Condemning Al Jazeera’s Distortions of Truth


Masoud Kazemzadeh
by Masoud Kazemzadeh

Condemning Al Jazeera’s Distortions of Truth

The report suffers from various problems.

Mossadegh was Prime Minister, not President. What kind of a moron makes this kind of mistake!!!!!!!!

The report interviews two great sources, but why the hell the report does not show what these great sources had to say about the role of the Shia clerics in the CIA coup in 1953???? This report is FISHY. It stinks. It is disgusting to hide the truth and engage in shameful propaganda.

Abrahamain on the role of Ayatollah Kashani:

In Nov. 1951, the British Embassy reported that Kashani was so disgruntled with Mosaddeq that he had put out "feelers" in many directions, including the royal court and the U.S. Embassy. "The Americans," reported the British Embassy, "have told us in the strictest confidence that he [ Kashani] has been in touch with them. His main thesis is the danger of communism and the need for immediate American aid."


Two weeks after the coup in an interview Kashani said that Musaddiq was guilty of high treason and had to be punished by death.

Khomeini and the coup

And this is the reactionary Khomeini on Mossadegh. Khomeini was happy that the CIA overthrew Mossadegh because if Mossadegh was not overthrown by the CIA, then Mossadegh would have undermined Islam.

Among those who closely worked with the CIA and the Shah during or after the coup are: Ayatollah Abolqassem Kashani, Kashani’s son, Ayatollah Mohammad Behbahani, Hojatolislam Mohammad Taqi Falsafi, Grand Ayatollah Brujerdi, and Fadaian Islam.

The CIA mobilized the Fadaian Islam, the main Islamic fundamentalist group in Iran at the time, infamous for numerous assassinations, including an assassination attempt on Dr. Hossein Fatemi, who was Mossadegh’s foreign minister, as well as a foiled plan to assassinate then prime minister Mossadegh himself. The day after the coup, Fadaian Islam’s newspaper described the coup as "an Islamic revolution,"1 and stated:

"Yesterday Tehran was shaking under the manly feet of the soldiers of the Muslim and anti-foreign army. Musaddiq, the old blood-sucking ghoul, resigned... under the annihilating blows of the Muslims... All governmental centers were captured by the Muslims and the Islamic army"

Grand Ayatollah Brujerdi

After the coup, Brujerdi publically supported the Shah, who badly needed support in the immediate aftermath of the coup. In his public cable, Brujerdi expresses "joy" to have received the Shah’s message and writes:

"To His Royal Majesty, may God protect his kingship... It is hoped that Your Majesty’s return to Iran is blessed [by God] and will be the cause of the improvement of religious objectives, the glory of Islam and the tranquility of the Muslims"

Hassan Ayat is one of the fundamentalists in the Majles Khobregan that wrote the fundamentalist constitution. Ayat wrote a book attacking Mossadegh. The Islamic Republican Party (IRP), the fundamentalist party wrote a preface to Ayat’s book.

The IRP provided a preface to Ayat’s book attacking Mossadegh in the following words:

"Many political parties and groups whose roots are linked with the obvious and not so obvious agents of Britain and America (e.g., the National Front)... and ten other groups had one thing in common which was their praise for Musaddiq... The martyred Ayat never walked the misguided path of the nationalists. Since his early youth, because of his correct identification of this satanic path and his familiarity with the real character of Musaddiq, Ayat launched a staunch struggle against Musaddiq and his followers"

In conclusion, this report is misleading. I condemn it. An HONEST report on the CIA coup should tell the TRUTH that the Shia clerics strongly and closely cooperated with the CIA in the 1953 coup against Dr. Mossadegh.

The question is WHY is this report refusing to tell the truth???????????????

Shame on charlatans.


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

کاظِم زاده جان... این روز‌ها هم سرمانْ شلوغ است و هم دل پریشانِ اوضاع ایران زمین هستیم،اما مطالب شما را حتماً میخوانیم.

حرف زیاد است و وقت اندک و دلِ درویش زود رنج ! خدا می‌‌داند تا کی این نا مَردان میخواهند مملکت ما را به بد بختی بیشتر سُوق دهند.هر چه میکشیم تقصیرِ خودمان است و بسْ !

میترسیم آخر کار اینها جنگ راه بی‌ اندازند و ایران را ویران تر کنند و خون بی‌ گناهان دیگری را به زمین بریزند،اینها که انسان نیستند و صد رحمت به گرگ و کفتار !

خدا تو را برایمان حفظ کند...

پاینده باشی‌.



by Mehman on

I read Dr Kazemzadeh's assertion and I did not find specifically what you say he said. May be he had another point or may be he was talking about the Kashani and Shaban bimokh. For Kashani too I don't think he said he was paid by CIA. He said indireclty Kashani helped the coup which is correct, but let us wait and see what Dr. Kazemzadeh says to clarify the point.




Mosadegh and Akhonds

by divaneh on

Complicity of Kashani in the coup that sold Iran to Britain and the USA is very clear. Shabon Bimokh was taking his orders from his master Kashani. The fact that Mosadegh who was a force for progress did not bow to Akhonds and did not allow their archaic beliefs govern the country makes him an enemy of every Akhond, be it Khomeini, Boroujerdi, Khamenei or any other turban head,


i ask for proof of khomeini, you have nothing

by Anonymous8 on

mr. kazemzadeh,

i say before. we have facts from cia declassifid documents. american agent kermit rossevelt has facts of who cia paid, who cia work with. it was thugs, rashidian, shaban bimokh, people acting communist,that is ur facts,


no proof of paying khomeini or khomeini work for cia, no proof, nobody saying it, only you are.  

I'm sorry you try so hard to lie about khomeini.
Ur video of khomeini said "they put glasses on a dog and said he was ayatollah" where is proof of cooperation with cia?

Please do not resor to lies.


Dr Kazemzadeh Aziz

by Mehman on


I am following your comments in 3 blogs and I would like to thank you.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ms. Shifteh Ansari,

I fully agree with you.






Shazdeh jaan,

I wrote this blog because I saw your blog on the subject. Like you, I am very upset at those who abuse history for their agenda of supporting the fundamentalist regime. Keep up your great work.

Best regards,





Dear Agha-irani,

You are welcomed. I wrote this blog in support of Shazdeh.



Masoud Kazemzadeh

more on the role of Shia Clergy on the CIA Coup

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Anoy 8,


We know for FACT that Fadaian Islam closely collaborated with the CIA in the coup.

We know for FACT that Ayatollah Kashani was in close contact with the British and CIA in opposing Dr. Mossadegh. Kashani’s son was directly responsible for the kidnaping, torture, and murder of Mossadegh’s Chief of Police gen. Afshartoos. Kashani’s son was close collaborator with CIA on the very day of the coup.

Photos of Kashani with Shaban Bi-mokh






We know for FACT that Ayatollah Behbahani and Hojatolislam Falsafi closely collaborated with CIA.

Behbahani and Falsafi were working for Grand Ayatollah Brujerdi. So was Khomeini.

Khomeini brought Brujerdi’s secret messages to the Shah after the coup.

In the video, Khomeini support the coup that overthrew Mossadegh.

Khomeini opposed the Shah in 1963 because of land reform and female franchise. This means that Khomeini is even more reactionary than the Shah.


Khomeini was part of Brujerdi’s network in 1953. This is what Bani Sadr says. He says that Khomeini was lobbying Brujerdi to make a fatwa supporting the coup.



on the role of Shia clerics on the coup










Dr. Kazemzadeh

by Agha_Irani on

Thank you for posting this blog.  NP also put up a blog about this piece but without any mention of the role of the akhoonds in being paid CIA stooges.

Anonymous8 - this includes khomeini  - everyone knows about Iran-contra - acquiring weapons from "the great satan" - the man was a duplicitous charlatan.


For a good laugh at the

by vildemose on

For a good laugh at the desperate farcical lengths regime propaganda can go (though so many here will swallow it whole):


Ah, unintended East German satire mixed with McCarthyism

Niloufar Parsi

the video

by Niloufar Parsi on

is about the media in iran. it excludes every other type of actor.

i agree with shifteh to some extent. al jazeera has a clear arab agenda that is not always sympathetic to iran.

but the video production company (moonbeams or something like that) is british, and is sub-contracted by aj. they are independent, and they have often been very critical of iran's treatment of the media in previous episodes.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

کودتای آخوندی-انگلیسی، با پول آمریکا

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Very nice piece.

The coup was the result of an alliance between the Shahists, the Islamists and the English ... funded by the Americans.

Because everyone was so afraid of the possibility of a Tudeh Party / Mosaddeg alliance!


CIA curried favor with

by vildemose on

CIA curried favor with Khomeini, exiles.

PBS / Bob Woodward

CIA curried favor with Khomeini, exiles.

[ 1986 ]The Reagan administration's secret overtures and arms shipments to Iran are part of a seven-year-long pattern of covert Central Intelligence Agency operations -- some dating back to the Carter administration -- that were designed both to curry favor with the regime of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and support Iranian exiles who seek to overthrow it, according to informed sources.

In 1983, for example, the CIA participated in a secret operation to provide a list of Soviet KGB agents and collaborators operating in Iran to the Khomeini regime, which then executed up to 200 suspects and closed down the communist Tudeh party in Iran, actions that dealt a major blow to KGB operations and Soviet influence there, the sources said. Khomeini also expelled 18 Soviet diplomats, imprisoned the Tudeh party leaders and publicly thanked God for "the miracle" leading to the arrests of the "treasonous leaders."

At the same time, secret presidential intelligence orders, called "findings," authorized the CIA to support Iranian exiles opposed to the Khomeini regime, the sources said. These included providing nearly $6 million to the main Iranian exile movement, financing an anti-Khomeini exile group radio station in Egypt and supplying a miniaturized television transmitter for an 11-minute clandestine broadcast to Iran two months ago by Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah Mohammad... >>>


  Clerics responsible for

by vildemose on

  Clerics responsible for the coup and the failed attempt at democracy



Sargord Pirouz

At most, this is a case of

by Sargord Pirouz on

At most, this is a case of sloppy journalism. 

Does this come as a surprise? The Western MSM is full of it, especially as it concerns Iran.

So point out the imperfections and move on. Don't jump to conclusions and get all bent out of shape, going off on one of those emotional tirades so typical of Iranian exiles.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

I used to like AlJazeera's independence, but AlJazeera has increasingly sided with Islamic Republic of Iran, losing that independence.  I have seen some fishy programs with Riz Khan where he has sounded just like he works for Islamic Republic of Iran.

One of the reasons AlJazeera is suspect is how frequently they use Dr. Mohammad Marandi as their "expert" on Iran affairs.  Do we expect that moron to offer any true analysis about anything?  Obviously, AlJazeera does, and hence my lack of respect for them.


HE never collaborated with CIA!!!! this is a LIE!

by Anonymous8 on

mR. kazemziadeh, where is ur proof?

ur video says "they put glasses on a dog and said he was a mullah", where does it say mossadegh? where does it say he work with cia?

khomeini never work with cia, and kashani was against communist but did not work for cia. we have documents from kermit roosevelt that he paid thugs and chomaghdaran to act like communist, no proof he paid kashani or khomeini. 


do you have proof?

Masoud Kazemzadeh

R2-D2 jaan

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

R2-D2 jaan,


I saw the interview with Mohammad Amini.  It is an excellent interview.  I agree with much of his analysis.




Watch This

by R2-D2 on


Perhaps Al-Jazeera

by Aryana-Vaeja on

Is sleeping with the mullahs just like the BBC once did.


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Zoroastrian prayer