Poetic eye

Photo essay: Iran and Iranians

by Roozbeh Feiz (VISTA)
Gradually through the recent years I find myself more and more attracted toward photography. It is a universal and yet accessible media to express myself. The irony is, the more I become interested in photography, the less I find free and relax time to spend on it. Therefore most of the time I miss the possibility of "taking my time" to concentrate on the visual world deeply enough in order to feel it to a poetic level >>> Flickr page
Also see "The offering"



by yolanda on

Dear Rfeiz,

Thank you again for the amazing photos, which blew me away! You are a great photographer! Looking forward to your future postings.





رومانای عزیز،

در میان همه‌ی لطف دوستان، کامنت شما جالب توجه بود.




Thanks. They are my fav as well, although not really easy for me to pick one. Each of them has long memories and events behind them. 



ممنون. آیا راهی وجود داره من متوجه بشم دوستی که این عکس‌ها رو این‌جا به اشتراک گذاشته کی بوده؟

تا جایی که نگاه کردم لینکی به پروفایل ایشون در دسترس نیست.





Thank you all

by rfeiz on

Dear all,


I am really flattered to see all your warm comments here. Honestly I was not aware that my photos are shared here. Thanks to an unknown friend who shared them here :)


Thank you all. I am inspired by your warm comments.



dr. holakouee shows

by drspages1 on

hey I just wanted to share dr. holakouee's shows with everyone else:) 

here it is: //www.holakoueearchive.com/?item=august-28-2009


he ain't no poet but he sure sounds like one! 

reza karimi

poetic eye

by reza karimi on

thank you for sharing. beautiful pictures and wonderful composition. keep-up the good work.

reza karimi


Le cours de la vie.

by Sinibaldi on

Quand je pense au premier  âge de ma  jeunesse, une  corporelle rime  m'appelle silencieuse comme  une blanche  harmonie, et   un chant disparaît....  Francesco Sinibaldi



by yolanda on

Hi! Ramona,

        It is amazing that you know all the antonyms and contrast words, it is just beautiful! I read your post 3 times!





by Souri on

They are just amazing!

I truly enjoyed all the pictures, in your Flick Pages and the other photo essay that I had missed in March (The Offering)

You have an excellent eye! powerful zoom!

Thanks for sharing.


Multiple Personality Disorder

these picture are beautiful

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

that's all I can say


Poetic Imagery

by Ramona on

Roozbeh jan, 

I see a fantastic play of opposites in your images:

Light and Dark

Black & White

Life and death

Color and colorlessness

Earth and air

Fire and water

As above, so below

Natural and artificial

Love and surrender

Pain and Joy

Youth and Wisdom

Freedom and captivity

Tenderness and Loneliness

Friendship and separation

Movement and stillness

Order and chaos

Eastern and Western

Masculine and Feminine

Fullness and emptiness

Ancient and modern

Open space and closed doors

Stability and fluidity

Rain and shine

Sun and moon

Sacred and profane

And beauty in the commonplace

How creatively you bring the opposites together...

Thank you for sharing your poetic imagery.





by kfravon on

thank you for sharing your amazing photgraphs!

loved them all.....i feel like having neemroo right about now!


My favorite photo essay!

by yolanda on

Picture #1: beautiful Persian architecture and very romantic silhouette.

Picture #9 and #10: beautiful lone-standing tree.

Picture #16: beautiful dromedary silhouette!

Picture #40: it is a gorgeous roof, but looks like some type of pastry. I e-mailed this pciture to myself! It is just irresistible!

Picture #41: I like the majestic mosque. I e-mailed the photo to myself also as a souvenir!

Great job and thank you!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

There's a certain spiritual calmness in your work -- and lots of love. No. 2 is particularly precious.