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Photo essay: Rock band 127 on stage

by talieshah
Jaaye Hame Khaalee bood! The Band 127 played at the Elbo Room in the Mission District of San Francisco on June 18th, 2008. See tour dates:

by Talieh Shahrokhi

Lalé Shahparaki Welsh

amazing talent!

by Lalé Shahparaki Welsh on

127 (sad o beest o haft, not one twenty seven, btw) are genuinely talented as opposed to just lucky (as is the case with many musicians--see LA).  At beyond Persia we hear from bands and artists all the time who are stuck in Iran and unable to express their artistic bent with ease. While there are more talented musicians and artists than we could ever have imagined coming out of Iran, 127 are exceptional.  Sohrab and Salmak's grasp of music, as well as a culture that is foreign to them is only ithe tip of the talent iceberg.

These guys are just beginning and if they don't stray from their goal, will blow you away with what they are capable of.  We are truly excited to see them doing so well, and endorse them in every way!

 Support these guys (And all musicians) if you can, by buying their CD's :) and not copying them :(



Talented, creative and fresh

by Monda on

Great photos, thank you Talieh for sharing. What would the Iranian community do without your presence in such events? As I've been listening to their CD, more songs are becoming my favorites. These guys do grow on you rapidly! I hope they come to the Bay Area again soon and change their performance time to earlier (at least 10 pm) so I get to hear them live. This time the 11:30 start was the reason many people didn't make it.

Party Girl

Like no one else

by Party Girl on

Good photos Talieh!  127 doesn't sound like anyone else on the Iranian music scene.  Their music is raw and their lyrics are powerful and at times funny.  Theirs is music that grows on you.  I give them high marks for daring to be different and wish them success.