A place called Sefidab

Shades of green take your breath away

by Fariba Amini
Sefidab is a village in Gilan province of northern Iran nestled between the cities of Chaboksar and Lahijan. On my last trip, I had a chance to go there and have a scrumptious meal more than a few times at a seafood restaurant called Ghezelsara... Sefidab, which means white water, takes its name from the roaring, almost white colored falls and rapids which are seen as you enter the area. The mountains are covered with tea bushes and hazelnut trees, while at the bottom you see nothing but rice plantations. The scenery of these mountains and valleys which comes in many shades of green is serene; it takes your breath away>>>FULL TEXT

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A place called Sefidab

by John Doe (not verified) on

"Maybe we do deserve dictatorships and maybe the pages of Iranian.com should not be open to Iranians because we still lack civility towards one another."

Shame Shame Shame!.

Ms. Amini, you were doing well, then something must have happened and you lost it. Stay the course, but don't resort to comments of this sort as it rubs you of your credibility. No need to stoop to your detractor's level, as you may still be admired by many.


Hey Fariba, is that you

by Anonymous^2 (not verified) on

celebrating the 28th anniversary of US embassy take over by a group of Iranian terrorists?



Iran the beautiful. A place called my HOME.

by Sefidab (not verified) on

THANK you Fariba Amini.


JJ, What's going on in here?

by Majid on

What's the reason this time for deletion of some comments?

I'm so confused as to what the criteria is for keeping or deleting of the comments policy here!


Would you explain? 



Fariba Amini, please explain to us how you manage to

by Ladan Afrasiabi (not verified) on

travel to and out of Iran without being harassed by the IR regime while others get to be imprisoned and blackmailed, etc.! Is it because of your support to the mullahs back in 1979 when you and your family moved from US to Iran? You did support Ayatollah Khomeini, didn't you? Your father supported him as well, didn't he? Do you still support he mullahs? Please explain!



Real piece of work!

by Fariba Amini (not verified) on

I try to be cordial, polite and factual, but this woman--presumably we're dealing with a woman here-- PK, is really a piece of work. (Her emails to me in reaction to my last article are too shameful to even cite here).

She really must have a personal grudge against me; I am not sure why nor do I care. Frankly, I don't give a damn my dear! This last comment is only addressed to the other readers of Iranian. com., the ones I respect and for whom I write my articles.

First of all, I went to Iran two years ago, after a 12-year absence. Frankly, I was scared to death because of my human rights activities. However, I found that Iran is not as black and white as it is portrayed in the West, especially in the US. There are so many negative aspects but there are also the positive ones, mainly and mostly having to do with the Iranian people. I have written some seven articles on the people of Iran, including one titled "Inspirational People," for this very Iranian.com. What I saw was the harshness of a regime which is doing everything in its power to hang on and to suppress the population. But I also saw the courageousness of an entire nation doing everything within their means to resist this ugly regime; it is not easy. I also interviewed Abbas Amir Entezam, a courageous man who suffered long years in prison. I took pictures of Evin, and would have been arrested but for the courage of the taxi driver. These pictures are now used by many in their articles on the infamous prison (built during the reign of his Majestry the King of Kings the light of the Aryans!)

I talked to hundreds of people, including peasants!! I went to the demonstration outside of the hospital where Akbar Ganji had just been brought from his bed death in Evin. I also confronted bearded men who would not let me go into the University, talked to several students and interviewed them. (read my article in Payvand.com)

So during those 45 days I did a lot traveling in this vast country of ours, and I took lots and lots of pictures. Some of these I have posted on Iranian.com. I also went to Ahmad Abad and made a short film of my visit to Mossaedegh's residence. And the Mossadegh haters (who are small in mumber) notwithstanding, I put my hands on the tomb of the great man, and I cried.

Two years ago, I went to the table of the newly elected President of Iran, Ahmadi Nejad, during his visit to New York, and said to him " you have ruined my country." I also told him about human rights abuses and the gap between the poor and the rich. I also took off my hejab in front of the bearded men around his table and told them that covered hair is not not what brings honor to a woman.

I write from the heart; if anyone doesn't like it, he or she can just ignore it. why don't you write something productive and edifying instead of bashing compatriots?

What have you done lately Ms. Kemp or Mr. Kemp (who knows) other than slander others? So now let me end by being untypically rude: either go get a life or just shut up!


Grow up!

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

What on earth her personal life and marriage(s) have to do with the price of tea in China? Grow up!


Miss Kemp chill please

by daydreamer (not verified) on

Parvane what a passionate respond to just a few beautiful pictures? perhaps Iran is your ex country but for me is my motherland I did not break-up with her nor will I ever do so, just because right now its been ruled by some mean spirited people which don't have the best in mind for her does not mean that I would part with her. My beautiful motherland has seen worse and survived and will this time around as well. I have no idea who Miss Amini is or what is her political belief but why is it anyone's business that she visits Iran? Instead of attacking her why don't you sit back enjoy the pictures like most of us do and thank her for showing you a beautiful part of your ex country and our motherland. Miss Amini I thank you and please share with us more pictures of our gorgeous Vatan.



by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH T. (not verified) on



False Impressions

by Parvane Kemp (not verified) on

Here we go again. For quite a while I kept my peace and decided not to write anything in connection with Fariba Amini's falsifications. But I see she is again going back to her old habits. This time trying to give a superficial and false image to the readers of this page that Iran of Ayatollahs is a beautiful place to live in. This is the same image that Amini and her co-workers, meaning the treacherous Jebhe Melli have been busy painting for the last 29 years. Of course, whenever the Ayatollahs kicked them out of partnership, they started moaning about how bad the regime is. But Sefidab was there for hundreds of years if not more. Why should it be brought into the publics notice now? Is it that Ayatollahs and their allies, Melli Mazhabi faction, of which Farib Amini and her father's family have been life members, feel threathened by the possibility of military strikes against the regime and need to remind Iranians abroad to save their ex-country, if not for the Aytollahs, at least for the sake of its picturesque landscape? Has Amini, in her frequent luxury visits to Iran, thanks to the hospitality provided to her by her father's allies, tried to interview any of the peasants who live in such beautiful places as Sefidab. Does she know if the image pictured by these "dehaati" man and women of Sefiab is as pretty as their villages. Do they earn enough income to feed their families and send their children to obatain a decent education? Do they have enough health care to save their youth and the elderly from disease and disaster. Why didn't Amini, the so-called human rights acitivist, travel to Bam to see that after 4 years since the whole place was leveled by a firece earhquake, there are still hundreds if not more families who are homeless and live in tmeporary shelters. I am sure Bam was at one time a beautiful place to be pictured on these pages. But you don't want to show it as it may stop the hospitality that is provided to you by the Ayatollahs. The message to Aminin and the rest of regime lobbyists is vlear:Stop posting such false images and serving as the mouthpiece of the Islamic regim.


smell yes i am

by shahmirzadi (not verified) on

yes smell i am from shahmirzad, by far one the most beautiful place in iran.


Thanks for the beautiful

by ML (not verified) on

Thanks for the beautiful pics!
Don't mind these nut-cases(I'm being overly polite calling 'em nut-cases) they deserve to be called a lot of other things!
Good report and great scenery!


SMELL???????? so what? SWIM FISHIES SWIM

by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH (not verified) on




by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH (not verified) on



How many people have you pissed off today?

by smell (not verified) on

Fariba I wonder what you have done that have pissed off at least few people. Could it be your arrogant attitude? The attitude that you are better than the rest of us? Just few guesses as to why you are getting some nasty comments when in your mind you are doing something nice. Sad – isn’t in when people do not see others as equal.


nyc college of technology loves iraaaaaaaan

by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH (not verified) on

salaaaaaaaam iraaaaaaaaaan


it is beautiful

by ROBIN JAYNE GOLDSMITH (not verified) on

beautiful all destructive CLEARLY REPEAT CLEARLY destructive comments shall soon MELT into love


Great pictures

by Hesam (not verified) on

Beautiful pictures Fariba khanum, please ignore the idiots and continue posting nice pictures from our beautiful country for true Iranians.


my article- a place called Sefidab

by fariba amini (not verified) on

This piece wasn't meant to be political, though
it is meant for a time when there is a possiblity of an attack against Iran. it intends to show the human side of Iran, the people, like the owner of the restaurant who was a victim of the Iran-Iraq war. some of my countrymen and women are still so immature and so critical about everything and everyone that they never ever want to see the good side of anything and anyone.

Maybe we do deserve dictatorships and maybe the pages of Iranian.com should not be open to Iranians because we still lack civility towards one another.

BTW I only weigh 125 pounds, just right!


While poor people in Iran are suffering, charlatans like

by Kobra Kamali (not verified) on

Fariba Amini travel freely to Iran and spend their ill-gained dollars (i.e., through her sixth husband.) The mind-boggling phenomenon is that while Friba Amini portrays herself as an anti-regime activist, she can freely travel to and out of the Islamic Republic without any imprisonment impunity! I guess, as the old saying goes, “Chaghoo Dast’e Khodesho Nemiboreh!?” I wonder if she were even thinking about the Iranian youth tortured by the mullahs in the Evin prison while she was filling her 200-pound stomach with Gillani food!?


Shomal pix

by greengage. (not verified) on

Fariba Until a couple of years ago Chaboksar was a town,has it grown into a City ?


Bush attack on Iran

by bush (not verified) on

why you not show the homeless and who's in jail and ....atomic bomb of Iran photo bush attack on Iran


Thx for the pictures

by Anonymous327 (not verified) on

Nice pistures, thanks for sharing Hamvatan.



by smell (not verified) on

Are you from shahmirzad? I know people from there (or the near by villeges)......! We could be long lost relatives :-)


wow what beauty!!!

by shahmirzadi (not verified) on

we do have a gorgeous country, don't we? I love every part of this amazing land. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.


No Smell

by smell (not verified) on

These pictures are more or less look like any where (say in Northern Virginia). So, they do not cut it - at least for me - unless if I could also have the smell (boyee shomal).