC that you hate so much, and we will also ignore your new alternate blog. I am sure with your skills in setting up many different user IDs, you can keep endless debates with yourself on your new blog.

For now let me tell you, that it was not really fun reading from you, but gave me and many others an idea of the abysses of human logic.

Soosan Khanoom

Oh pleeease Admin , Civil discussion ??

by Soosan Khanoom on

Whenever this guy shows up there comes this army of commentators trashing him in no time.  They come one by one and proudly shoot him in the head and then all laugh together watching him bleeds but, still, this guy tries to abide by the rules.  Civil discussion my foot !  I have seen that those characters get the free ride but this one gets the boot!!     

Why the logo here is " nothing is sacred " ?  Why don't you change the logo? Seriously, mention that there are some things here that are sacred and we want you to follow the rules and not cross the lines on those particular issues. You are actually free to do so. You are the boss and no one can argue with that.  This way it would be more fair and would definitely cause less headache for the management.  



And the ad hominem attacks are comical and ridiculous

by Sassan1 on

Just because someone is not anti-Semitic and not anti-Israel does not make us Jewish. That is an inherently anti-Semitic position to take all in itself. Frankly, most Iranians have no problems with Israel and we in fact share a common enemy: the Islamic fascists.

And guess what? Military conflcit with this regime is inevitable and we should all support it for the sake of a free Iran. Obama let the Iranian people down in 2009 and is letting the Syrian people down right now. Look at the mass slaughter in Syria. Do you want something just like that happening in Iran to the extent that it is? The Syrian people are shedding their blood for freedom on a daily basis and all you "stop-the-war" cowards see no problems with the brutal massacre of civilians - and of women and children.


my personal opinion

by مآمور on

In terms of how the owner(s) want to run their business, it would be -as mr mousa would say- their 100% undeniable right to do what they think it is the best for them!!

In terms of fairness to people in the forum, my experience has been a positive one, meaning couple of my comments got deleted, but I think, my hand had slipped on those!!

I wear an Omega watch

Mohammad Ala

Dozen times? How about hundred times?

by Mohammad Ala on

Please list examples of what you refer to as profanity and personal attacks.

Dozen times?  How about some bogus members attacking others hundred of times?  Why are they still posting?

Please publish the rules and explain WHY some people are featured daily twice (rain or shine) and others are ignored. should be considered lucky not to be sued for personal attacks of bogus members on real people.


Z and Zs

by admin on

This person has been blocked under different usernames because of flagrant abuse, including profanity and personal attacks. A new name is not a new person. Every user who has been blocked has had the opportunity to come back and comply with the simple rule of civil discussion. A dozen times is more than enough.