رادیو بین المللی فرانسه: این نژاد آریائی، تعریفش چیست؟

by HollyUSA

Many Iranians (pardon me, Persians!) like to think of / refer to themselves as 'Arya'ee'. I can see why, but I've also often wondered what the heck all this really means and have never really been given a reasonable answer. So I found this piece very interesting. I hope you do too.


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SamSam khan

by HollyUSA on

I said EXACTLY what I meant in the blog's intro. To further clarify I believe this whole Aryan blah blah of yours and your clan to be a racist facist stance.

When I say I niether said I agree or diagree with this particular gentelman, it refers specifically to what he is saying on this clip. Do be so blatantly opportunistic. My views against the Aryan supremacy BS stand.

Your resorting to reference to cooking and recipes when faced with a woman speaks volumes on your true mentality which I have to say I am surprised by. I may have had many impressions of you but nowhere did such backwardness fit in. Then again, perhaps given everything else,  I shouldn't be so shocked.




by SamSamIIII on


"...I never said I agreed or disagreed with this guy.." 

Say what madam? , Guess it was the fairy godmother who wrote this blog :) . Retraction is always good in absence of an argument or proof to back one's initial amateur claimes . Good decision & stick with the cooking recepies , it,s safer , less complicated & doesn,t require a post-publication tobeh naameh . & since you stayed half-civil I,m going to be a gentleman that I am and stop frying your Einollah historian . Happy cooking & best wishes ;)



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Mr Fateh

by Souri on

LOL, no I have nothing against the Jews. I think what Hitler did to them was in fact Shameful! But when I talked about "the shame" I meant the way they have been humiliated by the Nazi during the war. They never forgive it to the world, no matter how much they pretend now that they do !

By saying that the Jews take themselves for the "Cherished people of  GOD"  I mean: they always say that "ghome Yahoud aziztarin ghome dar chashm khodast" . Did you never hear  this from a Jew? I did, many times.

I am not against (or for) any religion or race. When I say "the Zionist" or "the Israeli historians" I don't mean the Jews in general! As in regard to the Aryan's race, I am from the same school which Holly said below: 

"I just don't deny my heritage as an Iranian, based on my likes and
dislikes. I accept it all as is, Ancient Persia through and beyond
Islam and all. If I could pick and choose I would, but that's not


SamSam jan and FFF

by HollyUSA on

SamSam jan,calm down bro. I never said I agreed or disagreed with this guy. I just don't deny my heritage as an Iranian, based on my likes and dislikes. I accept it all as is, Ancient Persia through and beyond Islam and all. If I could pick and choose I would, but that's not realistic. It is what it is and I have no delusions of changing history.

I'd also love to read what you REALLY have to say but as usual your post in unnecessarily long, accusatory and diluted with jibberish. I will read it later.

As for "yes there is always special interest groups who wish to interprete history as they see fit," I couldn't agree more and that also applies to you and your group. And it is a shame no matter who is doing it.


FFF: To chi migi agha? This is about Aryans/Persians and you are Sephardic. No confusion there is there?? Or is there??!


Suri & Holly

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Suri khanoom, I am curious to know what you mean by "The Jews (who have always considered themselves as the superior human being) never forgave the shame which Hitler threw to them."

Hilter threw a shame to the Jews? Whats that mean?  By killing several million of them, he showed them they are not really chosen?

You are not attending online "Jews should be wiped off the face of the earth" taught by M. Ahmadinejad are you?  All I can say is wow. 

Holly, I am not surprised you found this interesting. People with your frame of thought generally are better aligned with Arabs.


Refutation ;

by SamSamIIII on


Aryan pride among ancient Iranian tribes was a rightious pride & not a racial pride over subject natives.

Hollyusa khanoom, Rebuttal?. Yes , I can refutate his baseless claimes by typing lines after lines of memorized or copied facts & research done by the likes of renowned Prof Will Durant, H.G.Wells,Minorsky, Lewis, Frye, Edward Brown..etc . 

I can even bring you tales of ancient Iran & her many IndoEuropean tribes by contemporary Romn & Greek such as Herodotus, Thucidides, Xenophone, Amanius or priscus about Iranic tribes such as ; Scythians(Saka-Sag-zian) who joined  their cousins Medes to bring Assyrians down & spread all over Slavic Europe , Caucusian Irani tribe of Alans who parted under their later vassal king (Ard-Alan II) to join Vandals to create the 1st Burgandy kingdom among Franks(France), Sarmatians whom Balkans seek their lineage to, Daha, Saka, Kermania, Iberians, Medes, Pahlova(Parthians), Albans or Persians whom Amanius called "...Fairer than Greeks & somewhat darker than Romans" or whom Priscus described as "..those green eyed, red headed Persicus Rascals of the east..".. etc.

But you know what, History is a book better read from the middle & I,m not going to start preaching the ABC of our heritage in a comment section of a ommatie propaganda blog for folks who have no intention to change their close minded view of that glorious legacy no matter what amount of facts you present to them.

But as a parting shot for you giving you a sincere benefit of the doubt , I am going to bring a few verses from the ancient pre Sassanid sacred Zand Avesta in which it recites & idealize the shared racial memory of this ancient motherland of all Iranian tribes before their migration into Iran around 1200/1500BC ;

Aryan migration of ancient Iranians per Avestan scripture;


"..The scenes of our youth, like our past and the land of our Airyane Vaejah(seedland of  Aryans), are always beautiful as our lost paradise, even if we cant live in them ever again for the coldness(Ice age) we suffered at the hands of Ahriman ...."

As translated from the Vi-Daevo-Dat & ancient Vendidad Avestan scripture which fascinated European orientalists in the turn of 19th century of it,s vivid account of ancient aryan lands of Iranans;

When Yima's rule extended to 300 years, then the Aryan land had prospered so much that the land became full of cattle, men, dogs, birds and red flaming fire (the fires kept burning in the house of every Aryan). Place could no longer be found for cattle or men.

"I made this known to Yima, and he proceeded towards the south, towards the path of the high sun (west), increasing the land with his golden plough (conquering and cultivating the lands). The boundaries of the Aryan kingdom were thus extended in breadth, one third greater than before. The king stood as an Aryan on the mother earth, praising the country with words fit for prayer.

"When Yima's rule extended to 600 years, the state of abundance reoccurred. This led to Yima proceeding again towards the south and the west, extending the boundaries of the Aryan kingdom two thirds greater than before. Thus happened the second great migration of the Aryans.

"When Yima's rule extended to 900 years, abundance again led to Yima increasing the land with his golden plough, towards the south and west. This third great migration made the Aryan kingdom three times larger than before.

"In the first 1000 years of his rule, Yima the splendid enjoined righteous order on his Aryan subjects. He controlled invisible time itself, making it so much large in size so as to praise and spread the righteous law.

"That glorious age of the Aryans did not last for ever, O Zarathushtra! It was time for the evil one's attack. I Who am Ahura Mazda spoke then to Yima Kshaeta:

"O splendid Yima, towards the sacred Aryan land will rush evil as a severe fatal winter; evil will rush as thick snow flakes falling in increased depth. From the three directions will wild and ferocious animals attack, arriving from the most dreadful sites.

"Before this winter, any snow that fell would melt and convey the water away. Now the snow will not melt (but will form the Polar ice cap). In this place, O Yima the corporeal world will be DAMAGED. Before in this seedland the grass was so soft the footprint of even a small animal could be observed. Now, there will be no footprints discernible at all on the packed sheets of hard ice that will form.

"So, Yima; make a mighty VARA, an enclosure as long as a riding ground, with equal four sides. Here bring the families of Aryan men and women, cattle, dogs, birds and the red flaming fire.

"Inside the Vara, make water flow in a canal, one Hathra long. Keep earth inside the Vara, to grow green vegetables as food. Make cattle pens, to house the cattle of the Aryan people.

"Let love blossom unfailing in the enclosure, among the young couples therein - make for them a residence, with rooms, pillars, long extended walls and an enclosing wall."

Enough? or more needed


 to Mehrban & Souri ; yes there is always special interest groups who wish to interprete history as they see fit,

 Pope;(yes send it to me for a laughing session)



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by ThePope on

So this time the idiot is saying that there was absolutely no similarities(!) between the Achaemenids and Iranians (Aryans)...!!!  lol  Only 59 secs into the video clip and I STOPPED listening to that bull crap. 

It's ironic how almost all of his hypothesis on ancient Iran are not only contradictory to other historians/archeologists, but also to his own past writings/theories (masalan)! 

BTW, since a couple of months ago, the anIrani mullah regime has been selling this moron's VCD of ancient Iran (for 1000 toman) at Paarseh (takht-e Jamsheed, Shiraz/Fars). It's just as stupid as some of his books.

Sam, I should send you the copy I bought few weeks back!

-youuu'lLLove it! ;-))) 


I don't want to get into the details with this subject....

by Souri on

The only thing I may ask you is not to develop and spread this Mr Ghiasabadi s philosophy which is nothing new rather that the old book of the Zionism political concept. The Jews (who have always considered themselves as the superior human being) never forgave the shame which Hitler threw to them.

This philosophy of the "Aryan race" being only a "rumor" and did not really existed, is nothing new. The Israeli historians and philosophers are  working at it since years now. If you pay attention to this doctrine and trying to propagate it (like this Ghiasabady phenomena is doing now) in a few decades from now, the Jews will proclaim their superiority over all other races and we will have a Jewish-Neo-Nazi who will try to rule over the other races and nationalities. I'm dead serious, no joke!

There are lots of documents and books written against the theory of Aryan  being the first civilized race, etc etc...and if you read them carefully and reflect on them profoundly, you will see where all these will lead to!

To understand the meaning and the role of the Aryan race in the history of the civilization, you first must read Max Muller's works. You can't understand this concept, by overpassing Max Muller's philosophy. In fact he is the father of the concept of "Aryan race being the first civilized race on the Earth" while he was against he idea of the superiority of a race over the others.

But since the aftermath of the WWII there is lots of effort from the Jewish historians  to prove that the root of the idea (Aryan race) was actually false and if (beheshoon ro bedim) little by little they will prove you that in fact, it is the Jew who are the superior race! As they always think and say that they are the"Most cherished people of God"!!

Here you will see one of those articles written on that subject. Pay attention to the way, the author is trying to belittling Max Muller and his concept! He said :

"In utter desperation, Max Muller set out to defend all himself. The
very next year, that is in 1872, Max Muller makes a complete U-turn on
his Aryan race theory. He goes to the 'Lion's Den' itself to give his
new Aryan theory, through a series of lectures at the University of
Strasbourg, in which he disclaimed the idea that Aryan is a race. Max
Muller says that Aryan is not a race at all, it is simply the name
given to linguistic groupings, and there are something called Aryan
languages, and any one who speaks an Aryan language could be termed
Aryan. And he maintained this position through out his later life, and
never said again that Aryan is a race. But then, the devil he had
unleashed went beyond all his control and it went on working into
newer directions"


While in fact, Muller had never said that the Aryan were the superior race, and he always talked about the "civilized" aspect of the Aryan.

Actually this is what really happened: 

"In 1881, he published a translation of the first edition of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. He agreed with Schopenhauer
that this edition was the most direct and honest expression of Kant's
thought. His translation corrected several errors that were committed
by previous translators. In his Translator's Preface, Müller wrote,
"The bridge of thoughts and sighs that spans the whole history of the
Aryan world has its first arch in the Veda,
its last in Kant's Critique.…While in the Veda we may study the
childhood, we may study in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason the perfect
manhood of the Aryan mind.…The materials are now accessible, and the
English-speaking race, the race of the future, will have in Kant's
Critique another Aryan heirloom, as precious as the Veda — a work that may be criticised, but can never be ignored"

For more information and a better understanding of the whole concept I suggest you first read Max Muller's works :




by Mehrban on

At this time of trouble, while an occupying regime insists on distorting and denigrating the best of our heritage and traditions, it is most damaging to dissiminate self hate propaganda.    FYI, I consider myself an IRANIAN. 


SamSam jan

by HollyUSA on

Why don't you offer an intelligent, logical rebuttal to his points instead of your usual Pan this Ommati that babble?


History according to whom, a bit about ghiaas abadii

by SamSamIIII on

He is the same dude who claimed praised ahmadi nejad for building the sivand dam close to Pasargad & claimed "humidity is good for Cyrus tomb"

چندی پیش نوشتاری غیرکارشناسانه از رضا مرادی غیاث آبادی زیر عنوان: « فواید افزایش رطوبت بر آرامگاه کورش و دیگر بناهای سنگی باستانی » منتشر شد که مورد اعتراض بسیاری از کارشناسان و مرمت گران قرار گرفت. به تازگی درباره آن مقاله و اصولا نگاه هایی این چنین به اثر رطوبت بر آرامگاه کورش، نقدی مستدل و مستند به دستمان رسیده از آقای مهندس رضا شیخ الاسلام، کارشناس ارشد مرمت آثار تاریخی و فرهنگی


the same guy ghiaasabadi in support of IRI flag to opposition outside ;

شما چه حقی دارید به علامت رسمی و قانونی کشور شک وارد بکنید


Ghiaass abadi on Global Cyrus day ;

به جوانان معصوم و فريب خورده کشورمان بايد توجيه کنيم که  ۲۹ اکتبر (۷ آبان) روزی مختص کورش بزرگ نيست و کسی نبايد اين روز را گرامی بدارد».

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SAMSAM kojaei to?

by onlyinamrica on

ostaad chort hameh ro (persains) pareh kard.


Shamefull, for siding with a Pan-Turk/Iran hater "Asgharzadeh"

by SamSamIIII on

JJ jaan, you may not know it but you are giving front page coverage to a known Iran hater, Asgharzadeh & his huge entourage of Cessationist Pan-Turks on the internet who have ridiculed, forged & distorted many items regarding kiaani /Iranian heritage.

The lady blogger here is either totaly ignorant to whom she is giving her services too or she knowingly is aiding and abating a known Cessationist Iran-hater pan-Turk such as asgharzadeh who made this video. But judging from her anti-heritage past record I'm not surprised at all.

This dude Asgharzadeh  with his Pan-Turk "wolfpacks" of "south Azerbaijaan" as they call themselves are all over the net badmouthing Iranian heritage & call Persians their arch enemy dogs who have invented their Aryan glory.



I am not even going to challenge hezbo-reformist Ghiaass Abadi(a member of Islamic republic Farhangestan honar, it figures ;)!!!) claime since it's so, far fetched & loosely connected with half-truths & assumptions  that it requires a whole chapter to retort. The fact that a pan-turk bigot uses some Ommatie's baseless rethoric to distort our past speaks volume of the united front of pan-turks & pan-Ommaties against legacy of True Iran.

Gullible Idiots who hate kiaani heritage so much that side with pan-turks to prove their cluenessness!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan //iranianidentity.blogspot.com //www.youtube.com/user/samsamsia

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

holly jan  GHIYASABADI is reminiscent of the same persona in DAYEE JAAN NAPOLEON.       

just enjoy the 10 min. clips.    Maziar