Three Weeks

Photo essay: From the eyes of a foreign tourist

by Roberta



by kfravon on

great photos...thanks for sharing.

picture of the dove in her nest...was that over a toilet flush tank? of all places, it's strange she'd pick that corner!  good catch though :)



Gorgeous photos and places! wish you would have said where they

by obama on

were. The locations for most of the architecture were unknown to me. Definitely, many of them were not in typical tourist places, even though I noticed Kashan, espehan, and the historic village. Would you please elaborate so i can visit on my next trip?  Muy bueno!

Muchas gracias Roberta!



by yolanda on

Very cool photos, I like the colors.....the Persian architecture, mosque ceilings, mosaic patterns, honey-comb ceilings.....If I visit Iran, I will try everything (like food) except Hookah pipe.! :O)

Thank you so much for sharing. I am very jealous!