Positive characteristics of Iranians…

Mohammad Ala
by Mohammad Ala

Here are several:

Iranians are khasis… oops, wrong thread. 

Iranians are humorous. 

Iranians are hard working people. 

Iranians are successful immigrants.

Iranians are romantic.

Iranians are polite.

Iranians love their culture (literature, philosophy, etc.)

Iranians are well educated.

Iranians are nationalistic.

Iranians are successful entrepreneurs.


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iraj khan

Iranians are wise people

by iraj khan on

they have fought back and survived many attacks by the invaders of their land.

Iranians are not 'Vatan Foroosh' unlike those on this website who are hoping for a military strike by Israel or U.S. against Iran.

Iranians are peaceful nation and their actions during the last 100 years prove it.  

Mohammad Ala

Positive thread . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

AO jan; there are many threads about negative aspects of IRI, Iran, and so forth.  I mentioned let us keep this thread to positive issues or characteristics.  What I listed comes from the experiences of people (Iranians and no-Iranians) who I have dealt with.  Here is another positive: //www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?s=cb0f9a29f4c5e0ccfeaaeeed64b6d597&t=351718&page=424


Anonymous Observer

We are not a caring people

by Anonymous Observer on

If we were, we wouldn't have hundreds of thousands of street children. Do Sweden and Denmark have street children?  I believe the answer to be no.  So, they must have much better quality poets!  And you are ocrrect, Mr. Ala.  We are well traveled.  Because we are a selfish people who take advantage of our wealth to enrich ourselves.  That is, of course, those of us who are rich and can afford to travel.   Average 50% of Iran's population lives below the poverty line:


When was the last time a wealthy Iranian in Iran paid taxes so that the money could be used toward social services--may be even get some of those kids off the streets who sell you flowers and gum at intersections, and sleep in the streets?  People in culture-less Europe do so.  

So much for being a caring and cultured nation!  We need new poets! 



OK Mr. Ala

by JahanKhalili on

I'll focus on the good things.

I don't agree that Iranians are a phenomenon in science or education.

The good I see in them is that they have a collective identity (which is denied to white Americans), they are polite, they go out of their way for their friends and family, and can be very considerate and fair.


Not to mention that...

by JahanKhalili on

... American Indians were also into torturing their captives.


Mr. Ala

by JahanKhalili on

I didn't say that rednecks "discovered" the wildnerness.

They tamed it.

American Indians didn't tame it. They were in it. They also developed nothing, and that's why they were conquered. They couldn't compete with whites, because they had no technology, and weren't advanced.

As for their defeat being unfortunate, Iranians have historically had blood on their hands for much longer than white American rednecks.

Iranians conquered natives everywhere the Persian empire expanded. They ruled through fear and repression, just like everyone else. 

They invented barbaric inhuman tortures such as this, which rival anything practiced by any other race or people:


I would say that they fine ones to condemn anyone, when they are unwilling to face their own violent and bloody history. 

Mohammad Ala

Yes, WE CARE.... Thanks everybody...

by Mohammad Ala on

Doostan, thanks for your comments and good suggestions, sorry I cannot mention all of your names.  Overall, Iranians are good hearted people.  YES WE CARE should be our motto. 

Jahan jan;  you contribute everything positive to your mother’s side (white race) and anything negative to your father’s side.  You mentioned… rednecks discovered wilderness... did you forget native Americans?  Who killed native Americans and bragged about them?  When I was doing my doctorate degree in Louisiana, one doctoral student (whose name I will not forget) told me that not long ago his father used to go hunting Indians, I could not believe what he said.

Back to the topic of this thread:

Iranians are well travelled.  I have seen 47 USA states, for example.   JJ is a good example too.

Iranians are spontaneous.

Iranians are energetic.

Iranians are passionate people because of what several people have criticized (our dead poets). Iranians are caring people..


Anahid Hojjati

Google to the rescue. Why even US industry values poetry/poets

by Anahid Hojjati on


 I agree with TL where she wrote:"I also struggle to see why an interest in one field or subject should be at the exclusion of others."

Dear JL, do a Google search. Pick a company like Boeing and search for "boeing Poetry". then you find out that captains of industry in US value poetry too and you will see their reasons for it also.

Sorry, TL, are you still on your Google strike? 

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

The scenario you describe is totally alien to me.(But it also shows that a curious mind would want to know what the thought process behind such a response is.)I also struggle to see why an interest in one field or subject should be at the exclusion of others.

Anahid Hojjati

poetry should have magic not be used as a chomagh

by Anahid Hojjati on

power of poetry is best displayed when one appreciates its magic rather than when it is used as a chomagh. using poetry as a chomagh is when someone does something and you keep saying that what was done is wrong because Molanaa said so hundreds of years ago or hafez said so. Magic of poetry is how after more than 35 years, I remember how my literature teacher taught us this bayt;

"yaghoot labe lale to yaghoote mara ghoot

  yaghoot naham name labe lale to ya ghoot"

that taught me how poetry could play with words and made language learning to be more fun than just some boring class. Another magic of poetry is after more than 30 years, I can still think of days that I read "koocheh" by Moshiri as a teen and how I felt. Now for JK, he still remembers the aghrab incident but for mnay Iranians, their memories of their lives are best kept when they remember songs, poems, books they were reading when they were certain ages and how it made them feel and how it shaped their thinking. Like as a young girl, what was it like to read Forough poetry, or what was it like to read Farokhi Yazdi or Lahooti when Iran was going through revolution,  etc.



by JahanKhalili on

Sorry AO. My bad!

Oh dude, I have a hilarious story.

After I had caught a scorpion, some Iranians standing around quoted some stupid poetry about scorpions to me, telling me that the scorpion stings because its in its nature - there, it says it right there in that poem or literature verse (or whatever it was).

Its nazri (according to that source).

So I couldn't say a damned thing about why scorpions sting, because they had it already figured out from some old poet or other. 

Anonymous Observer

JK- I was being facetious dude! :-))

by Anonymous Observer on

I like art and don't mind poetry per se, but Iranians put too much emphasis on it.  Too much to the extent that they claim poetry as their accomplishment in lieu of scientific curiosity.  

And I agree with Anahid.  It should be enjoyed in private and as a form of entertainment, like reading a good book.   



Bits of Iranian Poetry I've Come to Appreciate...

by JahanKhalili on

... have been appreciated in private. Yes.

For example:
هرکسی از ظن خود شد یار من

از درون من نجست اسرار من 

This contains a truth that I've come to appreciate on my own. 


Poetry Night?

by JahanKhalili on

My attitude towards that stuff was the opposite of yours. (Unless you're being sarcastic). I mostly couldn't give a crap about Iranian poetry.

It was so borring, sitting around and listening to Iranians talk, or quote their dumb poets.

That's when exploration came in.

When I saw they were all suitably distracted with their favorite and only subject, I made my escape and went outside!

I caught in Iran all kinds of stuff that those conceited fops had never laid eyes on. 

I still have pictures of the stuff.

I keep thinking to myself: you know, how stupid can people be to not even care about what's in their own country? 

Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO, if you ask me, Poetry is best enjoyed in private

by Anahid Hojjati on

where I live in the Bay area, there are always classes going one, someone teaching Molana on Thursday nights, other one doing Hafez tuesdays, literature class on Sundays but to me,  literature is such a private affair. Nothing like reading poetry by yourself and enjoying it. Who wants to go a gathering of many who most of them have little knowledge of poetry and listen to their annoying comments? it is best to read poetry on one's own. The only poetry reading that I have enjoyed have been when some new poet was reading and I actually happened to like their poems and then I could buy their book. or in Iran, during revolution, sometimes, there was opportunity to listen to people like kasraii read their own poems. otherwise, everyone knows the great poets and there is lots of information about them available on the web. One does not need to shall va kolah koned so they can go listen to a novice talking about Molana when web offers wealth of info on all the great poets.

Anonymous Observer

That may be JK - But have you ever been to a "poetry night?"

by Anonymous Observer on

Dude, you attend one of those things, and you forget about discovering a swimming pool, let alone an ocean!  Iranians have been experts at it for at least the past few hundred years.  You get together, light the fireplace, sit on the floor, lean against a decorated pillow, bring in a couple of bottles of wine, a pretty woman perhaps...crack some "pesteh" open and read Divan-e-Hafez until the cows come home.  You may even possibly reach "irfan."  

That's what life is for the super intelligent, know it all, "irfan" reached people.  Fuck that grunt "exploration" shit.  That's for barbarian, culture-less Europeans and Americans.  We are superior to them.  We read poetry and sell oil...oh, we also pray a lot and beat our chests for some guy who died 1400 years ago.  Yeah, we're so good... 


That's What White People Are

by JahanKhalili on

They're trail blazers.

They discovered and explored every area in the world.

They explored every continent.

They explored both the North and South Pole.

They explored the depths of every ocean and body of water - including your Persian Gulf.

They reached outer space.

Iranians didn't even explore their own damned country. 


Rednecks Cleared the Wilderness in America

by JahanKhalili on

If not for them, there would be no farmland, and no cities, and no tame liveable area.

They conquered this country.

All who came afterwards and who can concentrate on making money without worrying about being scalped by Indians or being devored by human carnivores or starving to death in the wilderness, owe them a great big "thank you"!



by JahanKhalili on

It was not only white people who made America great, and who built it; it was white people who built every OTHER country, as well.

You won't find a power plant, hydroeceltric damn, or highway in the world that wasn't built using their technology or know-how. 


JahanKhalili & Rednecks -

by cvaughan59 on

J. C. Vaughan

I don't think it was really redneck whites who gave America its success. It was the acceptance and use of science and technology, and not using religion like a hammer against the people, but as a supportive belief system (I say: no one can really live without God/Allah!). In fact, the rednecks could be called the Ahwazi Arabs of America, it is just that their contributions in cooking, music, culture are accepted and treasured. I am still learning Farsi and about Iran, so I don't know how big Ahwazi contributions to Iran really are (or are not). 


How about half-Iranains with "Baldrick looks" - LOL

by anglophile on

Here are some of their "positive" points:
  • Jealous of full Americans
  • Jealous of full Iranians
  • bad in Farsi (hence getting someone else - Hakim - to write for them)
  • bad in English!! (well American really - a dichotomy)
  • can't get rid of that Iranian accent
  • insisting that  they are Americans - no body believes them
  • wannabe redneck - again no success here
  • no grasp of science
  • no grasp of literature
  • poor personal hygiene
  • bad breath
  • you want some more?



by amirkabear4u on

I did guess you will be here. 

You are contradicting yourself.

So you are just like other Iranians. Isn't that amazing, you learn something new. haha



by amirkabear4u on

you need to add this to your list;

Iranians are silent VICTIMS.

Fairness and Equality in Justice


Add to the list

by Rea on

.... the sexiest voice ever.


If a man is to be judged by his voice and his nose, ufff, shame on me. ;o)

Anahid Hojjati

Dear comments

by Anahid Hojjati on

i was joking about tahchin and tahdeeg but you did not get it.not only you did not get the joke .



by yolanda on



I would like to add that

Iranians are the bravest in the world!

Iranians are the most poetic people in the world!

Iranians are highly disciplined!

Iranians are friendly and hospitable!


They are not Khasis.

by comments on

"Iranians are khasis… oops, wrong thread."

Iranians are not economical, mean or thrifty.  They spend so much time, energy and money for their guests who could be a total stranger, and they might meet just once.

p.s. Dear Anahid: If an Iranian is good in cooking Tahchin and Tahdig, it won't be you.  So the answer is no, not necessary:)  You are correct about being teez.  As soon as the Tandoor is hot, we have to stick the bread.  

"It's not about what we believe. It's more about how we behave and influence." Comments




شما لایق این نیستی 


Roots of your white-western civilizations remains, Afro-Asiatic.

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

Melatonin is a relative element. Are you allergic to the sun? Look mighty pale. Anyone ever called you mighty whitey? Have you ever felt like a mighty whitey? Do you recall Aghay Ghatebeh? His honey-moon, going to Horn of Africa.


Yeah, go away خراب کردی


The word "Africa" indicates geography, not race - otherwise the ancient Egyptians would have been black, and wouldn't have made the first recorded racist law against black people.