A riot of color

Photo essay: What I saw in Iran, this vast and beautiful land

by damonlynch
Politics plays with words, images and ideas, tossing about the known and the imagined as if they were one. Art does too. I have my own words and ideas about Iran, but here I want these images—snapshots in time of what I have seen in this vast and beautiful land—to convey the feeling I have in my heart. Visit this site to see an audio slideshow featuring music by Kambiz Roshanravan and Jason Farnham: imagineiran.com

-- Damon Lynch, damonlynch.net

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Lynn Wong Abdullah

Absolutely beautiful

by Lynn Wong Abdullah on

I visited Iran in March for Noruz, it is indeed a beautiful country with beautiful poeple and it is a shame that, the rest of the world do not know anything about such beauty except for all the bad reps that goes around, no thanks to IRI regime.  Great job with the pictures!


In reply to Ari

by damonlynch on

The matching color is just a coincidence. It can of course take time to get a good image at Hafez's tomb, because of the constant movement of people.

I am learning Farsi but my knowledge is currently very weak. However I know what #20 means :) And of course #39 refers to the death of the gentleman in the photo -- unlike places like Bandar Turkman, where in striking contrast such public notices refer to weddings.


In a symphony.

by Sinibaldi on

In the light of a symphony there's a charming intention, and also that fortune; there's a little desire and the sound of a beautiful noise.... Francesco Sinibaldi   //www.afghanistanonlineforums.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1249765272  

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Thanks Damon. Your photos are so alive they compel the viewer to hold visual dialogs with them. Couple of more questions: 1. In #19--the color of the little girl's dress matching the flower bundle on the tombstone--was the metaphor composed or discovered? Either case, it is Persian poetry in photographic form.

2. In reference to #20 and #39, do you read Farsi?


it was darker than it appears, yes

by damonlynch on

Hi Ari, the aperture was 1.6 and the iso 500, so it was not at all bright. No special tricks were involved :)


BeaUUtiful! w/ ur permission I'll use 40 as my future avatar(s)!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by Abarmard on

Great job. Beautiful photography. Thanks

Ari Siletz

gifted photographer

by Ari Siletz on

How did you get her pupils so dilated in #33? Was it darker than it looks in the photo?


Outstanding.  I agree these

by desi on

Outstanding.  I agree these were some of the best photos of Iran I've seen in a while.  Thanks Damon.


Amazing indeed!

by kfravon on

Thank you so much Damon for sharing your amazing work.
Loved them all.....

mostafa ghanbari

The lost and forgotten beauty

by mostafa ghanbari on


God damn those who under the beautiful name of God and goodness have been distorting the face of Iran which is mysteriously beautiful and amazingly genuine. But we will unveil this majestic face very soon.



by yolanda on

So many pretty girls with beautiful smile!




Michal and Jahanshah, I am

by damonlynch on

Michal and Jahanshah, I am glad you liked them Thanks for your comments. The Jewish temple is dedicated to Esther and Mordechai, and is found in Hamedan. The location of each photo can be found here: //www.pbase.com/dflynch/iran


Good job!

by michal on

I've seen lots of beautiful photos from Iran, but some of yours are outstanding. The portraits are expressive and street pictures show plain Iranian scenes in eye-catching way.

Great thing is that you don't show the known touristic places. I recognize Hafez's tomb, but other locations are unknown to me. I suppose the synagogue is in Tehran, along with some typical traffic scenes from there. Where did you take these pictures?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Some of the best photos of Iran I have seen in a long time. The people portraits are especially beautiful and expressive.