Yet another excuse

... to enjoy the beautiful summer days: Photo essay

by kfravon
"Music in the Park", a longtime tradition in the town of Los Gatos in northern California, takes place each Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. on the civic center lawn on Main Street. This summer concert series welcomes a wide variety of different types of music. Here are a few pictures of 2 we've been to so far. Opera San Jose performed on June 29th, and Paperback Writers (the Beatles experience) performed yesterday July 6th.

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by Luna (not verified) on

Faranak jon, thank you for taking the time to record and share your love for people and beauty.

Though, I am saddened by Mr. Nader's quick judgmental view. I do not understand why we see the need to tell people what to do, no matter what it is that they do. She has no claim to being a pro at anything. Just sharing the part of the world that touches her, with no pertension.

First of all, if this "yuppie wine and cheese" culture is so "pathetic" what keeps you a regular of many years? They play fantastic Marriachi at the Flee Market every weekend. How often do you visit it? Please, honor us with your point of view through a written or photo essay next time you are moved so deeply.

More importantly, not as a long time fan of Faranak's photos, but as some one who despises culture of "I don't do anything, but will tell you what to do", I went to great lengths to find links to some of her albums about "real" people. Please enjoy these as a sample.



by Shabnam_Ghayour on

Nice pictures !!


Nice pictures...

by Nader on

We live in San Jose, near Los Gatos, and we have attended almost every concert so far. The music is refreshing and entertaining. However, one thing that I have a hard time getting over is the general Cliché in this City.

It seems almost impossible for some of these yuppies to enjoy the fab music without having their Wine & Cheese!


They’ll go to any extend to get that formula right:-)

Just pathetic...


Faranak Khanoonm,

Now, we all know whatever there is about people in Los Gatos. How about using your smart lens (and your talent), capturing some moments from "real" people in the S. Bay?

Have you ever been to the "Flee Market"?How about some pictures of Blue- Collard folks?


Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

Faranak Jan:

Your pictures are beautiful. Thank you for conveying the essence of a beautiful day in the park through your gorgeous photography. I like all your photos but I simply love the portraits you do. You show the world and the people in it with so much love and poetry. Thank you for letting us see the world through your lens.