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Photo essay: An evening in support of the Bahais of Iran

by kfravon
Last night, I attended an event honoring the seven Baha’is, who have been imprisoned without due process for over a year. Some 1,000+ people including many dignitaries were in attendance at the historic Herbst Theatre in San Francisco, where the  United Nations Charter was signed on June 26, 1945.  

The attendance was overwhelming! The program started at 8pm sharp with a welcome and opening remarks by Amy Purchase Reid, an opening prayer, and then Classical Persian music and peom by Rumi and Hisami, “Day and Night” – performed by Fares Hedayati and Kaveh Hedayati. Fr. Setphen A. Privett S.J., President of University of San Francisco read the Prayer for Solidarity. Mayor of Brisbane, Sepi  Richardson and San Francisco Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi were also amongst the audience, and came up and shared their thoughts about the situation of Bahai’s in Iran. (Unfortunately I had a bit of technical difficulty with the camera during Mayor Richardson’s speech). Dr. Abbas Milani – Director of Iranian Studies at Stanford University spoke of Human Rights in Iran. Spoken word artist, poet, vocalist and teacher, Ijeoma Thomas, shared a beautiful poetry “consolidation Part II – In the Garden of Victory” with the audience.

A letter which was written to President Obama by the Children of the Palo Alto Baha’I  community (Luc, Katherine and Nura) was read. Dr. Farhad Sabetan, spokesperson for the Baha’I International Community, who is a Lecturer of Economics at California State University, talked about the situation of the Baha’is in Iran.  There was also a dramatic presentation, ‘We are Not Spies’ by Mansour Taeed. And the amazing evening was closed with Prayers for Unity.

The evening ended with a nice reception . The energy in that lobby was incredible.  

Human rights and religious freedom in Iran – NOW!

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Ali Najafi

Comment to American Dream

by Ali Najafi on

To the comment posted by American Dream -- While Baha'is were heavily persecuted at different times during the Pahlavi era, it is a mistake to say that the Pahlavi regime fell because it persecuted Baha'is. The Pahlavi regime fell because it was an unsustainable form of governance that also lost the trust of the masses.

American Dream

Persecution of Bahais during the Pahlavi dynasty

by American Dream on

The Pahlavi dynasty fell because they persecuted the Bahai community.

Mona 19

The new trial date appears to be set for October 18, 2009

by Mona 19 on



by alborz on

Opening piano performance by Eman Isadiar

Opening prayer "Blessed is the Spot" by Lauren Grieve

Human Rights in Iran by Dr. Abbas Milani, Director of Iranian Studies at Standford University

The Situation of the Bahá'ís in Iran by Dr. Farhad Sabetan, Spokesperson for the Bahá'í Intermantional Community and Lecturer of Economics at California State University

Classical Persian Music and Poem written by Rumi and Hisami, performed by Fares

Hedayati and Kaveh Hedayati



Mona 19

Their Lawyer Ms. Shirin Ebadi told CNN on Saturday...

by Mona 19 on

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

Profiles of seven imprisoned Baha’is

Also I'd like to share a baha'i Prayer in persian which was chanted by Ms.Fariba Kamalabadi(one of the seven baha'i prisoner),please listen to her voice and remember all innocent country men/women who are in evin notoriouse prison at this moment.

Democrocy and freedom for our beloved Iran, a country so many of us hold so dear in our hearts.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

More power to the Baha'i for equal human rights every where.

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!



by Shepesh on



Dr. Milani's Talk...

by alborz on

... was part testimony, part history, and part commitment.  Each built on the other and at the end the audience spontaneously stood to recognize Dr. Milani. 

The entire text of the talk is now available on The New Republic and is well worth the read by all Iranians.




Bizzaro Justice System

by Anvar on

Dear *kfravon* - Thank you for your fine article and sharing of the pictures.  I wish I was there in person.  I have been praying for the unconditional and immediate release of these Yaran (plus other innocent people) and the rectification of this gross injustice. 

It is ironic that in this Bizzaro of a “justice system” where up is down and right is wrong, the ones who are found by the courts to be guilty of espionage are set free and the innocent who have not been found guilty of anything are kept in prison for over a year!

I am especially grateful to non Baha’is, anywhere, for their show of support.


Terry McBride

I wish I was there

by Terry McBride on

to share the moment....


I pray for the day when the Armed Forces of the planet serve Justice and not the political or economic needs of the etremely wealthy... 

Bahram G

Thank you

by Bahram G on

Thank you for your excellent report. I also attended the event. What impressed me the most was not what took place, but what did not take place. Of course I was deeply touched by all those decent and talented people on the program and the theme of the program. Yet, what got me was the absence of vilification and hatred. There were no shouts of death to this or death to that. There was no sense of strict parochiality. The over-riding theme of the gathering was to do with the defense of human rights, and not only the Baha'is' rights.

In this terribly twisted world where young and old in Iran and other places suffer all kinds of injustice, where hatred and atrocities are visited on numberless members of the human family, it is good to see that people of all faith and no faith gather under one roof for an evening of togetherness in support of human rights for all.

Thanks again for your excellent report.

Bahram G


Nobody should be persecuted for their beliefs

by fozolie on

Mr. Fozolie

Mona 19

My Iranians of the day ~ Yaran Iran

by Mona 19 on

Seven Baha’i leaders, (Yaran Iran) have been accused with being corrupt on earth (mofsed fil arz), espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the system. These charges are UNFOUNDED and NO EVIDENCE against them has been brought to light.

If they’ve been found guilty of these false charges, they could have faced the most severe punishments, and God forbidden death penalty.

Judicial officials haven’t given adequate time for their attorneys to prepare a defense. Mr.Soltani, a well-known Iranian human rights lawyer representing them, is himself unjustly imprisoned following the 2009 June election, and Ms.Shirin Ebadi who is also registered with the court to represent them is outside the country.

About 25 years ago, other Baha’i leaders were executed after being rounded up in a manner similar to the way in which these seven were arrested last year (May 14/08).

The date for their trial is Aug 18/09 at 9:00 AM in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

Please remember them in your thoughts and prayers.

Freedom, Justice, Human rights for all Iranian



Ms.Ravon,thank You for sharing your beautiful pictures.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Iran Bahais face espionage trial (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Seven members of the Bahai faith in Iran are to go on trial on Tuesday on charges of spying for Israel and of "insulting sanctities".

Six of the Bahais were arrested in May, 2008. The other one was arrested two months earlier. They were the leaders of the Bahais in Iran.



Thanks for the sharing your photos...

by alborz on

... of this most befitting event in rememberance of the plight of the Baha'i community of Iran.

It has been a couple of days now and I am still recalling how dignified it was and how the various musical arrangements and presentations combined to not only bring about awareness but also convey a sense of hope for Iran.

Thanks again,