The Big thing preventing the USA from Invading Iran.


by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy

$Money$ is hard to come by these days and it's the Big reason the USA has not attacked Iran.


The usa interstate highway system in its totality cost $500 billion 2008 dollars, that amount doesn't even cover the medical expenses for the wounded of the Iraq and Afghanistan operations and cost of covering the related mental illnesses. The end result so far, neither country is in the USA sphere of influence if they leave, so they have to stay there for good. And that costs $159.3 billion a year at current levels. That could be used to create so much wealth and employ over 3 million people in the USA instead.


War is extremely expensive.

If any of you become the future President of the United States. This is just a reminder to never start a war unless you are attacked first. And even then you don't need to fight yourself. In Afghanistan, The USA should have just supported the northern alliance and the former king of afghanistan, instead of nation building. Someone needs to do the math and stop invading countries. The contracts don't make up for it. The oil revenues in Iraq's case, by taking the lions share of the oil contracts still do not pay for the war, maybe break even after 15 years. If on the other hand you just paid those countries their fair share of oil revenues and not backed the tyrant in Iraq or the tyrant in Iran (khomeini) after betraying the late Shah, who was the middle easts most liberal leader, the US would be in far better shape today. But who's kidding who, the USA hasn't even started to pay the price for 1979, though that will come too.

People are today protesting against the crooks that run wall street, the banks and oil cartels. The people of America are starting to ask if what is good for the oil companies is good for them. If one looks at it from this point of view, the sheer expense of militarization and imperialism on Americans, and the inability of democracies to ride their people indefinetly it's easy to see why the late shah did not make a mistake when he left iran after the mass protests against him. We are now starting to hear the regret of American politicians who with money from the oil companies, spent on propaganda by western secret services organized the removal of the shah. These facts one can find by reading the memoir of the head of the french secret service in the 1970's, who was in the meetings where they discussed removing the late shah with Khomeini or some other cleric. When he told the Shah of the wests plans, by the head of the french secret service, the shah said to him it's unbelievable because it's so stupid. Its amazing how becoming broke and poor is giving Americans some desperately needed humility in place of arrogance and pride. Should Americans chose to delist a known active terrorist organization, like the MeK its no wonder why the USA will be seen as just plain dirty, in place of the leader of freedom and human rights.


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one more point

by amirkabear4u on

Iran's oil can recover their losses like it is doing in Irag.


NO amirparviz

by amirkabear4u on

it is NOT money.

Look at it this way, US not only can print its own money but also other currencies. They do not need our money.

It is another issue which is so bizarre that you will not believe it and that is why they do not talk about it.