Rise of anti-Semitism, sure outcome


by Jaleho

The only certain result of Israeli savage assault on Gaza Strip would be the rise of anti-Semitism around the world. With Israel, and many Zionists working hard to equate Zionism with Judaism, and defending Israeli crimes as that of a Jewish only state representing Jewish values, the savagery of Israeli state unfortunately would be translated around the world with savagery of the Jews. It would make Jews and Jewish centers around the world less safe. This would be the sole certain outcome of the Gaza assault, similar to what happened in the war of Lebanon. What other outcomes might be there? Let's see:

Ehud Barak might be dreaming about a personal boost in internal Israeli politics by the Gaza mayhem, but if the Israeli death increases, even he would lose on his dream. Israel itself would lose big by any criterion which defines an Israeli  "victory." For Hamas, the mere survival will clearly be victory, and survive it will! Just like Hezbollah did and got stronger in Lebanon.

Israel can hit hundreds of targets in Gaza, can kill hundreds of women and children in Gaza in the name of killing "Hamas," but Israel will not be able to destroy either Hamas or its rocket firing capabilities. They will spring right back! And, that is the single criterion that would define an Israeli defeat. Other outcomes of this vicious assault:

--Rise of anti-Semitism throughout the world as people who identify Zionism with Judaism (thanks to Israeli propaganda) will resent Israeli atrocities,

--The more widespread hatred of the US around the world since it blocked again a cease fire similar to its futile blocking of a cease fire in Lebanon war,

--the weakening of pro-Israel groups in the US in their futile attempt at defending Israeli crimes as "self-defense" at the expense of America's image around the world,

.....in short  the world got one historical step closer to the inevitable demise of the criminal and illegitimate State of Israel. Pathetic Israeli  genocide won't be able to defy its historical destiny for long, no matter how many innocent it kills and calls it, "the only language they understand."


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Yes, Israel sucks for killing children and women

by mehdi mezloom (not verified) on

This bloody regime does not have an iota of humanity in it. No wonder jews are hated universally.


IranIrooni & Xerxex

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

You guys are so right. IRI stinks and Hamas are evil. I blame Islamic Fundamentalist for all of our problems.



by Xerxes (not verified) on

You are right. I hate Hamas and IRI to. This blog from Jaleho has awakened me. Now I see the truth!


I hate Hamas!

by IranIrooni (not verified) on

I love Israel! Hamas & IRI are evil.


A bit late ayhab

by Zion on

Already addressed and debunked:


Anony Iranian 123

by capt_ayhab on

It is not matter of who killing who. Condoning any type of killing is inhumane and criminal. 

Point of the matter is that Israelis have used utterly disproportionate force to target the civilians. Their criminal acts has been going on for years by blockading Gaza and systematically starving women and children.

One of the most criminal acts Israelis have committed, among many others is use of weaponry called DIME [Dense Inert Metal Explosive]. These weapons, besides being criminally inhumane, are RADIOACTIVE as well, which in long term will cause cancer among victim.

[..Upon detonation of the explosive, the casing disintegrates into extremely small particles (vs. the shrapnel which results from the fragmentation of a metal shell
casing). The HMTA powder acts as micro-shrapnel which is very lethal at
close range (~4 meters or 13.1 feet), but loses momentum very quickly
due to air resistance, coming to a halt within approximately 40x the
diameter of the charge. This increases the probability of killing
people within a few meters of the explosion while reducing the
probability of causing death and injures or damage further away.
Survivors close to the lethal zone may have their limbs amputated (as
the micro shrapnel can slice through soft tissue and bone) and may
subsequently contract cancer
(rhabdomyosarcoma) from the HMTA micro-shrapnel embedded in their body tissue..]



capt_ayhab [-YT]


What Israel is doing is war crime against humanity, that's

by MRX1 (not verified) on

what this thread is about not Iran or IRI. I have changed since last week and I condemn the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians. IRI and my opposition to it is a different matter and I will explain it later.


To Jaleho: convey the following message to your beloved

by Bachehay e Iran (not verified) on

ای کاش دل کسی هم به جوانان و بچه های ایرانی می سوخت . مثل اینکه مردم فلسطین بچه هاشون از آسمون افتادند که ضحاک زمان جناب ژنرال تک دست این همه سنگشونو به سینه میزنه. اقای خامنه ای یکم خجالت بکشی واست خوبه.

Anonymous Observer

How Funny!!!

by Anonymous Observer on

Jaleho is concerned about the "Rise of anti-Semitism".....Hillarious!!!


Mazloom, Torah stories used NOW!

by Jaleho on

Mazloom, you said this about Torah's savage and archaic stories:

"...Believe me, I read plenty of that garbage in it original language of Hebrew. THE DIFFERENCE however between this book, and the Quran is, Jews have condemned these passengers (rape, murder, and robery) long long time ago. In fact many of those tenats have been outright outlawed in Israel ..."

Mazloom, you repeat this nonsense but when I gave this very relevant example of how Israel's chief Rabbi has used precisely those savage stories as a basis to convince Ehud Olmert for a Gaza massacre, you ignored the post and went elsewhere to repeat the SAME garbage like a parrot who never heard the counter-argument! You have no answer to follow up your own question to me? Here was my answer to you:

In fact, here is a 2007 verdict by Israel's chief Rabbi making killing of civilians in Gaza as kosher according to Jewish religious laws, and it is sad to see the Israeli brutes actually doing exactly the same thing a year later!!



"Eliyahu ruled that there was absolutely no moral prohibition against the indiscriminate killing of civilians during a potential massive military offensive on Gaza aimed at stopping the rocket launchings.

The letter, published in Olam Katan [Small World], a weekly pamphlet to be distributed in synagogues nationwide this Friday, cited the biblical story of the Shechem massacre (Genesis 34) and Maimonides' commentary (Laws of Kings 9, 14) on the story as proof texts for his legal decision. "

For those interested, here's Genesis 34, Shechem massacre:

Briefly, Shechem sleeps with Jacobs daughter, likes the adventure and wants to marry her. Jacob's sons are angry that their sister is taken like a whore (harlot). They tell shechem that they can not give their sister to uncircumcised men (as is typical with Torah, a good chunk of problems in the world is the infatuation of Israelites with that small part of male penis). Shechem convinces the entire town to circumcise to get Dinah, yet the Jacob sons trick them and massacre the entire city anyway! This is the WISE archaic Torah story that in 2007 Israel chief Rabbi, Eliyahu, uses to convince Ehud Olmert to conduct a massacre in Gaza Strip:. click and read this page:



When Muslims killing Muslims it is OK, but

by Anonymous Iranian 123 (not verified) on

When Muslims killing Muslims it is OK, as we saw in Iran/Iraq or Iraq /Kuwait war ,but when Jews are killing Muslim every body's blood starts to boil.This is not to say I am in favor of Israelis killing of Palestinian because I am not,but all I am trying to say is that we should not blow things out of proportions and get all hyper excited.



by Moses (not verified) on

If we sign that rocket shots by Hamas on Israel is a criminal act. That killing Israelis is as bad as killing Palestinians.

Dast as saremoon bar midari? If yes, I’ll create a petition blog right now!



by Hajminator on

I know a great mathematician who emigrated from Israel because he couldn’t accept what Israel does to the Palestinian people. His views are fortunately not so isolated than that and there are many other Jews who disapprove what’s going on in Gaza.
We, who have suffered from amalgams made between IRI and our Iranian identity, have to be careful not to confuse between extremist groups (Zionists, Islamists, KKK, ...) and their religious beliefs.


to: "here we go again"

by IRANdokht on

Gaza Death Toll: 600+ Palestinians, 7 Israelis

In case you're wondering, I am sad for all those who lost their lives and everyone who's suffering. 

I am also appalled by the use of chemical weapons. "War" is barbaric enough without being tilted and tinted! 

Human tragedy and suffering bothers me, how about you?



Israel should kill all Palestinians

by Dehkordi F. (not verified) on

if you ask me.



by samsam1111 on

Pal, this character has done this on another blog copying your nick name , which I objected & brought to site attention as unethical .


  This is done as a sort of intimidation tactic among others to harrass patriots on this site & I know who the person behind it is but can,t disclose it since my comment will be deleted by all mighty crowd . the same person uses many other anonymous ID,s to attack patriots . btw* think about it! ..it,s not an accident ..MRX1 is not such common name, how & why would some one  use it other than make a point to you (as they have done to me) to be quiet . cheers pal !!!



your right. here we go again

by here we go again (not verified) on

more lip service from very subtle IRI supporters. you keep on and on about Israel bombing civilians. do you deny that hamas bombs civilians? but i don't hear you talking out against THEM???? do you deny that hamas has bombed innocent people???? no, why deny what is so obvious to everyone. anti-semitic and iri supporter!!!!!


Hamas has failed. it is time they stepped down

by Sultan Al Qassemi (not verified) on

Hamas has failed – it is time they stepped down. Regardless of the outcome of the barbaric Israeli Operation Cast Lead, one thing is certain; it is high time for Hamas to step down as the keeper of Gaza. This is where people will object and remind us that they were democratically elected. My answer to that is: Yes, but they are incompetent.

Most of us in the Middle East still believe that incompetence is a trait exclusive to dictators such as Muammer Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein and Jamal Abdul Nasser. However modern history has proven that democracy and incompetent governance aren't mutually exclusive. For example, George W Bush and Mikhail Saakashavili were both democratically elected and yet they are responsible for disastrous wars.

Clearly, Hamas has not mastered the art of politics, and as the veteran British journalist Robert Fisk recently noted, they do not have the military discipline of Hizbollah. Hamas also baulked at the opportunity of reconciliation that was brokered by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia last year and didn't mend the relations with Fatah that may have allowed them to take partial control of the vital Rafah crossing with Egypt.

Then there was the audacity of Khaled Mashaal, the Hamas supreme leader, who called for the launch of a third intifada from exile in Syria.

Mashaal wakes up in the safety of Damascus, turns on the television, reads the paper and then says live on Al Jazeera TV – where else? – that "we want armed resistance, a military uprising to face the enemy". Couldn't he smuggle himself into the Gaza Strip to be with his resistance fighters?

That resistance has for many years been funded by donations from wealthy Arabs in the Gulf, among others to cover an annual budget that the US Council on Foreign Relations estimates at million. Despite such sums, Hamas has hardly managed to amass a significant arsenal or military capabilities.

All it has to show after all this time and money is little more than long-range fireworks that it launches into neighbouring towns but which do more damage to its own image than to any infrastructure in Israel.

Ultimately Khaled Mashaal, who declared from Damascus that the resistance "has lost very few people" as the body count approached 434, displayed the same arrogance as the Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, who unashamedly declared only last Thursday that there is "no humanitarian crisis in Gaza".

Many thought that Gaza and the West Bank were inseparable entities until Hamas's bloody takeover of the Strip in the summer of 2007 damaged that notion. Their 18-month rule is marred by lawlessness, extra-judicial public killings and gang warfare that is more reminiscent of Somalia than a civilised state.

Time magazine reported on the violence that followed the takeover then: "Gangs have tossed enemies alive off 15-storey buildings, shot one another's children and burst into hospitals to finish off wounded foes lying helplessly in bed."

Last week, Taghreed El-Khodary of the New York Times reported that Hamas militants in civilian clothing again resorted to killing wounded former inmates of Gaza's central jail who were accused of collaboration with the enemy. These unproved "collaborators" were executed in public even though Palestinian Human Rights groups repeatedly claim that "most of these people are completely innocent". Hamas seems to be either unable or unwilling to stop such extrajudicial executions.

Additionally, on the first anniversary of Hamas's takeover of the Gaza Strip, the Christian Science Monitor found a lack of medicines in hospitals as well as of clean drinking water in the territory, and raw sewage streaming into the sea. And this isn't because Hamas's dignity prevents it from meeting the enemy.

Hamas's vast propaganda machine around the Arab world mysteriously fails to report on the meetings between its members and Israeli government representatives. For example, after a 90-minute meeting with an official from the Israeli state electricity company in order to sort out the town's electricity needs, the Hamas-affiliated mayor of Qalqilya told the BBC about the meeting: "It was civil, without any problem between him and I."

Where do you think Ismail Haniya, the Hamas leader in the Strip, gets his electricity from?

By any standards Hamas has failed miserably. It has failed in peace, failed in governance, and moreover failed in war. In addition to Hamas's ambiguous political agenda, their goal seems to be resistance for the sake of resistance, a quagmire where the journey really is the destination. It is time for Khaled Mashaal to step down and allow more competent leaders to emerge before he causes even more damage to his cause. The question is if Hamas leaves, what is the alternative?

In fact, the only good thing that can be said about Hamas is that they are not Fatah.

Sultan Al Qassemi is a Sharjah-based businessman and graduate of the American University of Paris. He is the founder of Barjeel Securities in Dubai


OPEC to ignore Iran oil supply cut to supporters of Israel

by Toodahani (not verified) on

January 05, 2007
Simon Webb

DUBAI, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Core OPEC oil producers in the Gulf would ignore Iran's call for Islamic countries to cut supplies to supporters of Israel in response to the Israeli offensive in Gaza, an OPEC source said on Monday."There are no plans to do this and I think it is very unlikely," the source told Reuters.

U.S. crude CLc1 rose to a two-week high over a barrel on Monday on concern that Israel's assault on the Gaza strip could involve other Middle East countries that produce a third of the world's crude.

An Iranian military commander on Sunday said Islamic countries could use oil to put pressure on Israel's European and United States backers. [ID:nDAH458420]

Iran, which often rails against the United States and Israel, is the world's fourth-largest oil producer and a leading member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC).

OPEC's most influential member Saudi Arabia and neighbours Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are regional allies to the United States.

The rise in oil price was due to international political tension rather than any firming of oil market fundamentals, the source said


HISTORICAL warning of the surge of anti-Semitism

by Jaleho on

I agree with DK in putting a real weight on the lessons of history. May IDIOTS learn a belated lesson from it. For the sake of present argument, dangers of a surge in anti-Semitism that can be ignited by dirty deeds of Israel, let's read President Wilson's prophetic warning in 1918, and note how long before the rise of Hitler it is.

The following is a part of Wilson's speech in reaction to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 debating the authorization of giving away Palestinian land to create State of Israel. This speech is made in July 4th of 1918, prior to the King-Crane Commission of 1919:

"If the principle is to rule, and so the wishes of Palestine population are to be decisive as to what is to be done with Palestine, then it is to be remembered that the non-Jewish population of Palestine- nearly nine-tenth of the whole- are emphatically against the entire Zionist program...No British officer, consulted by the commissioners, believed that the Zionist program could be carried out except by force of arm....a force of not less than fifty thousand soldiers...itself is evidence of the strong sense of injustice of the Zionist program...For the initial claim, often claimed by the Zionist, that they have a "right" to Palestine, based on an occupation of two thousand years ago, can hardly be seriously considered.

There is a further consideration that cannot justly be ignored, if the world is to look forward to Palestine becoming a definitely Jewish state, however gradually that may take place. The consideration grows out of the fact that Palestine is "the Holy Land" for Jews, Christians, and Moslems alike. Millions of Christians and Moslems all over the world are quite as much concerned as the Jews with the condition in Palestine, especially with those conditions which touch upon religious feelings and rights. The relations in these matters are most delicate and difficult. With the best possible intentions, it may be doubted whether the Jews could possibly be seen to either Moslems or Christians proper guardians of the holy places, or custodians of the Holy Land as a whole. The reason is this: the places which are most sacred to Christians- those having to do with Jesus- and which are also sacred to Moslems, are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them. It is simply impossible for Christians and Moslems to feel satisfied to have these places in Jewish hand, or under custody of Jews...In fact, from this point of view, the Moslems, just because the sacred places of three religions are sacred to them, have made very naturally much more satisfactory custodian of the holy places than the Jews could be. It must be believed that the precise meaning, in this respect, of the complete Jewish occupation of Palestine has not been fully sensed by those who urge the extreme Zionist program. For it would intensify, with a certainty like fate, the anti-Jewish feeling both in Palestine and all other portions of the world which look to Palestine as "the Holy Land".


بي شرمي ملاهاي سياه باز

ايرانيكا (not verified)

از تارنگار آتشكده

بار ديگر حوادث غزه و بي شرمي ملاهاي سياه باز ايران مرا واداشت تا دست به قلم ببرم. مايه تاسف آنجاست كه سر مردم ايران و جهان را با حوادث غزه گرم كرده اند و پنهاني سرگرم فعاليتهاي صلح آميز هسته اي هستند!! سران جمهوري اسلامي امروز براي غزه پيراهن مي درانند، عربده ها مي كشند و در اوج بشردوستي (!) نقش دايه مهربانتر از مادر را براي كودكان فلسطيني بازي مي كنند. اما براستي كيست كه نداند پشت پرده همه اين خيمه شب بازيها دست جمهوري اسلامي و سران خودكامه اش قرار دارد؟

گروهك تروريستي حماس اين همه موشك را از كجا آورده است؟ و اصولا فرق حماس با جنبشهاي فتح و مجاهدين الاقصي چيست؟ چرا آنها موشك ندارند و چرا حماس موشك دارد؟ چرا جمهوري اسلامي سعي دارد وانمود كند كه قصد اسراييل نه پايگاههاي حماس در غزه كه كودكان فلسطيني است؟ سران حماس اگر براي مردم فلسطين مي جنگند چرا در بين مردم بي دفاع پناه گرفته اند؟

يك سوال ديگر: چرا كشورهاي عربي سكوت كرده اند؟ يك تحليلگر مسائل سياسي حرف خوشمزه اي مي زد. از يك طرف مي گفت اسراييل مي خواهد ريشه اسلام را در منطقه خشك كند و از طرف ديگر در جاي ديگري از سخنش مي گفت اعراب هم با اسراييل همنوا شده اند تا اسراييل "كودكان فلسطيني را قتل عام كند".

اين تحليلگر مسائل سياسي (!) گويا كمي حواسشان پرت بود و از قرار معلوم مقرري اش را هنوز پرداخت نكرده بودند! اگر قصد اسراييل خشك كردن ريشه اسلام در منطقه است كه بايد خدمت ايشان عرض كنم ما كاتوليك تر از پاپ نيستيم! اسلام از ميان اعراب برخاسته است و حالا اعراب دست در دست اسراييل داده اند تا ريشه اسلام خشك شود؟!! قضيه فراتر از اين تحليلهاي كودكانه و البته ناشيانه است. نه كشورهاي عربي و نه هيچ كشور ديگري خواهان كشته شدن كودكان فلسطيني نيستند حتي خود اسراييل. آنكه باعث كشته شدن كودكان فلسطيني است نه سران عرب هستند نه اسراييل و نه آمريكا. اين سران جمهوري اسلامي و در راس آنها "رهبر مسلمين جهان" است كه جان كودكان فلسطيني برايشان پشيزي هم ارزش ندارد و اين همه اشك تمساح براي اين است كه خود را بي گناه و دشمن فرضي را "ددمنش، جنايت پيشه و خون آشام" معرفي كنند.

البته با حجم گسترده تبليغات مي توان مغز يك مشت عوام را شستشو داد و خود را طرفدار سينه چاك حقوق بشر جا زد اما ما كه ميدانيم دود و آتش در غزه از گور چه كسي برخاسته است. امروز همه دنيا مي داند كه ريشه اصلي فتنه ها در لبنان و فلسطين و افغانستان و عراق و ساير كشورها در كجاست. خطاب به اين كبك هاي خوش خيال! بايد گفت خود را به كوچه علي چپ زده ايد و گمان مي كنيد كسي سر از كار شما در نمي آورد. حتي اعراب هم دشمن خود را شناخته اند و شگفتا كه امروز ما و اعراب دشمني مشترك داريم! البته تعجبي هم ندارد; حيوان دردنده خو دشمن انسان است چه اين انسان عرب باشد و چه ايراني.

شكي نيست كه كودكان غزه هم چوب جاه طلبي و حيوان صفتي شما را مي خورند. حماس را تحريك مي كنيد تا قرار داد صلح را تمديد نكند و موشك بر سر شهرك نشينان اسراييلي بريزد و علي رغم مهلت 48 ساعته اي كه به تروريستهاي حماس براي توقف موشك پراكني داده شد، وقتي اسراييل در مقام دفاع از خود بر مي آيد واويلا سر مي دهيد و وجدانهاي بشري را به بيداري دعوت مي كنيد! آيا شهرك نشينان اسراييلي انسان نيستند؟ لابد فقط شما و برادران شما در تشكيلات حماس و حزب الله و جناب حسن نصرالله انسان هستيد؟

گلچيني از بزرگترين دانشمندان جهان يهوديان اسراييلي تباري هستند كه در دانشگاههاي اسراييل دور هم گرد آمده اند و به تدريس و تحقيق مشغولند و كمتر نشريه معتبر علمي را در جهان مي توان پيدا كرد كه دست كم يك مقاله از آنها منتشر نكرده باشد، اما شما انگلهاي اسلامي چه؟ چه گلي به سر جامعه جهاني زديد كه اين همه ادعا داريد؟ جز ترويج ترور و كشتار و بربرمنشي و لجن پراكني و البته عوام فريبي هنر ديگري هم داريد؟!

الحق كه در اين موارد و مواردي از اين دست كه شرح آن مثنوي بلند بالايي مي شود، گوي سبقت را از هر بني بشري ربوده ايد. توقع ديگري هم از شما نداريم; از كوزه همان برون تراود كه در اوست. وقتي برادر نصرالله سخنانش را با نام نامي "امام خامنه اي" آغاز مي كند كدام كودك ساده لوح مي تواند باور كند كه شما در حوادث منطقه نقشي نداريد؟

وقتي جناب احمدي نژاد مهره دست نشانده "امام خامنه اي" صراحتا از نابودي اسراييل سخن مي گويد تكليف روشن است. موضع شما موضع خميني است و موضع خميني يعني موضع جمهوري اسلامي و موضع جمهوري اسلامي يعني خط مشي و استراتژي او. معلوم است كه شما نبايد از صلح در خاورميانه خشنود باشيد چون نه چشم ديدن اسراييل را داريد، نه اينكه در يك خاورميانه عاري از خشونت مي توانيد به جاه طلبي هاي خود جامه عمل بپوشانيد، نه توان اين را داريد كه توجهات را از وحشيگريها و سركوبهاي داخلي منحرف كنيد و نه خوراكي براي رسانه هاي عوام فريب خود داريد. پس خاورميانه بايد در خون و آتش باشد تا شما به اهداف خود دست يابيد ولو بهاي رسيدن به اين اهداف خون مشتي كودك بي گناه باشد.

نقشه هاي شما منحصر به اسراييل نيست. در عراق چه كسي به شورشيان سلاح مي رساند؟ اصولا "اين شورشيان چه كساني هستند؟ آيا نيروهاي شاخه قدس سپاه يا عوامل مستقيم آنها نيستند؟ در افغانستان چطور؟ همين چند وقت پيش بود كه پليس افغانستان از كشف مين هاي پيشرفته ساخت جمهوري اسلامي در كنار جاده ها خبر داد؟ اين مين ها چگونه از افغانستان سر در آورده است؟…راستي كار بمب هسته اي تان به كجا كشيد؟ خون كودكان بي گناه در اقصي نقاط جهان هم فداي اسلام ناب محمدي شما كه با بمب اتم زودتر گسترش مي يابد!

چه خوب بود پاي حزب الله را هم به ميدان غزه باز مي كرديد تا هياهوي بيشتري ايجاد شود و مساله هسته اي جمهوري اسلامي تا محو كامل اسراييل با بمب اتم مسكوت مي ماند! شما آنقدر كودن هستيد كه "دولت" اسراييل را با "نظام" لب گور خودتان مقايسه مي كنيد و آقاي احمدي نژاد مي فرمايند اسراييل در سراشيبي سقوط قرار دارد!

برويد و به اين فكر كنيد كه چگونه مي توانيد دولتهاي عربي همسايه را با خود همدل كنيد بلكه قدري زمان بخريد...آمريكا و كشورهاي اروپايي پيشكشتان. بسيار ديده ايم كه جناب متكي به عربستان تشريف ببرند اما اين رفت هيچ وقت آمدي نداشت! البته يادم هست كه همين چند وقت پيش امير قطر به تهران آمد همانطور كه يادم هست جناب امير در نيويورك در همايش اديان هم تشريف داشتند. پس دست از اين نمايشهاي مسخره برداريد و برويد به سمت ونزوئلا و نيجريه و بوليوي و ...ساير ملل فوق پيشرفته جهان (!) كه آنها هم عاشق دلارهاي نفتي ما هستند نه چشم و ابروي جناب احمدي نژاد!

نظام شما عجيب مرا به ياد شاهان بي كفايت قاجار مي اندازد...روزي دل خوش به اين دولت و روزي به آن دولت تا بلكه جلوي قواي روسي مقاومت كنند غافل از آنكه ناپلئون بنا به مصلحت و منافع خودش تصميم مي گيرد! يقين بدانيد كه خون بي گناهان روزي دامنتان را خواهد گرفت و آن روز براي پشيماني ديگر خيلي دير است.


Please post things under your own name

by MRX1 (not verified) on

I noticed several postings in here under my name which is not done by me. I know there is no way of proving or disproving who did what, but I appreciate folks to use thier own signature. if you can't even come up with your own user name or afraid to post under your user name, clerly what does that say about some of you guys? truly dissapoinintg....


who is DK's paymaster? I want to know too

by Anonymous-yes (not verified) on

When the pro Israel criminal defenders run out of logic in the face of their inhumane view points they end up with childish, cheap and stupid comments. Who pays who? But what about Iran? But .....

We are against the barbaric actions of the zionist jews in Israel. Zionst jews have broutght war and destruction to the world. People of the world are waking up and protesting aginst this crime. What do you have to say about this? Don't change the subject.



by who's the paymaster (not verified) on

u said "I simply regret that some of our fellow compatriots here have double standards when it comes to voicing their outrage against crimes against Humanity which essentially serves their major purpose and that is to banalize history and overlook Iran's clear and equal responsability as much as Israel in this tragic escalation ... "

They do not have double standards, the simple answer is Iranian mullahs pay, Israelis do not pay. It all comes down to dollars, euros, pounds, pennies, etc., etc.


Jaleho, I respectfully disagree

by ghalam-doon on

In the city where I live, there is a very large Jewish community. You suggested that they "dislike bloodshed in particular when done in their names.” That’s exactly what is happening right now. The state of Israel, a Jewish state is murdering innocent people in the name of Jewish people. And what is the reaction that we get from the Jewish community? It's either silence or the garbage spread by the people like the ones you mentioned in your comment.  Do we see them protesting against these crimes? Are they constantly on the talk shows condemning these atrocities? Hardly. 

I know there are a lot of respectable Jews and Jewish organizations who voice their opposition to these crimes, but they are in minority: a very small minority indeed. They even have a name for these people: "self-hating Jews."

We should hold anyone who supports these atrocities accountable, no matter their affiliations. But do you really think if the majority of Jews in North America or Europe were against the Zionist entity, it could survive for even one day?

Jews have suffered so much throughout history. Unfortunately they suffer still by their actions and by the support they throw behind Israel. You’re quite right, they’re brainwashed. And they’re constantly brainwashed to see the whole world plotting against them. We should end this suffering by telling them that as long as they support the Zionist entity, and as long as they don't wake up to the reality of Palestine, the conscientious people of the world are against them.


Mehdi Mazloom

Mammad - You are STILL living in the lala land.

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Before responding to your convoluted post let me clarify few thing to the larger audience here.

ZIONISM - For the sake of allah, and that might enchilada. many of you out there are still in the dark caves of human progress. Still calling Israelis or Jews "Zionists" long after it was dropped from Israeli cultural and modern day life.

Get a life will you?. Zionism was a mere political movement born in  1900. It had one, and only one mission - Provide a homeland to Jews, where they can be safe from persecution. IT ACCOMPLISHED IT OBJECTIVE, and gave way to Israeli nationality and sovereignty.

Do you ever hear Israelis call themselves "Zionists".

On which planet some of you live?. This type of backward thinking which keep many of you in the dark ages of human development.

Now, let me handle you agha-ye mamad.

You wrote:

Since you told us about the raging debate in Israel about what is bad
and what is good about the Old Testament (and I have no reason to
disbelieve you), can you also tell us what Israeli settlers in the West
Bank - those who could not make it in in Brooklyn, Russia, and elsewhere

1. I did not write "raging". rather a mere public polemics.

2. One of the central issues debated in Israel (and has been for decades now), is "who is a Jew". What are the criteria by which a person can be define as a Jew.?. Perfectly a legitimate question.

3. Israel is an open democratic society. Except for matters of National security, There are no sacred cows. Anyone can express his / her opinion as they please. Period.

so they went to the WB, stole the Palestinians' lands, and made a comfortable living for themselves there .

You do not impress me with your rhetoric. Get it in you head mister (or miss). Although personally I do not support further expansion of settlement in WB, nor the ideology of those right wing Israelis. These Arabs who only after the 6 days war, they started calling themselves "Palestinians", NEVER legally owned these land.One can not STEAL anything from another person to which he did not own it in the first place. Arabs had lived, and worked the land, yes. Legal ownership - Nop.

That is why the land in WB is declared a "disputed land". (I still think we should give 95% of the WB to Pals for their new state)

In fact the land was owned by 3 gorups, none of which these "Palestinians".

1. The Ottoman Empire which owned the majority of the land

2. Wealthy absenty Arab (Effendi) land owners, whom still live in Cairo, Damascus, EU and N. America. In turn they were leasing their land to these "Pals" peasants share crops.

3. Remaining 7% was owned by the Jews who paid for the land with hard cash money. (It is all well documented and confirmed even by Arab leaders themselves.  These Jews bought swamp land. Rolled their sleeves and transformed them into what it is today. 

Harry Ford. He is part Jew, part Irish catholic. If he choses to identify himself as a Jew, perhaps he has a good reason for it. Look how much Jews have contributed to the development of US all throughout the last 200 years, then you will understand his motives.

Darius Kadivar

IRANdokht Eh ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

You are putting words in my mouth. Oh so I meant Iran and not the IRI ? What are you suggesting that I am for Bombing Iran too ?

Downplaying Crimes ? Who is downplaying crimes by equating the Holocaust and a disastrous Military Operation ? Equating Nazism and Zionism ?  

Zionism is Triggered by Paranoia and Fear !

Nazism However was triggered by Pure Hatred.

We are speaking on a Historical level and not just one military operation however condemnable.

Too bad you fall for simplistic arguments of Jaleho and Co ...

Anyway got to go. I am sure we will be having more debates like this in the future ... ALAS !



this might help you and

by observer3 (not verified) on

this might help you and others

we need definitions then i tell you

1. jew a man who follows old testament and follows Moses and worships and does nto lie kill or hurt anyone and believes in the ten commandments

2. a Zionist a jew who is fanatic and he thinks he is special and chosen and must get everything in life and his his kind is the only ones going to heaven

3 a semitic a Sami which is really arabs and jews but poor uneducated westerners only use the term when it comes handy

so here if anyone is attacking a religion such as hudaism, he is immediately wrongly called antisemitic. If he attcks arabs's religion the same term cannot be used because zionists emphasize that no one outside the religion can come in, so they consider self as a race. so they mix race and religion although saami is semitic and it precludes arabs.
so if anyone hates islam and judaism, then he cannot be anti semitic but rather anti religion.
anyway i hope this helps. Here most of the people attack violence and ideas of war and what leads to it and the outcome might be. so you cannot call them antisemitic. how can an arab be antisemitic, but a persian who hates let's say arabs or so called jews( if they really zionist) then he is antisemitic. don't forget that persians or iranians do not hate jews, they hate radicalism and zionism that says take the land and life of those who do not allow you to take the land.
have a good day


If it's done to Palestinians/Muslims it's not a war crime

by Anonymous-yes (not verified) on

A war crime is a war crime is a war crime. Hiding one's head into sand is not going to change the facts. The whole world is in a state of shock by looking at the helpless faces of Gaza children under the constant bombardment and this DK guy is preaching us about morality!

He thinks nobody can see through him and detect his support of the worst kind of atrocities known to humanity only matched by Mongols, facist and Nazis. Your true character is exposed well by your trying to change the subject and blame the victims.


Here we go again...

by IRANdokht on

Darius jan

Every disagreement doesn't have to become personal! call me a moron or tell me I am not as intelligent as you thought, it's ok, but please don't tell me that because you don't agree with Jaleho's political views, you think you should downplay the crimes that are being committed in front of the world's eyes! 

I also believe that Saudi Arabia is supporting Hamas financially. How come they're not being blamed? 

You didn't just acknowledge a fact here, you downplayed the crimes against humanity by trying to compare it to other criminal acts and pointed your finger towards IRI (actually you said Iran) to justify Israel's actions. That's too much justification if you ask me. 

I thought you cared about human rights more than that...