What a night!

Photo essay: iranian.com benefit dinner/concert

by kfravon

What a night! JJ, thanks to you and all your friends who helped put together this wonderfully warm event for iranian.com. I - along with my friends - enjoyed every second of our time at the gathering (Saturday, April 19, Luxor Restaurant, South San Francisco). Thank You! Also see photo by Talieh Shahrokhi.

[Jahanshah Javid's speech text /video]


Host Committee
Shahrnush Parsipur, San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, San Francisco Commissioner Dr. Elahe Enssani, Maryam Majidy, Amir Salamat, Lale' Shahparaki Welsh, Behzad Golshan, Maryam Jahangani, with Master of Ceremony Bruce Bahmani.
Musical Artists
* Arash Sobhani, Babak Khiavchi, Anoush Khazeni, Ardalan Payvar of Kiosk.
* Hamed Nikpay and Farin Foroudi.
* Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai
Visual Artists

Ali Dadgar, Babak Daleki, Jaleh Etemad, Taraneh Hemami, Shahab Laal, Simin Meykadeh, Amir Salamat, Shiva Pakdel, Farrokh Shehabi, Hadi Tabatabai, Avideh Zahedi. Donated art: Art from theheart
Organizing Committee
Lale' Shahparaki Welsh of BeyondPersia.com, Maryam Majidy, Nazy Kaviani, Wayne Willis, Bruce Bahmani and Jahanshah Javid
Mehran Ebrahimi, Payam Moghaddam, Maryam Boutalebi, Ehsan Akhbari, and Pouria Emami.




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Night of nose jobs!

by killjoy. (not verified) on

And what about those pictures showing women's feet and their shoes? Are you obsessed with female shoes? Sounds like we have a Fetishist in our midst!!



by BB fan (not verified) on

I though Bruce was supposed to be MC. We sure didn't see much of him at the benefit!

Azarin Sadegh

Nice pictures!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thank you Faranak for posting these nice pictures! it seems like lots of fun. So now, even if the rest of us missed to be there, but by looking at each of these pictures, we would feel more determined to attend the next one :) Azarin


Thank you

by yourtheman (not verified) on

I just want to be the voice of those who silently admire you and sincerely apprciate what you and your team have and continue to do for us.
May you all remain healthy, safe and motivated to continue to carry the voices of progress, freedom and goodwill into every corner of Iran.
God bless you


It was indeed a great night!

by Zumba is It! (not verified) on

It was indeed a great night! To see JJ honored (and Kababed!!) was priceless. His passionate efforts & perseverance throughout the years has made Iranian.com a cornerstone of our diaspora. Thank you.

Btw, JJ, you looked awesome; the weight loss looks gooood on you, keep up the good work.

Siamack & his lovely wife were an added eye candy for the evening. Sia jaan, you've lost a lot of weight as well (and looks real good!); however, so far, JJ has won the bet. Try a bit harder & you'll be there.


Splandido !!

by Souri on

Congratulation to all of you.
How come my picture is not among others ? Even if I couldn't make it to be there , but I was with you that night, in my heart.
So take this picture and attach it to those of the ceremony



by deev on

congrats on a lovely event, was fun seeing the familiar faces like shahrokh and ardalan in the bunch, jaam khaali =)
love ya brotha

Jahanshah Javid

To urstruly

by Jahanshah Javid on

For their CDs, go to:


Hamed Nikpay; (New cd will be released end of May. I've heard a couple of tracks. You'll love it.)

Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai


Kiosk and Hamed (?)

by urstru!y (not verified) on

Can someone forward the website link where I can buy the CD's from the guys that were at the benefit?


Congrats to Iranian.com

by jimzbund on

Thanks to JJ and the staff at Iranian.com for providing a meeting place for Iranians and allowing them to share their thoughts and experiences. You guys all deserve a pat at your back and hope to see this portal soar to new heights.  

 Bachehha Motshakerim


Bund, Jimz Bund


... Donya Gozaran ...

by Anonymous ... (not verified) on


Missing invitations

by Anonymous__911 (not verified) on

Well, I think Hajiagha deserved an invitation for two. He's probably one of the major contributors of the Iranian.com. How could you forget him? Youtube also deserves an invitation for all the "cherto-perts" taken from it. The main two sources of your traffic.


Can we have some juicy bits, please?

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

You know, like who got off with whom, who made a complete fool of themselves, who ended up under the table several times, who banged whom on the head with their instruments, who danced like a cockroach on heat, who is suing whom and for what, who showed off with the biggest diamonds, that sort of thing.
Let's have some fun, please.


JJ man I love YOU !

by Anonymous ... (not verified) on

Sorry! I can not make it to your shindig but I would like to show my appreciation -

A. Can I make a donation by snail mail ?

B.I would invite you over to stay free of charge ...

(I made the same offer to my younger brother but have not heard back from him yet ???? His way too young)

C. Both A & B ...

U know who this is ...

Take good care & all the best for the future

Darius Kadivar

JJ and BB Just for You ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

The Iranian.com How it All Started ...


Nothing is Sacred ;0))



Darius Kadivar

Congrats JJ

by Darius Kadivar on

All the best to you for all the hard work. Wish I were with you guys.

Warm Regards from Paris



It looked good

by Parthian on

But I have two questions, make it three: why was I not invited? I am in Berkeley. What's up with the Tit shot? And I know you guys looked good, but please stay off the kabobs for a little bit...just a little bit...I guess the last one was more a plea than question...


Beautiful, perfect night

by urstruly (not verified) on

Everyone did such a wonderful job, from Bruce and Laleh to the wonderful musicians, to the food and all the company and to our wonderful star--JJ...



everything looked great!

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Iranians looked good, kabAb looked good, mAso_khyAr looked good, cleavage looked great!


I wish I could have been there...

by Tahirih on

To congratulate and thank Mr Javid and his great team regarding this excellent site.All the best .



Wish I was there.

by Anonymouse on

Good photos and seemed like fun. JJ deserves all the credit and more power to him.  I hope this event brings more opportunities for JJ and his vision.

So did anyone roast JJ or was he just "honored"?!

In case he wasn't;

- What is that Eelamiyeh (leaflet) in his hand?! Was his speech that long?

- On a scale of 1 to 10 what score would you give his shirt and tie? I'd give his tie a 2, seems like a tie he picked up at a yard sale from someone's prom in the 80s.  And I'd give his shirt a 1 for him wearing a see-thru in a black tie dinner event ;-)

- Are those baby shower gifts I see?! I thought this was an art benefit auction!!

His suit looked good but I'll leave that score for those who saw it in person!

Sorry JJ, just kidding.  Hope you can excuse the foozooli (I think you can) it's just a joke ;-)  You have the smarts which is more fashionable than anything else and is always in style.





by kfravon on

Dear Iranian.com fans,

Unfortunately, I don't know every one of the folks I managed to capture through my camera. I took candid shots here and there.

I should have perhaps put captions on ones I knew, but too late now, as they have already been posted. I don't know if JJ has a way of editing them after they've been published...I sure don't!

If you have a specific inquiry about certain pictures, feel free to email me privately- kfravon@yahoo.com



Could someone please .....

by Khatat (not verified) on

put some captions on the pictures so that we know who is who

Merci :) - Tks


Dear JJ: You absolutely

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Dear JJ: You absolutely deserved this and even more...Please use some of this money to hire a nutritionist and a personal trainer, we can't afford to lose you...You're the best!


Congratulation for a great night AND advice for Jahanshah!

by farrad02 on

آقا بی خیال ایرانیان دات کام دیگه! یه پول حسابی اومده تو حسابت! بیا و  نقدش کن، یه چمدون لباس و شورت و جوراب هم که میدونم بیشتر نداری. بزن به چاک برو جنوب فرانسه بازنشست شو!  عشق و حال کن واسه خودت! ببینم میکنی یا نه!؟

 از شوخی گذشته، به شما تبریک میگم! واقعا خسته نباشید!  



by hamidbak on

Jaye mano Koroush khali...
God knows I wanted to be there so badly.


Well done on pics and maybe next time...actually, for sure the next time.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

به نظر مياد كه بد برگزار نشده ولي بد نبود اگر يك گزارش كامل از اين بنفيت دينر داده ميشد. از اين عكسها چيزي در خور توجه و فهم ديده نميشود.

عزت زياد و خسته نباشيد.


Pictures really need captions..

by Anonymous (not verified) on

Some of the pictures really need captions.

I love #91 through #97:).

Pictures such as #28, #29, #30, #59 or #73 are very professional.

Hopefully this benefit dinner has been satisfactory for Iranian.com...

Ali P.

Great Pics!

by Ali P. on

How about a caption for each?!


Is JJ drunk?

by Saeed K. (not verified) on

...or does he always look like that??