Turquoise Letters

Paintings: Kourosh Salehi's art going on display in London

by ramintork
Kourosh Salehi's “Turquoise Letters” at the Idea Generation Gallery, London from 10 to 16 December 2009. Salehi is part of a group of post-revolution Iranian Artists who have merged East-Western traditions and have invented a new language of exile, and in this regard is considered as one of the significant painters of his generation. This exhibition, a collection of paintings and video art films, traces his most recent works >>> more

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Oil + "Print" on canvas mean? Good oil paintings if they are oil

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Additional information

by ramintork on

As the exhibition is on the 10th in London only a small subset of the work has been published, the films also for that reason were not submitted as displaying the full volume of work has been reserved for the event.


Very Good

by divaneh on

Such a good artist