Rosie spring

Photo essay: In our backyard in northern California

by kfravon
Spring is beautiful... we have a new family who moved in to our backyard... the neighborhood hummingbird is busy taking care of it's babies.... it's just beautiful out there.... My dog Rosie loves it too!

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Nice dog

by S Khorram (not verified) on

I have an American Bulldog that looks like your dog. Awesome dogs, aren't they?

Nazy Kaviani

Thank you

by Nazy Kaviani on

Thank you Faranak Jan. Your pictures are beautiful and your view is thoughtful, as usual. Ba ejazeh, I will borrow a couple of these photos. The Shah-Toot one is absolutely delicious! Rosie makes me long for a dog.



by ShutterBug (not verified) on

Loved your photos, and loved the serenity you and your pooch felt. Thank you for sharing.