by cezare

Iranians. Come to your senses. Get off the streets and tend to your lives and thank the almighty for what you got. Only God has the power to remove this fascist regime. Stop breaking your parents hearts. Mosavi does not represent you. He has a grave waiting for him just like all man. He just called for his own martyrdom which brings him to the level of the mullas. Reports are out that he has called for a massive demonstration if he got arrested; so more people would die for HIS CAUSE! Do not follow this guy. This is not your revolution. You must first start a revolution in your heart. Trust your Savior Jesus  and he'll take care of you. I challenge anyone who disagrees. This is not the fight for ordinary citizens.



عِه عِه عِه...........



پاپ اعظم! مرد خدا! تو دیگه چرا؟ فردای قیامت سوسگ میشی از دیفال میری بالا ها!  حالا دیگه کارت به جایی رسیده که منکر پل صراة و  روز هفتاد هزار سال میشی؟ اگه پروردگار با زنِ سیبیل دار محشورت نکرد هر چی میخوای بگی بگو!

پاشو پاشو تا عمّهء عطار غضبت نکرده دهنتو آب بکش و دست نماز بگیر و رو به قبلهء خودتون واسّا و دو رکعت نماز توبه بخون این شب عزیز یکشمبه ای بلکتم خدا از سر تقصیراتت گذشت!



by ThePope on

Reject the past,
design the FUTURE...


It will a great blessing to humanity if we get rid of all religions, destroy the WHOLE "past", and GIVE MAN A FRESH BEGINNING, UNBURDENED. Make him again Adam & Eve, so he can start from scratch; a new man: a new spiritual consciousness, a new 'civilization', a new 'culture', ...

...and a new Iran.
-Amen(ask, believe & receive)




I wish Them GODSPEED





Agree but

by t (not verified) on

your mistaken. People have not taken to the street to show their love for Mousavi but rather their hatred for the Islamic Republic. Hear the chants. No one talks about Mousavi. He is merely a pond.

People first thought they can bring about change thru EVOLUTION. It has become apparent the only means is through REVOLUTION. Who said Mousavi will be the man. All bets are off at this time. I voted for Mousavi last week. This week, I go to show my hatred for the IRI and any other viable and good candidate I'll consider.



by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

the protest has spread to Iranian Kurdistan..Lebanese Hezbollah have been depolyed there...
I was going to say something to you,,,but you know what..My persian friend told me there is old saying..Javab ablahan khamoshist....