Highly advanced negotiation techniques


Highly advanced negotiation techniques
by Anonymouse

The Islamic Republic and its cronies are always so full of it that they consider themselves the most genius and in the process create one the most unusual and stupid situations that mankind has ever known. They think only they know the deal and want to reinvent everything even reinventing the wheel and call it a big achievement.  There are just so many cases.  But in this blog let’s take up the case of Iran-Iraq war and what did Khomeini on behalf of Iran accept and when did he accept it.

I decided to write this blog after my memory was refreshed recently about those dark days that the war kept going and the rhetoric was about accepting a ceasefire only if Saddam leaves the country.  Mind you there was never any real chance or evidence of Saddam’s fall throughout the 8 years war other than in some people’s head in the Islamic Republic.

The fact that Saddam was the aggressor was known to everyone.  The fact that the West helped Saddam was known too since Iraq was not a manufacturer of weapons and they had open military contracts and not in hot water with the world like Iran was with taking US diplomats as hostages.  It was well known that Saddam thought with the help of the West he could use the opportunity of a weak Govt and terrible world view of Iran during the hostage crisis to gain military advantage by having western allies who’d welcome him in a fight against Iran.

Regime and its supporters want to say that it is known now but not then and it doesn’t matter what you say, so don’t even bother.  Recently there are talks that Iran “negotiated” a successful resolution to the 8 year war while foreign powers wanted to give Iraq incentives because they supported Iraq all along.  They even say that Iran captured Fao and Majnoon Islands with 2 billion barrels of oil which “forced” Iraq and its western supporters to panic and “cave in”.

Now here are the two most important UN resolutions as it relates to Iran Iraq war.  UN resolution 598 (20 July 1987) which was a reaffirmation of UN resolution 582 (24 February 1986) two years earlier.  Let’s forget about all previous resolutions and call it bad resolutions (although footnotes to these resolutions reference them and wished more was done to negotiate) and focus on these two.

I’d like to ask you to please print these 2 resolutions and read them, they are only 2 pages each, so reading 4 pages total is not going to kill you!  You’ll find not much difference between them, if you see any major differences let us know, quote them so we can all look at them.  Regime and its supporters would like us to believe that previous resolutions did not reference Iraq’s use of chemical weapons and being the aggressor.  Whereas these 2 resolutions while being foggy about Iraq being the aggressor (If you see it clearly let us know), both clearly state usage of chemical weapons by Iraq.

There was a Youtube clip that showed some were debating and discussing Khomeini drinking the poison (reference to accepting UN resolution 598 for ceasefire) and ridiculing Rafsanjani and others for fooling Khomeini because Iran was winning and Saddam’s fall was at reach!  Others at i.com are parroting some other similar nonsense.  If you know the youtube clip in i.com please repost it here.

When Khomeini finally drank the poison it was 21 July 1988 exactly one year after UN resolution 598.  For 3 long years (after UN resolution 582) Iran could’ve gained what they gained at the end without all the huffing and puffing and bullcrap and loss of lives and property.  3 years is a long war all by itself.  Wars don’t resolve much, if anything.  Blowing the horn from the wrong end and refusing to accept basic common sense when you have already signed the resolution is something only self-promoting people would do.  They refer us to redacted Freedom Of Infomation Act (FOIA) documents which shows US was supporting Iraq, a fact that was well known.  Iran signed the UN resolution not those documents.

Some of the reasons that Iran accepted the UN resolution 598 in 1988 were the Iraqis recapture of Fao, and Majoon Islands as well as use of ballistic missiles against Iranian cities and more usage of chemical weapons.  There were other reasons too but let’s stay on crucial dates and actions and claims.

Based on dates and documents identified above if nothing else we can see that while Iraq under Saddam was the aggressor and it was evident, Iran was responsible for prolonging the war – the word used in UN resolution that Iran signed.

We’re seeing the same highly advanced negotiation techniques in the nuclear issue.  Once again they are negotiating with them sorry ass selves and not the world.  At the end of the day when they have nothing to show for they pad themselves in the back and claim genuine brilliance by not surrendering - too soon! 


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Sargord Pirouz

Anon, I don't think I was

by Sargord Pirouz on

Anon, I don't think I was part of the discussion group you are referring to, and I'm a bit at a loss for what you're getting at.
If you're saying that Iran did not achieve its war aim during the last three years of the war, that's pretty much correct. And there are many reasons for that, primarily foreign assistance to the Baathist regime.

I read UN Res. 598. It mentions prolonging the war, but it does not explicitly single out Iran for prolonging the war, as you imply. (Interesting that it parrots the lie that Iraqi troops were casualties of Iranian gas attacks- that never happened.)

Wars are won, lost and draw. Had the Iranians overcome the Baathist regime in war- despite US, USSR, French, Saudi and Kuwaiti critical assistance- the region would have been a much better place. Hundreds of thousands of Middle Easterners would not have died during Desert Storm, hundreds of thousand of Middle Eastern children wouldn't have died as a result of the sanctions, and tens of thousands of Middle Easterners would not have lost their lives during Operation Iraqi "Freedom" with millions forced out as destitute refugees.

That the Iranian war aim was not realized during the last three years is no reason to dishonor the nobleness of the cause. Honor the sacrifice. And honor the memory of the fallen when you make pilgrimage to Karbala, which is now again free.


Thank you anonymouse jan. If

by vildemose on

Thank you anonymouse jan. If it weren't for that stupid 3 extended years, I would have still had my beloved brother. It pains me to no end to see that his death could have been avoided. He was only 22 years old.