Hey Europe: You thought you were better than USA?

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek
by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear Europe,

You stalled it for as long as you could, but less than 2 years later, you are still a bunch of debt slaves like the USA. China might not own as much of your debt as they do for us Americans, but now you're still owned by banks. They bailed you ought like any good devil would, promising prosperity and stability. Get ready to be taxed like you've never been taxed before. You gotta pay back those good guy banks.

You're still on top in some arenas. Your children get a free higher education, keeping them away from the student loan sharks. I'm not sure what will happen when these grads will start to default on their loans. The fun is just beginning. 

Good luck to you Europe. Enjoy your bailout and your bank buddies. Make sure to be good and abide by those wholesome, honest sanctions on Iran! You don't want to piss off the USA police! They will taser you =). Don't do trade with Iran, the bad guy, because you should actually trade with WTO approved slaves in Mexico and guatemala and Sri Lanka!

The world is a beautiful place! Viva la bankers. 


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

lol architecture and beauty

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

i never said europe is ugly. it's beautiful. however, it is enslaved by the same banking fascism that the US is. We don't even have socialism nor did we get to enjoy a glimpse of it lol. We ran to fascism so fast that our heads are still spinning. Hooray for funding war and failing banks!

Bailing out those banks does give us some guarantees: future money crises! Get ready and tell your kids what's coming when they hit middle age =) 

When Bush sent out his first stimulus checks, everyone thought "haha OK mr. bush, I'll go to Disney as you ask." Then they realized their dollars were worthless. 


Vive l'Europe !

by Rea on

As for the bankers, pretty much the same on both sides of the Atlantic.


Europe is beautiful

by sag koochooloo on

Architecture, art in France and Italy, capital cities and the culture are magic, there is so much history, etc etc. Food is great. People are varied and gorgeous ... ... education system is great, Oxford and Cambridge Universities in UK are the best ... yes the banks failed and there are problems, but there is nowhere else I'd want to be.

"Have a nice day!!" as they say in the U S of A.



by timothyfloyd on


maziar 58

I've to agree

by maziar 58 on

With Red Wine;                                                                                                             For some one that has lived there for several years 78-83 and  still have brother and sisters living there presently.............

every time we exchange words I would wish ..........


Red Wine

قطعاً اروپا از آمریکا بهتر است

Red Wine

قطعاً اروپا از آمریکا بهتر است...در هر زمینه که خواسته باشید..میتوان دلیل آورد ! حال شما به اروپا تشریف بیاورید،به یک کلوب جاز می‌رویم و شرابی می‌خوریم و در موردش بحث می‌کنیم :) .