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Photo essay: Candlelight vigil in San Francisco for fallen protesters in Iran

by Nazy Kaviani
On Sunday night I attended a candlelight vigil in San Francisco, held for the victims of past week's unrest in Iran. Over one thousand people comprising of Iranians and Americans had gathered to declare their solidarity with Iranians inside Iran. The images of Neda Agha Soltan, the 27-year-old woman whose last few moments alive had been captured by bystanders' cameras were all over the place. People were subdued and in mourning mood, at the same time supportive and loving of one another. Except for a few slogans and singing "Ey Iran", the crowd remained silent throughout the event. Fewer signs were held this time and everyone was unified in their respectful remembrance of the fallen victims. Banafsheh Akhlaghi, head of Northern California Amnesty International spoke to the crowd and invited them to unity and vigilance over events taking shape in Iran. This photo essay is for all of those who lost their lives in Iran last week. They know by now that their lives and deaths were not for naught. They should rest in peace, knowing that they have delivered their powerful message to the world.

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Hello, I was wondering if

by apersonwhocares on

Hello, I was wondering if this might be a good idea: SInce there are
protests against the violence in Iran all around the world, why not
unite those forces? Why don't people unite. If people fly in from all
over the world, not directly into Iran, because they woulde probably be
arrested right away. If people flew into surronding countries,
assembled in groups and tried to cross the land border. If they are not
allowed inside Iran, then they should make a camp/picket line right
there on the border crossing. Perhaps this action would at least ring
encouragement and boost the morale of the Iranians within Iran. Not to
mention the Basij couldn't touch them because they would still
technically be in another country.

mash mandali

Warning about this guy...Cezare

by mash mandali on

I'm glad he posted his picture here as an avatar for everyone to see.

He's the kind of person who either ends up in Waco,Texas or is in the verge of going postal.

Mark my words.



by Hodhod on

this is true for today's of Iran.   //www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0lYgImCtjY


Anthem for Neda

by ramintork on

Anthem for Neda

What lamenting cry for you who fell like a leaf?

More howling guns or sound of protesting feet?

What drops should pour for this anguish?

Their tears of Gas? More weeping in blood vanquished?

No mockeries for you; no drink from their martyr's well,

Nor sound and vision from a TV deaf and blind for those who fell,

No gleam of sorrow from these murderous beasts,

Only a frenzy as they persist their blood feast.

How many candles should we burn to keep your memory alive?

Burn the World with your light or go back to just survive?

You gave your youth, life and beauty,

Shame on us to live but not to do our duty.

Life is just a day, our lives race towards the dusk,

We shall walk your path in freeway, we must until we turn to dust.

Ramin Tork 23rd June 2009


MKO hard at work here now

by Mehdi on

MKO, full of hatred for Iran and Iranians, along with their cohorts, Israeli right wing are very active now on this site encouraging violence in Iran, spreading falsehood and asking people to "become martyrs" which simply means let's kill each other. They use their usual tactics of EXTREME exaggeration of facts, mis-representation of facts and outright falsehood, along with "estimates" and such nonsense. Let's recognize these people for who they are - INSANE CRIMINALS.

Stop the spread of violence in Iran. This has already gone too far.More people must speak against these damaging demonstrations. 


Kaveh, the Curmudgeon

by moo (not verified) on

Shame on you Kaveh Afrasiabi. You sound like a bitter curmudgeon, incoherent and bitter. You have become what you've always despised. Congratulations.

Keep on self-destructing...

Ahmed from Bahrain

You gave your life for freedom.

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

From the blood of a young and brave Iranian woman the flowers of freedom will blossom.

Never be slave to anyone else. You are your own master.

Neda jan, I salute you and know that your spririt is risen above all creation.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Global protest in solidarity

by spread the news (not verified) on

global protest in solidarity with Iranians:

Big day on Thursday. "Mousavi's facebook page just announced that they want to hold global solidarity demonstrations on Thursday 'for the martyrs that have been lost so far in our fight for justice.' In Tehran, the demonstration will be held at Imam Khomeini Shrine, according to the announcement."


Maya Parsi


by Maya Parsi on

Ali Lakani

Shaboon bi mokh

by Ali Lakani on


Every coup d'etat necessarily has its shaboon bi mokhs.  This guy is IRI coup's shaboon bi mokh.  Burden of proof is on Mousavi and Karroubi after all the irregularities in the elections?  After he received a phone call from Ministry of Information, announcing him as the winner?!!!!!  Mehdi, here, this might help you and Mr. Afrasiabi.

The Iranian nation knows already that not only IRI are cheats and liars, they are murderers too.  Mr. Afrasiabi should go and find himself another mecca to face. With scholars like this there is no hope for elimination of idiots in this world.

Maya Parsi

U.S. Senator John McCainTribute To Neda and All Iranian

by Maya Parsi on

Senator John McCain say to Mr. President Obama; Iranian are Brave and we never seen anywhere.


hamsade ghadimi

wrong pic

by hamsade ghadimi on

i believe the picture of neda used on this blog is not the right one. see the link:


Maya Parsi

Another Dedication to Neda and To All Iranian Freedom Fighter

by Maya Parsi on

JP Salamanca Dedicated This song to Neda, and the voices of Iran calling for fairness, justice, and the rights and freedoms of all.



Sorry Souri. But Mousavi is

by cezare on

Sorry Souri. But Mousavi is no different. I agree 100% with Mehdi. he seems to have the minority viewpoint but the right one. His wisdom clearly points to the fact that Mousavi is border line correct if not far off to the left.As far as this government renmaining in power; there may be some shuffling around at the top but it will be the same Islamic Republic firmly rooted in the culture. Remember also, the demonstrations started with riots and it wasn't a peaceful march from the start from what we saw on television.


We've seen enough blood.

by cezare on

We've seen enough blood. let's not get more young people killed. Our
voices should unite to make them march peacefully and not violently. Now there is probably marshal law.
Violence will only reap more violence.


A very fair analysis

by Mehdi on

By Kaveh Afrasiabi:



Merci Nazy khanom!

by farshadjon on

Great job as usual!

Hope to see a free Iran soon.


Unfortunately and as usual,

by Anonymous34124 (not verified) on

Unfortunately and as usual, the youth are the victims in this type of an ordeal! I see in the near future the arrest of Mousavi and his close allies for inciting riots. It is likely he will face the death penalty. And, all this will come to an end. Mullahs and the RG are not about to hand anything over!


We Won

by @tehran (not verified) on

Readers pls make note this revolution is Won.

They had a 48 hour window to declare martial law, mobilize every tank, and have every helicopter and plane in the sky with a few symbolic air strikes of empty buildings for good measure.

Well they missed that, and know 100s are dead or maimed. It becomes an exponential viral process. Everyday that there no tanks is less days to the end.

I grew up in Iran and will tell you that your average Iranian is generally a well intentioned, kind person.

However, there is a basic primal fear that all have: that is "loss of face / shame".

I have seen this blood vengenance turn otherwise civlized, educated Tehrani's into methodical, cold-blooded brutes.

If ones daughter, house, family or name is defiled or worse killed; there will be hell to pay.

My next door neighbor had their house burned to the ground over a dispute; the CEO of a major company was assisinated in his own garden by street youths; etc.

The regime knows this blood culture exists; but had it deflected to the outside world for 30yrs. Then they thought that they could scold the population like youth for voting and trample them.

Well, well the old geezer Clerics are proving to be senile.

Dont pity these martyrs......pity the wrath that is coming to the Clerics. Every dead martyr will reap the heads of 100 Clerics min.



by Souri on

You might be right about Mousavi's action, but you got the wrong deduction here. With this Pol Pot style attack on its own people, this government's days are now counted. They won't stay longer from now.


Official air Line of Revolution '09

by Iran Air (not verified) on

Word to the wise.....the Mullah's '79 revolution won based on 3 issues:

-Media sabotage
-Fleeing of elite
-Money flight

First the Shah lost the war in the papers / TV; he made all the mistakes of killing 'babies', apologizing, making concessions

Then the top echelons were evacuating for over 12 mo's prior to the fall of the Shah.
First with vactions, then transfers and finally desertion.

Finally the money was being wired out in billions $ (Kayhan still has a list of hundreds of $ million Bank SWIFT wires on its front page in most libraries from '79).

Its starts as a trickle, then a full run and finally a tidal wave.

Watch, Ranfsanjani the billionaire has been out of sight for 2 weeks. Him and the top 1000 millionaires around him are planning on exits.

Next will be the Bonyad Foundation heads.

Then the CEO's of govt. companies.

Then the Generals

Finally, just the connected bazari / LA Rich Iranians on vacation.

Check with jr. clerks at Kayhan Newspaper, Bank Melli and Iran Air over the next few weeks. They will note strange requests for VIPs.

At the end, you will be able to get 1 cent / $ out of the country and ticket clerks at Iran Air will be getting $10,000 bribes / ticket.....same as in '79


I told you that violent revolution is a bad idea

by Mehdi on

Mousavi should have followed a legal route than demonstrations, etc. I think it is clear by now that he did not really have a majority vote. The number of people in demostrations simply does not reflect a majority vote for him. Violence and antagonistic confrontations only weakens democratic movements. These better be avoided. 

Maya Parsi

Son of Shah supports protestors

by Maya Parsi on


Thanks Johnny

by wow (not verified) on

Neda you will always be in my mind. and johnny thank you so much for this amaizing song.

Maya Parsi

Brave IRANIAN Women

by Maya Parsi on

Maya Parsi

Stand Strong NAZY

by Maya Parsi on




NAZY KAVIANI; Keep up the good work, their boos make you stronger, never back down.

Those Ahriman in human shape are working very hard to break you down. And they are everywhere.



Nuke Iran's Internet Spy System

by 007 (not verified) on

Jackpot !

Found the Orwellian internet monitoring "Nerve Center" in Iran.

It is: Telecommunication Infrastructure Co.,

Pls locate this building on Google Earth in Tehran and re-tweet for opposition to nuke this site

WSJ, reports that Nokia Siemens & McAfee built it. Thanks guys, will be sure to include you in Apartheid boycott list....

ps, both companies have 'termination-routine' kernels in software to abort all use; ie, if you break contract or stop paying licensing fee's... so calling out these companies as suppliers of Dictatorship could disable the monitoring in hours......



Nazy. Stop making Neda the

by cezare on

Nazy. Stop making Neda the poetser child of your ideology. let her rest ion peace. Do you think if you were in her place your mother and father would want you labled as a martyr for a worthless bloody revolution? The first revolution brought the mullas. What is this one gonna bring but more coffins.


look at this....

by aaa (not verified) on


Making bow and arrow

by Parthian II (not verified) on

use a straight branch of a tree and the rubber from the rubber tube of the bikes.
Cut the branches for the bow and the arrows.
The bow could be thicker than arrows.
Use a sharp knife to sharpen the head of the arrow.
make at least 25 arrows.
cut the bike tube tire in strips and tie them together and tie them to each end of the bow and practice with several arrows first.

when you are planning to go to a square or anywher to assemble and they wont let you, use the bow and arrows to shower them with the arrows, when they hold their shields up to prevent the arrows coming from the sky up shoot them in the front.
get into units of 150.
study has shown 150 is a good manageable number for any organization.
pass to all those brave young Parthians/parthisans