Why My Brother is Blocked?


Why My Brother is Blocked?
by salman farsi


I went away for few days and when I come back I see my good brother Freethought111 is blocked! I know  it is pointless to ask for reasons. The "admin" of Iranian.com is above the level to answer such questions! But in the short period that I have had the pleasure knowing Freethought111 I did not find anything objectionable in his writings that would make him a candidate for being blocked. He was posting evidence-based comments, so rich in content, so factual and in such a fluent English. He has shown the peace loving face of Islam like no other contributor on this site. Some may say that he has an issue with the Baha's faith. OK I accept that but then hundreds of contributers on this site have an issue with Islam and other faiths like Judaism or ideologies like communism.  The language that is particularly used against Islam is so vile and disgusting that had it been used against other faiths and ideologies, the abuser would have been hunted out of this site  in no time. I myself have been the subject of frequent and ferocious personal attacks and abuse as well as my faith been cursed and condemned number of times beyond I can count. And all these attacks because I have said that ISALM IS NOT REPRESENTED BY THE REGIME OF IRAN. I have shown facts and evidence for my words but there are still so many of you who hate me for even suggesting that the regime of Tehran is not Islamic. Why? Challenge me if you can but don't dismiss Islam without listening to the facts as presented by the other side.

Freethought111 has been saying the same thing in a much better lanuguage with irrefutable fatcs and figures. Each of his comments is like a well researched scholarly written paper worthy of appearing in quality journals and publications. Yet he is blocked but those who come up with frequent F-words against his or my belief system are protected under the meaningless motto of "Nothing is Sacred". It seems that to the "IC admin" there are certain things which are more scared than others. The chronic inconsistency and discriminatory policy in applying this empty motto is revolting. The case of Freethought111 and a few others give credibility to the idea that Iranian.com is promoting certain agenda to serve certain grouping and organization. That is fine. Please go ahead and do it but please don't claim that there is a consistent and impartial policy at work here. While there are bloggers (and I won't mention names) who are blogging anti Islamic pieces on a daily basis with total impunity and and are using harsh expletives against peace loving muslims, others are knocked off the website for coming up with rebuttals to such accusations.

I know that Mr Javid is no longer the owner of this site (sold it to a group of investers) but he is still the controller of the site. I also know that he calls himself an athiest. Fine! No problem! But even an athiest controller can be fair unless there are other hidden agendas that we are not supposed to know.

Finally, I am sure many of you will tell me: if you don't like it why don't you butt out? Well, I have got some news for them. I am here to stay for as long as the controller allows me to. In short:



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gorbeh pashmalo

More than being offensive, Salman Faris, It's embarrassing and .

by gorbeh pashmalo on

shameful, when one talks about Islam, its teachings, and its historical characters and culture!
People correctly and rightfully conjure up murder, repression, pedophilia, barbarity, and everything evil when you talk about Islam and its history! Frankly, when I meet or see Muslims at work or on the streets, I don't want to associate with them or even get near them and I am not even a racist and I was born in a Muslim family!
Do you get it?



by Simorgh5555 on

Have you ever noticed why Jahanshah/Admin never give you a reason as to why a user is booted from the site? It is taken for granted that you are familiar with the rules of conduct and civilised discourse on this site so the onus is on the individual to reflect on his/her actions as to why they have been banished.

I think what Jahanshah is trying to say is that you should know. Its not for me to tell you. 

Recently, I was booted out for over a month. I did not argue with the decision or make excuses to defend myself. I knew the things I said were in infringement of the user policy. I acknowledged I was at fault and I was kindly let back in with a promise to behave myself. 

If I could change the rules to allow me to use expletives against some users here (who clearly deserve it)  then I would gladly do so. However, I can´t because its not my site and I have to play by the rules. 

You don´t have to like it.  Accept it.

salman farsi

Salman was the first Persian muslim

by salman farsi on


I have always respected him because he "chose" to be a muslim as opposed to being forced. Don't forget that he was a true Persian. So he had the best of both worlds if you like. Now if some people regard him in different light that is due to their biased views. Rajavi joined the racial enemy of Iran meaning Saddam. Islam has no racial enmity against Iran, Yes Arabs misued Islam and give it a bad name after they conquered Iran but that was not the fault of Islam.




 SF: Why did you choose

by vildemose on

 SF: Why did you choose the user ID name "salman Farsi", rather controversial name, don't you think?

 Did you do this to provoke the infidels?? Don't you know this very name is affront to many Iranains? The in-your-face selection of such a provocative ID, bordering belligerency, leaves me  doubting your credibility as a muslim or someon who is looking for peace and democracy..

Why not call yourself Masood Rajavi?? He did the same thing as salman...

"There is enough in this world to meet every man's need but not every man's greed." --Gahndi

salman farsi

Brothers Comment and Roozbeh Gilani

by salman farsi on


My popularity is for all the wrong reasons I am afraid.  but thanks for your goodwill comment.


Brother Roozbeh


My namesake before I converted to Islam :)

I cannot speak for brother Freethought as I am sure he is far more able than me to defend himself. My point was about "consistency" - the C-word. There are many people who in your words are inciting religious hatred against Islam and are never blocked. That was and is my issue. Otherwise I donot condone for a second inciting relogious hatred.

For an Islamic democracy


Your brother, "freethought..", could be prosecuted & jailed....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

In most western  democracies, for systematically and persistently inciting religious hatred against people of Bahai faith, using various user ID's, and pseudo intellectual BS of arguments,  on public internet sites such as iranian.com. 

Your brother should consider himself lucky and for that matter thank the site admin for this ultra liberal and tolerant internet site of iranian.com  for merely blocking him, once again ....... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

salman farsi

I am afriad there is a mistake brother VPK

by salman farsi on


Many people, including yourself, have called me a traitor for choosing Salman Farsi as my username.  There are other "brothers" and "sisters" who went beyond calling me a traitor. I don't wish to talkaboout it but they were not refering to the historic figure named Roozbeh later Salman. They had the real user, meaning me, behind that name in their words and in their minds.

For an Islamic democracy


Fifty two comments in a few hours

by comments on

All I can say is Salman is a popular figure in here.  Fifty two comments in a few hours!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Regarding Salman

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Folks we all know that SF is not the real Salman. He would have needed to live for over a thousand years! Therefore anyone calling the "real" Salman something is obviously not referring to the poster. 

They are referring to the original Salman and therefore not violating the rules. I hope I am getting this right unless there is a mistake in my logic. We may insult historical figures but not other poster.

salman farsi

Thank you brother Pendar

by salman farsi on


I really didn;t want to become popular. The reason I changed my avatar is that many of my brothers and sister like brother Disenchanted  mistakenly took the former avatar as the Saudi flag which it wasn't. Saudi flag is green with an Arabic sword underneath the wordings of La Elaha Elallah whereas my avatar was the global flag of Islam from which the Saudi flag was copied. I was getiing tired of explaining this difference every few days, hence the change.


But thanks for your advice all the same. 

For an Islamic democracy


Thanks Reality-bites for the bite of reality!

by Disenchanted on


   Aha! If people can change color and come back then I wonder what happened to that fellow "Sargoed"?!

 I am certainly not sweating right now as there is a breeze on my back :-), nonetheless I maintain the fact that we need folks to add substance to the discussions (albeit unsubstantiated :-))!

     Plenty opinions, short on facts on this site! I guess we have to wait and see what would be the new username and new avatar :-)

      I guess his new username would be "recurring thought" instead of Freethought! :-)

salman farsi

Replies to my brothers and sisters

by salman farsi on


Brother Divaneh

Thank you for calling me by my name and thank you for having the decency to acknlowledge the fact that I have been subject of abusive comments of which I only shwoed you one. 

Sister Soosan Khanom

You are and such a kind soul and thanks for interceding for me.

Sister Yolanda

I am here to show the human and real face of Islam. No matter how many people go against me I will continue with my personal mission. But I too am a human being and at times I feel sad and lonely. I can't avoid it.

Sister Anahid


Please show me a single instance where I have defended the IRI. Haven't you read my blog. I defend Islam not the IRI. To me the IRI is anti-Islam, anti-Christ if you will.


Suster vildemose

I would be very proud if I sounded like Freethought but alas I am not hald as knowledgeable as he is. I still don't know ehy you think I have an "implicit" agenda. You must have a inner knowledge of my mind that I don;t have. Please expalin.


Brother Samsam

I have never dreamt of bashing anyone last of all teh Kianis. If I have said something to that effect it may have been a misunderstanding. But I must say that I cannot not bash Arabs either. Arabs are not the same as Islam and vice versa. Thank you you are a noble Iranian.

Brother Tavana 

We are all spritual children of one God, hence brothers and sisters (in spirit). 

Have I missed any one? Please forgive me if I have.

I do mourn the absence of my dear brother Freethought and hope that one day soon he is returned here.  


For an Islamic democracy


"Do you like my new avatar?"

by پندارنیک on



I usually don't do this [putting my nose where it doesn't belong, that is]:

Be careful with the perils of falling for the popularity contest in this site. Don't ever give in, my brother or not...........



by Reality-Bites on

Freethought has been banned from IC a number of times before, under several different usernames/accounts, for similar reasons.

Don't sweat it. He'll almost certainly be back under yet another username, recycling the same old comments dripping in his usual bitter and hate-filled style, because, among other things, he loves the attention.


No more Saudi flag avatar for SF!

by Disenchanted on


      Congratulations everyone! Saudi flag? Yak!


It is a shame...

by Disenchanted on


       Despite the fact that I usually find myself on the opposite side of  argument with Freethought I think he was a valuable addition to the discussions on this site. We need to enrich the discussions on this site and he was a good representative of his view points.

    Admittedly and unfortunately he was coming across as bitter and personal in his attacks and I guess using vulgarity at times. Perhaps he was given warnings few times and ignored them! Irony of it is that he was preaching peace, unity and sprituality at times!


salman farsi

Do you like my new avatar?

by salman farsi on


By popular demand I changed my avatar to something more Iranian. It shows the most hallowed verse in Qur'an, In the Name of God Compasionate and Merciful written in the shape of a bird of peace. Thanks to Persian calligraphy, Are you happy now?


For an Islamic democracy



by Tavana on

The 'Peace' definition for 'Islam' is an invention by the ignorants thousands light years away from its true meaning in Ghoron. Islam is simply a 'DEEN' with its own unique code placed in every human 'DNA' by GOD capable of changing its carrier "from within." Such transitional changes ordained by GOD will bring the ever lasting turbulence with absolute 'no resting peace'  to a genuine believer's heart. A heart over saturated with passion with the love of GOD & with the disgust for lies, corruption, injustice, servility, cowardice, serfdom, slavery and all other social ailments. The standing up & fighting against those chronic disorders are the 'Jihad' aspects of the 'DEEN.'

PS: Which 'Piece' of that 'Peace' allows for a namely follower of Islam on IC to call everybody a brother/sister indiscriminately???? 

Soosan Khanoom

my cooment was flagged and removed ..

by Soosan Khanoom on

Oh please Not again ... I was just talking about U.S history ...

This is so much fun .....  lol

PS ... I agree with jj " Fohsh o bad o biraah tahvil mardom nadin " 

I have probably been guilty as charged but Salman is really a nice guy and he is polite .... come on everyone , give him a break ... let him preach just change the channel if you do not like it.



Edited version javadshah

by SamSamIIII on


see salman, you are lucky that javadshah's problem with your type is merely tactical & with folks like me is "fundamental" ;). he is indeed your brother.

attack the message & not the messenger. 


Blogs are different than comments. It is my iranian.com's constitutional right to emit gas @ all anti-kiaan ommaties, hezbollahis, , omarollahis & arabophiles daily rozeh. So in short my advice on the subject is to stay clear of profanity in comments , do not comment on comments unless retorted & focus on the message & not the messenger.

& half-brother Salmoon; I,m kind of a spiritual person myself. You seem to be a genuin non-political Muslim & I personaly have had no issues with you & your jigg in Islam & spirituality yet draw the line in the sand when your promotion of Islam turns into a kiaan bashing Iran bashing Arab-supremist's fanatical orgy which u have done in a few occasions & I,ve stayed quiet  outta respect for your relative polite conduct in general. So as long as you stay focused on Islam & stay outta my jurisdiction we can get along just fine in parralell universe.   kind  Regards!


&please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your brother freewhatever111.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

Anahid Hojjati

Brother "SF",

by Anahid Hojjati on

Please accept my congratulation and condolence on the loss of your brother.


Brother Salman

by divaneh on

You could have flagged that comment if you wanted. You have however done what I would do. I do not flag any comment because any profanity is evidence that the commentator has not learnt to tolerate other views. From my point of view not only it does not belittle you, but it shows your wisdom not to respond to it.

Thanks to you I have now seen it and it does exist.

Anahid Hojjati

"Brother" SF, don't be surprised

by Anahid Hojjati on

if people don't like your comments. You defend the criminal IRI and most IC contributors hate this regime. What is that saying, "you sleep in the bed that you make" or something like it.


Brother Majous

by divaneh on

No, I have nothing against Arabs, but it does not mean that I approve of looting and ravaging of Iran by the desert Arabs who accompanied their brother Salman. Likewise I have nothing against any Mungolian, but it does not mean that I praise the Jenkes Khan and his invading army every morning and night.

The poets and the scientist that you have named are Iranians and would have appeared under any system but I don't want to start a long discussion on that issue. Finally, I have no problem with anyone announcing their beliefs. I just tried to let you know why you feel lonely.

salman farsi

Brother Divaneh you are not all seeing all wise

by salman farsi on



How about this as a sample. I wouldn't have referred to it was it not for what you wrote:



For an Islamic democracy


 Second I preach teh faith

by vildemose on

 Second I preach teh faith that gave us Hafez, Saadi, Rumi. Fredowsi and Ibn Sina...

If you really believe that then I have a bridge I'll like to sell you. 


This explains  your implicit display of  religious intolerance for other faiths and views as if your truth in the only one in the world...You sure sound like freethought reincarnation, btw.

"There is enough in this world to meet every man's need but not every man's greed." --Gahndi


Dear JJ

by divaneh on

Like you I believe in the freedom of expression. I did in no way say or meant that anyone including SF should not express his/her opinion. I just wanted to let him know why he feels so lonely.

Also, despite what SF claims, I have not seen a single profane comment against him because of his religious beliefs. I don't say that it does not exist, but I have not seen it.

salman farsi

But it can't be

by salman farsi on


Because I AM your brother :) 

For an Islamic democracy

Jahanshah Javid

By the way

by Jahanshah Javid on

Salman... I aint your brother :)

salman farsi

Brother Divaneh

by salman farsi on


First of all, if you are anti-Arab why do you use their terminology? This is conflicting point number one. Second I preach teh faith that gave us Hafez, Saadi, Rumi. Fredowsi and Ibn Sina. Do you have problem with that? 

For an Islamic democracy