Women Demand Change

Photo essay: Egyptian women take to the streets

by Azadeh Azad
Tens of thousands of Egyptian women have been taking to the streets to demand change. They constitute a substantial part of Egyptian anti-government protests. Ghada Shahbandar, an activist with the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, estimated the crowd downtown to be 20 percent female. Other estimates were as high as 50 percent. In past protests, the female presence would rarely rise to 10 percent. Hopefully this uprising won't lead to an Islamist State! Here are photos of the demonstrations from various sources:

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by Raoul1955 on

You state '...movement has clear goals, those of individual freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.'  Are you claiming that the current regime ignores its own laws?  Also, 'individual freedom' is an abstract and hard to define entity.  Does an individual have the right to walk around butt naked or do whatever one wants in public as part of that 'individual freedom?'   If not, then one's freedom is limited by what someone else may dictate.  Democracy has started to sound real nonsensical as Pakistan and Iran are both examples of 'democratic' muslim nations.  Perhaps when you state 'democracy' you mean our version of a pluralistic regimes. As you surely know such regimes are NOT possible in muslim majority nations.

Azadeh Azad

Stupid 'Researcher!'

by Azadeh Azad on

Passive, silent lambs are stupid. This movement has clear goals, those of individual freedoms, democracy and the rule of law.  BTW, it was the Iranian men who screwed up the Revolution, not the Iranian women who were the first to oppose the Islamists on March 8, 1979.




women demonstrators in Egypt are Zionists

by Delavar1 on

Since I don't see any messages here from either Sargord Pirouz or Mehdi ; mola Nasredeen;Niloufar Parsi and other supporters and apologists and condoners of the theocratic Islamist regime of terror in Iran, Please allow me to guess what they would commented re women demonstrators in Egypt.

The women demonstrators in Egypt are Zionists and spies. Some are Bahaies and commununist American spies.


Stupid Women

by Researcher on

Just like Iran, women will probably regret it most when all is said and done.

How can a "movement" with absolutely no clear goal, path, leader or strategy succeed in anything other than making things worse? "Freedom" "democracy" - yeah, like if Mubarak leaves these will magically become the order of the day. How stupid these "revolutionaries" are!


I Just noticed that during

by vildemose on

I Just noticed that during this entire mesmerizing unfolding, there has not been one chant or one sign, saying "Death to America" Or "Death to Israel", and Not even "Death to Mubark"..

The Egyptian are indeed much more civilized than us Iranians.


The Green "revolution" failed

by Shutruk on


The Baseej decisively defeated the CIA-backed green mufsideen and mohareboon . They fought them in the streets, in the dormitories and in the hills.It was violent but democracy was preserved.

The Egyptians are now revolting against Mubarak so they can join Iranians against the agents of "American Islam".


The hell with Baseej pigs and Pasdar Pimps!

by ihateiri on

Bravo Egypt! Egypt is free! The Egyptian military has stood up for the people of their nation and what did the fucking Pasdar Pimps and Baseej Bastards do to their people? They murdered them, they tortured them, they raped them and they steal from them. What a fucking disgrace those shits are! Shame on them! The Pasdar Pimps and the Baseej Bastards could only take on defenseless people. Lets see what they will do when Iranians take up arms. Lets see what those jack asses will do. A big uprising is coming, it is only a matter of time. Rememeber, the IRGC who everyone is in awe of couldn't do jack shit against Saddam's second class army. Hopefully the regular Iranian army will step up to the challenge and throw the Pasdar PIMPS, Basseej Bastards and their false mullah masters into the khaleej so the sharks could eat them and then shit them out. So in the end as in the beginning, they are shit. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hey get this, Ahmadinejad is short, dark and ugly.

Immortal Guard

The Stock Market has risen during the Egypt protests!

by Immortal Guard on

The economic situation seems to be improving in the United States!

David Camerun's (British PM) visit at the NHS seems to have had an effect!


Breaking News: Obama Urges

by vildemose on

Breaking News: Obama Urges Mubarak To Not Run For Re-Electio­n


Al-arabiya reporting that

by vildemose on

Al-arabiya reporting that Mubarak plans to state in his speech that he will not seek re-election but he will not leave until his term is up...

Azadeh Azad

Thanks vildemose for your posts

by Azadeh Azad on

Will this woman ever accept an Islamic State?


Monda: LOL! Hopefully these uprisings will prompt the Iranian women to take to the streets as well.




I declare Egypt-Envy!

by Monda on

... as My personal DX. Re Setareh Sabety's possible diagnosis of Tunis-Envy in Iranians. 

THANKS Azedeh Aziz for sharing these powerful images. I wonder if Iranians can be at least partially "there" again? One can only Hope.


Mubarak to

by vildemose on

Mubarak to Speak....//www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/01/egypt-protesters-mubarak_n_816989.html


Marina Nemat Lessons from a

by vildemose on

Marina Nemat Lessons from a revolution (Iran’s, that is) MARINA NEMAT //www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/opini...


I would like  a

by vildemose on

I would like  a separation-of-religion and State clause in the new Egyptian Constitution so their revolution is not hijacked by the minority Islamist a couple of years after the revolution of 1979.

With this history in mind, Egyptian democrats must not be fooled by the radical Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood. If and when Mubarak falls, they simply cannot allow the most radical and brutal forces to win in the ensuing chaos. If these forces are allowed to claim power using the rhetoric of democracy, Egyptians will find themselves decades from now needing another uprising, which is precisely the current situation of the Iranian people.



Learn from our mistakes
Letter from an Iranian to the people of Egypt



Lessons from a revolution (Iran’s, that is)


ارتش مصر توسل به زور علیه معترضان را رد کرد



Very Inspiring brave women

by aziz on

Azadeh Thanks for the inspiring photos. This proves those claims that women are not present in their struggle are wrong.  It would have been nice though if you could have included a picture of Mubarak that showed "Made in USA with Expiration date". Side note, while we make basic necessities of life here with certain life span to make sure the pipeline is not dry such as lamps or cars; surprisingly some molded dictators have proved to pass their expiration date such as Iran's late king or the Egypt’s ruler


Looking like 1979, 2010 in

by theconstitutionalist on

Looking like 1979, 2010 in Iran.

Let hope they don't end up with something worse than Mubarak.

Look for the same thing in Iran either spring or summer.  Gas prices are driving everyone crazy right now.  Mass inflation is possilble.  

I think people were paying 30-40 cents a gallon.  Prices may jump up to $2 a gallon this summer.



This is great for the Egyptian People

by Cost-of-Progress on

I just hope that it does not turn around and bites them in the arse like it did the Iranians. Muslim Brotherhood and the mullahs in Iran are salivating over the potential prospects.

Like the saying goes: Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

haala salavaate boland befrestin........





MB's list of demands:

by vildemose on

14 :05 MB demands the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court to be the interim president New 13 :48 MB: No dialogue with VP, or the Egyptian gov't till the dictator steps down New 13 :41 MB rejects any dialogue with the Military before the departure of the dictator New 13 :38 MB affirms it will respect Egypt's international treaties New 00 :58 MB reminds US of its stance during Ukranian and Iranian uprisings, and asks to support Egyptian people not the falling regime New 00 :53 MB: US position towards uprising will determine the actions of any upcoming gov't regarding future US relations 00 :26 MB is calling for truthful and pure democratic gov't that protects freedoms and human rights 23 :47 MB will support liberal candidate such as Dr. ElBaradei, to lead a national unity gov't 23 :25 Official MB statement: MB confirms it will not take leadership positions in the upcoming gov't 19 :14 Activists in Alexandria call for million man march tomorrow 19 :12 Actor Omar El Sherif: Mubarak's era is over, time for him to step down 17 :32 Hundreds of thousands continue their protests across Egypt rejecting new gov't 17 :21 Half-Million protestors gather in Tahrir Sqaure calling for the dictator to step down








حریت (آزادی)



The REALLY Scary Thing

by vildemose on

Esfand Aashena

Azadeh jaan nice pictures, very inspiring! RW jaan 300 dead??

by Esfand Aashena on

من نمیفهمم چه خبره تو مصر؟! مردم بالاخره باید با کی‌ لبیک کنند؟!

  شراب قرمز جان ۳۰۰ نفر یا ۳۰ نفر؟  من شنیدم ۳۰ نفر. 

Everything is sacred

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

ebi amirhosseini

حضرت والا

ebi amirhosseini


 با سپاس از نقطه نظرهای  مستدلانه شما ، امیدوارم بلاگی در این زمینه بنویسید و با تفسیرهای لازم آن را به روز کنید. 

Ebi aka Haaji

ebi amirhosseini

آزاده جان

ebi amirhosseini

 سپاس برای عکسهای زیبای  شیرزنان !!

به امید پیروزی مردم سالاری واقعی در سراسر خاورمیانه .


Ebi aka Haaji

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سلام فراوان به خدمت دوستان عزیز ...

ساعت در پاریس ۱۷.۵۰ عصر است.

چند لحظه پیش شاهد غروب زیبایی در قاهره به وسیله دوربین مستقیم الجزیره از میدان تحریر بودیم.این غروب،رنگی‌ از پیروزی و آزادی است..مصر به زودی پیروز خواهد شد.

-صدای سرود‌های ملی‌ و قبیله‌ یی را میتوان از میدان شنید ،دیگر جا نیست و با اینکه به زودی شب خواهد شد اما مردم جایی‌ نمی‌روند و در دسته‌های چند نفری میخوانند و شعار میدهند. پرچم مصر در دستان مردان و زنان مصری در اهتزاز است.همه میخوانند و همه میخواهند که مبارک قبل از روز جمعه مصر را ترک و با قدرت دیکتاتوری سی‌ ساله خداحافظی کند... مصریان روز جمعه را جمعه الوداع نامیده اند.

-مبارک هنوز در مصر است و تلویزیونهای احمق آمریکائی و انگلیسی جز شایعه پراکنی..بویی از خبر گذاری نبرده اند.. چند لحظه پیش شاهد دیدن آخرین تصاویر مبارک و امر سلیمان از تلویزیون مصر بوده ایم،در آن تصاویر گفته شد که مبارک هنوز در کاخ است و مسائل روز را برسی‌ می‌کند.

-جوانان سوریه نیز در توییتر و فیسبوک مشغول قرار گذاری برای یک سری راهپیمایی در دمشق هستند،خبر دیگری ندیدم !

-تا الان انقلاب مردمی مصر نزدیک به ۳۰۰ شهید (جاودان) داده است.

-مبارک دوباره پیام داده است که مایل است با تمام احزاب صحبت کند،جواب منفی‌ است،با شعور مردم بازی نمی‌شود.

-خبر جالب دیگر این بود که شاه اردن نیز به تکاپو افتاده است و نخست وزیر دیگری منصوب کرده است، این اعراب که تا به حال منفعل بودند،حال بیدار شده اند.

-اخوان المسلمین خواستار این هستند که فارق السلطان،رئیس قوه قضایی فعلا به جای مبارک باشد، محمود غزالی‌ رهبر فعلی‌ اخوان المسلمین پیشنهاد مبارک را رد کرد.

-شعار‌ها بسیار مردمی و ملی‌ هستند و همه یک پارچه..دست در دست هم دارند،اصرار می‌کنم.. پیروزی قطعی‌ است.

 اگر حادثه یی خاص پیش نیاید،به همراه یک گروه تلویزیونی به مصر سفر خواهم کرد....احتملاً شنبه ! ... باید صبر کرد.

زنده باد ایران ما ، مرگ و نفرین بر مستبدین اسلامیون.




Thanks Vildemose and Red wine for the up to hour report

by Bavafa on

This indeed is a very exciting time for middle east and for all freedom loving people. Dictatorship and tyranny can not last for ever and it has been long enough in Egypt and it is way too long in Iran. Lets hope this will not stop in Egypt and other regimes in ME fall.



Very similar to Iran uprising 2 yrs ago

by statira on

Dictators everywhere act the same manner for their survival. It doesnt matter it's in Iran or Egypt.