Small but sweet

Photo essay: 13 Bedar in Maryland

by Mehdi Jedinia
This year's Sizdah Bedar event in Maryland, near Washington DC, and northern Virginia postponed to Sunday April 6 because of the cold and for the same reason that the famous “cherry blossom” postponed! It was very busy again as energizing as ever during the past years in “Blackhill”. A soft rain welcomed participants. But Iranian Mazhabis also practiced Sizdah Bedar in another park of “Nerwood”. It was not much different except dance of young ladies and the number of participants...


you would think this pics were taken in Iran ;-)

by farnoosh (not verified) on

agha ..mashala khanooma to in aksa che hejabe sakhto sefti dashtan ..
goftam motmaen sham in aksa az iran boode?? ya Usa?? :-) ya shayad america ham jomhoori eslami shode va ma khabar nadarim ..
thanks anyway :-)



by kfravon on

Small, but sweet indeed. It sure looks like even though the weather was cold, the Iranians had a warm gathering. How nice! That Balaal looks SO good, I'd love to have one, right about now~! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.



by Majid on

Iranian babies have a mark stamped on their forehead at birth...Benz or BMW, like Asian babies' in Orange County, CA  have a mark that reads UCI (University of California, Irvine) ...LOL

I remember back in 1975 a car dealership in Hambourg, Germany had this huge banner in Farsi, saying " Aakharin model haaye Benz va BMV mowjood ast", and they had a Farsi translator by phone in a different city! 


Benz and BMW

by Showy (not verified) on

baba een irooniham koshtan maro be een Benz o BMW shoon ... lol


Small But Important

by IranianMother (not verified) on

It WAS sweet, Agha Mehdi. Iranian spirit rules, no matter where. I'm glad you shared this with us. Sometimes I think the large population of Iranians in California might inhibit other Iranians in other parts of the world in sharing their celebrations and gatherings, which are equally touching and awesome. Thanks for sharing. Sal-e khoobi dashteh bashid!