Walking free

Photo essay: Saeed Mortazavi shows no sign of concern over role in Kahrizak

by Shaigan
BBC: A committee of the Iranian parliament has made a rare official criticism of treatment of opposition detainees held in the wake of the disputed election. The report said three detainees died at the notorious Kahrizak detention, and it blamed the former Tehran prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi. The report is heavily critical of the way detainees were sent to the centre, despite a lack of space and facilities. The report says that 147 of them were kept in one room, with poor food, excessive heat, and poor ventilation. It says that three of them died because of the bad conditions, and as a result of physical attacks. The parliamentary committee blames a former Tehran prosecutor, who had a reputation as a hardliner, for insisting the detainees be sent there despite being warned about the conditions >>>

These Fars News photos by Shaigan show Mortazavi at Saturday's introduction of the new head of the anti-smuggling agency.



Walking free!

by Fatollah on

For the time being Yes!


Iranian Godfathers gathering! "Drink to all those we killed!"

by obama on

Is he from Iraq? Why is it that these people don't look anything like the students? They look like Arabs! They should be deported or put on trial for ugliness first, then their criminal activitis! MA CHEGHADR BADBAKHT SHODEEM KE IN DAY-YOOSA KESHVAREH MARA SAAHAAB SHODAN!

Mona 19

Canada renews call for Kazemi probe

by Mona 19 on

Darius Kadivar

FYI/canada Slams Mortazavi over Zahra Kazemi's case

by Darius Kadivar on


Regime "exonorates" Mortazavi = Israel exonorated Ariel Sharon

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


What a lovely man

by Bunyip on

People (animals) like these are devoid of any conscience (vojdaan). They all look moft khor and chaghoo kesh and owbash (common criminals- see photos 10 and 11).

BTW who is his tailor? Whoever he is, he's got a very good sense of humour.

Sheila K

He is NOT Iran's Ariel Sharon

by Sheila K on

He is more like Stalin. He is brutal, very brutal!


So the argument is....

by mamadali on

..that the 'regime' (parliament in this case I guess) has found this person as a culprit--and THAT is used as the main argument AGAINST the regime?   Areh, VAGHAAN ke.   Again, I am sure those true patriots who read these posts and are a vast majority chuckle at the irony (and deep flaw) behind that argument.  Much like I do.  :).  

 Mamad Ali


Manyaa, about this brilliant remark you made

by Cost-of-Progress on

 "INdeed, if there is anything in Iran that is bad- it is the attire of the politicians."

Wow...yet another stupid ass comment made by yet another regime stooge monitoring internet traffic...You people.... 

I guess nevermind all that's been wrong with your murdering theocrats in the last 30 years.

vaaghannnnnn  ke





Out of 70 million,

by Arthimis on

Iran holds at least 5 million criminals that are running and supporting the Satanic Republic. That is the unfortunate fact.

Just look at these pictures amongst many more from the past 30 years to present! These filthy,ugly and vicious criminals are still ruling Iran and Iranians now!

Absolute Disgrace and out most Tragedy for a Glorious country named Iran and her poor honorable citizens...

After Iranian people's victory against Satanic Rule , all these criminals must be shipped to the remotest places on earth for permanent exile on a one way trip. They along their family, friends and tribe must never set foot back in Iran again.

These people can not change.If they stay, Iran will never be free!

Free Iran and True Iranians

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


Heeeey good looking

by عموجان on

Be nice to him, you are looking at the future president of IRI. Khamenei sleeps better now since he knows who will be next after Ahmadi.


Concerned Over What?!

by aaminian on

The only thing that a criminal is ever "conrned" about is over being exposed by the legal system.  That, obviously, is not an issue here since this criminal represents the system!  He does his bosses' dirty laundries and gets a pat on the back. It's as simple as that.


God, He should be imprisoned for poor style and fashion

by mannya2001 on

INdeed, if there is anything in Iran that is bad- it is the attire of the politicians. 

I mean from the suits that they wear- old fashioned styles by the crappy HAKOPIAN armenian stores in Iran. 

Also the religious folks - their abba- is so wide and big, you can literally hide 4 kids under their.

I wonder what their allies like Bashar Al Assad and Hugu Chavez think when they meet up with the poorly dressed IRI offcials.

Indeed, they are either clueless or very KHASEES like their ancestor Abdullah ibni Saba


He's in his element

by TheMrs on

Common criminals aren’t supposed to have remorse. Look at Picture 3. I bet his favorite Islamic drink is Scotch or Whiskey.


called musical chairs - kahrizah will be swept under the rug :-(

by MM on

This is called musical chairs.  Most of these guys are related by blood or marriage, and they are trusted by the top daugs of the government.  So they will be taken care of by post after post, whether they are qualified or not.

Unfortunately, kahrizah accusations will be swept under the rug if and when the protests calm down.  We have seen the cruelty of this joker before in the torture of the Canadian journalist, Zahra, and .....

If the protests continue, well then Mortazavi will become a pawn in Khamenei's game, and may be expendable to satisfy the call for justice.



by yolanda on

So they gave this guy a lateral transfer and no charges will be pressed over 3 people's death......maybe IRI can't do nothing with him 'cause he received orders from higher-ups to crackdown & abuse the prisoners anyway.....I doubt that IRI will sue itself..If IRI pushes this guy, he will tell all and reveal all the dirty secrets........I recall Radan said that tortures did not kill the prisoners, meningitis killed the prisoners.....anyway it is never IRI's faults...it is either natural disasters or mysterious forces...

He looked relaxed in that dashing suit......I wonder how the victims' families feel?!


صد رحمت به عین الله خر


مگه تو تیرون خیاط قحطیه. حالا نمیتونستن این منبر چوبیشون رو کوتاه‌تر درست کنن این بدبخت بالای سکو وای نسته. 


Copy cat. He is Iran's Ariel Sharon. How pathetic.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.