I need one million signatures, are you going to join me?


by ramintork

The aim of this campaign is to make it illegal for an EU country to buy fuel from a country that does not adhere to the UN Human rights charter.

The Lisbon Treaty is about to come into effect, and new light is being shed on what it means when it talks about the Citizens’ Initiative.

Ordinary Europeans will have a direct influence on EU policy-making.

At this stage it is not clear if the one million signatures that have to be collected are suppose to be from the same country however this is an initiative to start this campaign.

The objective of the campaign is similar to the fair-trade principle where the rights of the small farmers are protected by unethical practices, but in this case it is the rights of the citizen of the fuel producing nation that will be protected.

If you are sick of totalitarian oil states that hold their citizens under lock and key then please join this campaign.

I intend to publicise this where ever I can, this is actually related to the Green movement, the objective being that the pressure is created by EU citizens on their Governments in theb way trade is conducted not just with Iran but other Middle Eastern countries that suffer from the abuse of Human rights.

The Campaign is effective for EU Citizens becuase from legislative point of view the 1 million signitures should be from those citizens but to publise it the following petition has been setup.

Even if we don't get all signitures it would raise awareness.


Finally, it is clear that we need an Iranian organization for Europe, one which would have Human rights in Iran as a top mission rather than an organization interested in becoming a lobby for business interest of any particular group. Such a group would have to be non-partisan. If there is such a group please enlighten me, if not then somehow we have to take the initiative and at least for the objective of this campaign start one.





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