And the monarchists wonder why...

And the monarchists wonder why...
by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

I do think it's great that Iranians of all stripes are getting involved in the protests abroad. What has been disappointing is observing Darius Kadivar and others who are rushing to promote Reza Pahlavi, at a time when people who are putting their asses on the line deserve support and attention much more. Why are you promoting his videos at a time when the relevant videos are coming out of Iran, NOT THE National Self-Promoting Club in Washington, DC?

I won't say I'm surprised by Reza Pahlavi's rush to stand in front of the White House and offer photos of him with his fists pumping through the air. He's always been waiting for the day. That's what he deserves credit for: WAITING. Taking no risks. Making no effort besides the seasonal Fox interviews about Iranian fanatics and their threat to world peace. Khaste nabashid! 

Reza Pahlavi, let me be clear, these students and young adults are not risking themselves for a lazy, privileged person like you. You're only known because of who your father was, and your complaints about homesickness. Many of us lost family because of what happened in Iran. Many miss "home". For years though, you only networked with warmongers and others who said this day was impossible.

When I saw the video of you crying in front of the cameras over Neda, I was ashamed for you. How can you do this? Is it ethical? She was just standing on the street, not protesting, never imagining that Reza Pahlavi would one day mention her to get press coverage. How shameful this is turning out for you. Please gather what dignity you still have and put an end to this charade. Please don't attach yourself to these youths in Iran. You are doing more to spoil it than you can understand.


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I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

You can judge for yourself about Reza, but don't judge ME

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

just because I don't trust his gestures/tears about this crisis. 


No time....

by Souri on

Sorry in this critical time, I really don't have so much time to waste on RP, but quickly:

If there was a way to discover which politician is saying the truth, which one is pouring the crocodile tears, which one is sincere....etc, etc, we would not have so many wars and protestation and conflict in the whole world.

One thing you guys might have forgotten here is that : Even RP is a human, he is a father (of three girls) and also he is an Iranian, before everything.,

Although I have never gave him any credit  politically, but I find your objection very much unfair now.

Let people of all kind, express their sorrow. What is this picking attitude of  who should or should not do this and that and when they should do it and when they shouldn't? Give the people room, would you?

This green movement has never been attached to RP, neither it has been attached to you guys living abroad. Are you now playing their lawyer?

anonymous fish

Well said

by anonymous fish on

Marge.  To the point yet not insulting.  Too much of that going around.  I'm sure your feelings might be more passionate but you are extremely thoughtful and thought-provoking.  Not the usual Marge...:-)

Help me here.  We were talking about him the other night.  My question was... does he really think that he's got ANY chance of ruling Iran or is this just smoke-blowing to garner some attention?  What IF he was offered the chance to rule... do you think he would leave the comfies of the US to take a chance in Iran?  In other words, regardless of the support that DK might have for him... is any of it really relative?


Blue Haired One

by capt_ayhab on

Excellent write up, you should email it to him. I did write him a long email and basically telling him the same stuff.

Thanks and regards

-YT for NEDA Daughter of IRAN


As one (a very respectable person) use to say

by Bavafa on

"Faheshe ham inghadar bevaghar neest" 

Even prostitutes are not so shameless