Ramazan cards (Part II)

Breaking technology divides with faith

by Amir Normandi

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I forget to tell you also

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist

be brave and tell to others who you are , educated or not, why you did this photo, if you stupid and you have fear ,,,,better don't touch some things like you did ever...I am cartoonist I draw cartoon I sign my real name and my e-mail and my location....I am standing for what I believe.....you just stupid sicko


Where is your outrage about pedophilia in Isam?

by NN (not verified) on

The pedophilia (marriage age in Iran is 9) and disgusting temporary marriages and polygamy in Islma is an abomination. Everyone should be outraged at that not the Amir accurate presentation of the most hypocritical, unethical, violent, and immoral religions in the world.


is sickness art can bring war and blood people are going die for

by hajiagha on

Iranian artist your art can create war and bring blood

The art created on 2 base's 1- have a messages why? 2- don't have just creativity can be beautifully or ugly....like some one looking in out from windows flower tree people......or some one paint canvas with red color....

your photography in nude picture mixet with kind ignores on Islam ? what relationship have your photo with art?

you don't like Islam no problems, some one pay you for this no problems you bussines man, or you did by own but you free to left Islam and change your life and your way to a kind life you like but I thinks you don't have right to create stress and fun like this with them....I don't like such nasty islamic regime also such stupid freedom I saw what is rung with them and draw my art have messeges ...what is your? explaine to us please

you can take picture from terrorist or crazy Moslem's and so on....show what is here rung or right ....if a women or man under Islamic regime don't like this kind life they are free to move out like and you....

but you have right to ask for freedom of speech also not such stupid sex and advertising sex on any any relagion , this bring war and blood and more ignore.....better you try to educated the muslims ....such in Canada with best freedom we have the police and law punish the sex business and need to have licence to publish nude picture or so on is not free use your talent in a right way....take picture from crazy feminist Muslims and show to us,,,,like stolen are money are oil and they lies they living in expensive home and.... any things you things is rung and then you have answer for your art?why you did this? others if not you a crazy man?


stupid art

by just me (not verified) on

there is a limit of "ahmaghaane boodan" and you have for sure passed it with this art; very poor


f religion wake up you all!! is man made story!!!

by f mullahs (not verified) on

Believe in science and facts not on some a hole arab in desert decided to cash in on what he said a messenger from god!! We all are suffering from religion look around you!


Islam is Hell

by Hate them moslems (not verified) on

It is unimaginable to throw a sheet over a woman and force her to live like that. She is a ghost! A no nothing, no class, slave, ghost. You hairy, dirty, ugly, greasy, smelly moslem men do not deserve to live on this planet.


We need to be brave to face NAKED facts!

by Ghayrati (not verified) on

This is only a mirror in front of us to see ourselves, avoiding the mirror does not change the images or the facts.


so is the point of this art

by Eli (not verified) on

so is the point of this art to show that chador is degrading to women?

Or is it to show western women lack the brain cells needed to wear chador properly?


Non Relgion is stupid!

by SomeJ (not verified) on

you also studid that called islam or other religion, , beleive that islam, christian, Jewesh buddism etc all are human and hope you have respect to every person faith , if you have one


Caravane Eslam be nakoja abad miravad!

by Hamid_Rokgu on

Aftabeh is  another precious contribution of the "Eslame aziz" to the world civilization, as if if people before did not used to go to "sare band"!

In Eslame aziz ye dine shekame va ye vajab zire shekame , jalal khalegh va albateh , agar inaro azash begirand chizi basash baghi nemimune!

BE har koja ke in dine mobin rafte mardomesho be khake siah neshonde, ke albate mardom ham kheili shokr gozarand , ke nure iman deleshono roshan karde!! jalalkhalegh!!

Hameye karhayee in "Eslame aziz" ba pasti va doroyie, dar in mahe mobarake ramazan ham , tebghe maamule saanavati , mardom kami be vazneshon ezafe mishe , albate nagofte namanad baraye hambastegi ba foghara va goshnehast, aslan bebinid shoma , in dine mobin pore az hekmat!!



Freedom of Expression

by Messgar (not verified) on

Tolerance: a permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one's own; freedom from bigotry.

I will fight for your right to express yourself, even if I don't agree with what you say. [In this case, I do agree, whole-heartedly.]

More power to you, Amir; I support your cause and stand with you, shoulder to shoulder.
--verde azadi


Which one comes 1st? Allah or Aftabeh?

by Aftabeh Allah (not verified) on

These pictures contain encoded messages. Only a person with great knowledge in abstract algebra, pattern recognition, and coding theory can fully understand the information content these images are trying to covey to the audience.

Get this:

If you are in a bathroom doing #2 and you only have two itesm (Aftabeh full of water and a Allah-in-the-center Flag of the Islamic Republic) at your disposal, which one would you use first to clean?

Please rely with you answers for this hypothetical scenario I just describe?


How stupid. You call this art?

by Farshad (not verified) on

Forget about religion. I am not even concerned about that.(The hell with all religions!)
But seriously, you call this garbage art?
How stupid can someone get?
Free expression yes, but "ART" is far from it...
Go educate yourself buddy.


It's time for Islam to be reformed! Great pictures.

by An Ex-muslim Now-Modern Woman (not verified) on

Love the sarcasm, aftabeh and nuclear energy don't jive!


Islam is Stupid

by Proud to mock Islam (not verified) on

That is the message of this art. Islam is stupid. Ramezan is stupid. You people who are obsessed with these rituals are stupid. In every freaking religion women are the big losers. Women must be pushed back and women are filthy cause of our periods. You retarded Neanderthals.


Nothing is Sacred

by Viewer (not verified) on

People get upset when they don't understand a piece of art or are confronted with an expression which seems against their values.
You people seem to have forgotten ; Nothing is Sacred.


As a regular reader of

by Hassanonymous (not verified) on

As a regular reader of Iranian.com I find this pointless, tasteless and plain old offensive. There is no value added to the site with this stuff. Publishing a picture of a piece of "goh" may also be considered artistic by some people infatuated with the said material but that does not mean you have to feed it to your readers and to yourself.



by tttt (not verified) on

What the hell is this? What are you going to say? What is the message of these junks? So sorry for Iran if idiots like you are intellectuals.......


Pathetic and Stupid

by donyazdi on

The presence of this childish junk on page one makes the entire editorial staff of Iranian.com look like idiots, and rightly so. Ramazan Cards? What a stupid and gratuitously offensive oqde-khAli kardan. You, Mr. or Ms. Editor in cheif of this site: You are as tasteless as you are brainless. Get a life.


go get life man. there is

by Anonymous 99 (not verified) on

go get life man. there is nothing artistic about these. shame on


very poor art

by Fereydoon79 (not verified) on

Naked white girl in black chador with flags of Muslim countries? Wow congratulations Picasso! You're truly an art genius.... except that a dozen other idiots have photographed ugly naked white girls in chadors before.

At least if you want to provoke, do it in an original way.


Same tasteless and pathetic

by Shirin (not verified) on

Same tasteless and pathetic photos.

Just like the previous ones you posted, there is nothing innovative or artistic about them. Yet another waste!