Under a white blanket

Photo essay

by Mohammad Hossainzadeh

صبح که از خواب پا شدیم دیدیم که زمستان برگشته و برف غیرمنتظره ای در اوائل آپریل همه جا را گرفته است.

بهارآمد به صحرا و در و دشت ... نگاه کرد دید هوا پَس بود برگشت


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از دیدن عکسها لذت بردم

دانش (not verified)

محمد جان, قبلا" این عکسهای زیبا را که برایم فرستاده بودی, دیده بودم ولی این بار دلم نیامد بعد از دیدن مجدد آنها و لذت بیشتری که از دیدن آنها بردم, برایت کامنت نگذارم. امیدوارم باز هم عکسهای قشنگی از دیگر فصول سوئد بگیری و چشمهای ما را نوازش دهی. موفق و پیروز باشی


ابرمرد راست میگه


بابا صد رحمت به ویسکانسین و مینسوتا!


Lovely pictures, thank you

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

On a personal anecdote. I absolutely hate snow. I hate the sound of slow death it makes. I hate the way it looks like a reminder of Buchenwald and I hate its pretentious purity.
But as I said before, I like the pictures and thank you again.

Mona 19

Dear Mr.Hossainzadeh...

by Mona 19 on

.Thanks for sharing the pictures...and Happy Nawrouz

(: Have a " Sunny " day 

خانه دلتان گرم و پراز عشق و محبت




Great to hear from you . . .

by Zumba is it! (not verified) on

after such a long time! Hope all is well; Eide shoma mobarak & Nowruz Piruz!

Amazing & beautiful pictures; having snow nearly in April must be special.

Thanks & write soon.


Give me warm sunshine...

by Birdie (not verified) on

Give me warm sunshine... give me deep blue skies... give me bones that don't feel the chill in them... take me to the Iran of my childhood when this time of the year was just pure bliss in every sense of the word.
Give me Norooz in Abadan with tons of kids my own age... give me laughter, give me lunch and dinner with 20+ other family members and friends... give me 'bikhiali'... give me the love in my heart for all people who surrounded me ... give me the sense of belonging that I have lost...
Please no more snow in my heart and my life...
(oh ... and please give it to the people living in these pictures too)
Thank you.



by IRANdokht on

I feel I have to apologize for having a nice weather this spring (well... and all year round too)


loved this part though:

بهارآمد به صحرا و در و دشت ... نگاه کرد دید هوا پَس بود برگشت

don't worry it'll be real hot and muggy soon




Pic #1

by Majid on

Is that sign pointing towards "Ghazvin"?....LOL

Joking aside, beautifu and refreshin pics. And I like your poem at the title. 



Thanks for the pics

by Abarmard on

I don't feel that bad anymore living in a cold area of the US.